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Black Jelly Beans e-Juice


Product Description

You'll love vaping the perfect black licorice flavored e-liquid, enjoy the sweet anise flavor that is black jelly beans.

Primary Flavors: Black Licorice Candy

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Made in the USA.

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Find Similar Products by Category

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Product Reviews

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  1. Burns up coils like crazy

    Posted by Tara Murray on May 3rd 2017

    I only vape at 15 watts and sparingly and this juice is burning up my coils like crazy. I do not recommend.

  2. No need to hunt for this flavor!

    Posted by A.B.Gibbs on Apr 28th 2017

    If you're the "weird" one who picks through the jelly beans to find the black ones (or buys the bags of just black), you will close your eyes and indulge in a favorite flavor that satisfies your craving without the sticky fingers. SO good, it is like the Vape Wild is in cahoots with the Easter Bunny all year long!

  3. A perfect treat!

    Posted by Sarah on Apr 20th 2017

    If you love black licorice, you'll love this juice! I have to admit that I only let it steep for two days...I just couldn't wait. But, I am impressed with the flavor and can't wait to order again and experience the fully steeped flavor!


    Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2017

    Where do I start??? IT'S FREAKIN AMAZING!!! If you lover black licorice, you'll love this juice!!! Definitely make sure you let it seep for the two weeks. Any earlier and it tastes kinda wonky...but after two weeks...AMAZING

  5. Best flavor by far!!!

    Posted by Tina Powell on Mar 9th 2017

    The Anise flavor is the best you'll ever taste!!! If you love Black Jelly Beans you'll won't be disappointed!!!

  6. love

    Posted by Michelle Hooks on Mar 1st 2017

    Love love love it. Tastes just like black jelly beans!

  7. Yummy

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 24th 2017

    If you like black licorice then this is for you. I usually order in an 80/20 and I have a rotation that I usually go through when I order and this is a staple of that rotation.

  8. love the black jelly bean.

    Posted by Nathanial on Feb 22nd 2017

    The black jelly bean is by far my favorite. Especially when vaping around people that doesn't like black jelly beans!

  9. fantastic flavor

    Posted by Wendy James on Feb 20th 2017

    I have to admit I was surprised this was as good as it was. I have ordered simular flavors from other places and none of them compare. I will def buy again.

  10. Better than expected

    Posted by Daryl on Feb 16th 2017

    I got this in a sample pack thinking I might like it just a little bit. Didn't think a black jelly bean could be an ADV. Boy was I wrong! It is smooth and refreshing and has just enough of that black jelly bean goodness to not be overpowering. Five stars!

  11. Really, really close to the black jelly bean flavor

    Posted by Chris on Feb 14th 2017

    This is a good flavor if you eat the black jelly beans first....like I do. The flavor is spot on. The only reason I dropped a star was because the flavor is just a little weak. Don't change the recipe....but add a bit more flavor and it would be perfect. Will be buying more.

  12. OMG wtffffffffff

    Posted by austin Sandel on Jan 30th 2017

    I just got my sample pack and this was the first one I cracked open and dropped in my big baby beast with a t8 80w off the back and with NO Steeping I got a mouth full of black jelly beans so much so it was just on the edge of all most being over kill at least for my first juice from this brand this is every thing I could have wished for and more I will be getting a 120ml on my next order and I can't wait to try the rest

    There price on my t8 baby coils beats even a lot of wholesalers in the heart of Dallas by a 3th

  13. It's ok

    Posted by Eric M. on Jan 21st 2017

    I purchased the 50/50 6mg. The taste was sweet, but verybmild. Tastes like bladk jelly beans. Like the kind in the 99 cent bags. Was hoping for a black licorice flavor. Vape Wild has other kiquids that are much better.

  14. Too harsh, not sweet

    Posted by Logan Warren on Jan 10th 2017

    Too harsh, and none of the licorice sweetness. I am a licorice fanatic, but this flavor was subpar.

  15. Black licorice lovers staple

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 26th 2016

    If you love black licorice you will love ❤️ this juice. Just like the jelly beans without the calories!

  16. Black Jelly Beans

    Posted by Gale Holt on Dec 3rd 2016

    Not a strong enough flavor for me, as I love black jelly beans. Maybe need a drop or 2 of extra flavor.

  17. it black jelly beans

    Posted by Michael B on Nov 17th 2016

    I love black jelly beans and this tastes like black jelly beans but after a couple of tanks i dont really feel like vaping it anymore. Not very moore-ish as its kinda missing interesting depth

  18. black jelly beans

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 14th 2016

    Tastes just like the flavor of the black liqurece . LOVE IT!!

  19. awesome flavor

    Posted by Bob on Nov 3rd 2016

    Black Jelly Bean is my go to flavor, I love it and make sure I've got a tank full at all times.

  20. Excellent

    Posted by Wayne Doughty on Oct 19th 2016

    Just like the real thing

  21. Must try, Jellybean goodness

    Posted by Dawn on Oct 16th 2016

    I have two years of sampling juice from all round the world and you cannot beat the true rich flavour that Vapewild has offered us here. All other companies are insipid by comparison. You gotta gotta try . :)

  22. almost as giod as

    Posted by lisa on Oct 6th 2016

    This totally helps my sweet craving! I love blk lic. This helps to keep it off my hips lol

  23. Very nice!

    Posted by Noraneko on Oct 5th 2016

    Very nice licorice taste!
    I personally love mixing it with the strawberry juice to make it taste like a candy I used to eat as a kid. A must have at all times for me.

  24. Thanks for not letting me down!

    Posted by Adam Parker on Sep 30th 2016

    This is the flavor that got me to place my first order. I have been looking for a "licorice" flavor for a long time, and I must say this one is amazing. It says not recommended, but, if you are planning on blending this, go for the extra flavor boost. You will not be disappointed.

  25. excellent

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 23rd 2016

    Captures the flavor of black licorice perfectly

  26. great licorice

    Posted by Rich on Aug 24th 2016

    I am glad I found your company. I have been trying to find black licorice flavor for a long time. It is everything I could ask for. Thanks again.

  27. Loved it

    Posted by Rachel on Aug 19th 2016

    The best one ive had so far. The Flavor is amazing.

  28. Good licorice flavor

    Posted by MeLonda Bircher on Aug 11th 2016

    I liked it. It has the strongest flavor of the ones I ordered.

  29. good

    Posted by mark rowland on Jul 22nd 2016


  30. Pleasantly Surpised

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 18th 2016

    I bought this juice with a little trepidation. Though black jelly beans are my favorite and licorice is delicious I didn't expect the flavor to translate well as a vape. Boy was I wrong. Black Jelly Beans is not only completely accurate to the little candies I enjoy so much, it stands on its own as a very pleasant vape. It's a good switch up from my usual dessert routine but doesn't stray too far into candy/fruity territory. My only gripe is that the flavor fights with any dessert juice I try to cycle with it so keep that in mind. All in all, would definitely recommend!

  31. Love It

    Posted by E. on Jul 15th 2016

    Tried this flavor for the first time a few days ago and now I'm going through the bottle at an alarming rate. Excellent. Would recommend to anyone who likes the black licorice/black jellybean flavor.

  32. Love this licorice flavor

    Posted by Vincent Montello on Jul 13th 2016

    I get it with an extra shot to pump it up. Love it. I always have one clearo filled with it.

  33. LICORICE !

    Posted by Chris Dever on Jul 12th 2016

    Best licorice flavor I have found yet. Love it !

  34. black jelly bean

    Posted by KAREN C THREADGILL on Jul 12th 2016

    decent, could use more anise. might order again, but not a fave.

  35. Best I ever had...

    Posted by Andrea Callahan on Jul 11th 2016

    I love this juice, I have been looking for this flavor for years ... Thank you ... I will definitely be back for more ....

  36. You guys are amazing

    Posted by EDD-E on Jun 24th 2016

    My first order with you and you have a customer for life.
    I was looking for absinthe (or black licorice or star anice) flavor e-juice, and found the Black Jelly Beans e-Juice here and the different options in sizes 120ml. (is what I ordered to give it a try) and the great prices, the FREE SHIPPING (and fast ordered tuesday and got it here on friday) and to top all of that awesomeness I got some free e-juiceS (see that cap S at the end of juice) OMG!!! guys and gals thanks for the service.
    And I almost forget the flavor on this e-juice AWESOME!! This is the one I was waiting for the most, and it's so good (thanks to you I got 6 more flavors to try and review) more reviews coming as I try them. I'm not a big fan of steeping lets see what happens.

  37. Awesome flavor!!!

    Posted by Karen Phillips on Jun 23rd 2016

    Tastes like the black jelly beans this is my favorite

  38. great black jelly bean

    Posted by brian on Jun 15th 2016

    Tatses like black jelly beans. Love it. Needs to steep a little and is good iat higher VG

  39. You get Black Jelly Brand WITHOUT THE CALORIES!!!

    Posted by April on Jun 3rd 2016

    This is the juice that made me a VW FAMILY MEMBER!!! Ive tried almost every online as well as local vape shops not able to find flaver, smooth, no aftertaste in ur mouth. Just sweet black jelly beans!!!
    THANK-YOU VW Mater minds! I am glad I stayed!

  40. Love it!

    Posted by Michele Floyd on May 28th 2016

    It really tast like black jelly beans, not just the first puff but the whole bottle!!!

  41. love the flavor

    Posted by soph on May 25th 2016

    The anise flavor is great

  42. Love this juice!!!

    Posted by April Mason on May 25th 2016

    If you love black licorice or black jelly beans this is the juice to buy absolutely love it!!!

  43. 100% Black Jelly Bean

    Posted by JD on May 13th 2016

    I love black licorice flavors so I decided to try this juice. I was not disappointed. The flavor is spot on.

  44. Good if you like it.

    Posted by Aven Healey on Apr 23rd 2016

    If you're used to eating Crows or other anise candies, then this flavor is spot on, so 5 stars for that. However, if you don't like anise, then don't buy it (kinda common sense lol).

  45. Just amazing!

    Posted by charles harding on Apr 21st 2016

    This tastes nothing close to jelly beans, this just tastes like amazing Australian black licorice. Truly a must for anyone who enjoys black licorice, So great you can almost taste the molasses. Such a great flavor!

  46. really good black licorice

    Posted by desi on Apr 15th 2016

    Really good black licorice. I don't taste the jelly bean just black licorice

  47. Flavor is fantastic sweet and smooth.

    Posted by Conrad Leggoe on Apr 6th 2016

    Fantastic flavor steeped for 1 and a half weeks, shaken frequently and left to air for a couple hours. Fantastic distinctive sweet licorice flavor.

    Fantastic vape for licorice lovers.

  48. strong

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 30th 2016

    Good flavor but strong

  49. incredible

    Posted by mike on Mar 26th 2016

    If your a fan of black jelly beans then this is for you, it tastes exactly the same

  50. smooth draw, pleasant light sweetness, definitely licorice

    Posted by Karen Fraser on Mar 17th 2016

    love this eJuice! I bought this flavor with 12 mg nicotine and VG/PG 65/35%. I had no coughing while enjoying this flavor.
    This is my first purchase of this flavor. Next time, I'll add flavor boost now that I know I love the flavor.

  51. I don;t like it, but....

    Posted by mishie on Mar 13th 2016

    my boyfriend absolutely LOVES it. So 5 stars from him.

  52. Love black jelly beans? You'll love this.

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2016

    Taste exactly like black jelly beans. I love them so this was a great all day vape for me. Make sure you are committed to it though. It is a strong flavor and will not mix well with others if you plan on refilling your tank without replacing your coil or cotton.

  53. Love Black Jelly Beans!!!

    Posted by Lori on Feb 26th 2016

    This is exactly the taste of a black licorice jelly bean. I always eat all the black jelly beans out of the bowl, now I can enjoy them all day with out the calories!

  54. Very True to its Name

    Posted by Sparky on Feb 17th 2016

    This is the most legit flavor I've ever vaped. It is the embodiment of sweet black licorice. One of my favorites.

  55. used as a mixer

    Posted by Lloyd Komlofske on Feb 16th 2016

    I used this to mix with the regular root beer.
    About 1/4-1/3 black jelly bean with 2/3-3/4 root beer.
    Both 3 mg. 65 VG/35 PG.
    Taste is subjective, but to me, it makes the root beer taste more like the drink rather than root beer barrels.

  56. amazing

    Posted by Debbie on Jan 29th 2016

    The best black licorice / jelly bean flavor ever....I can't go without this one....this is my main vase with frappapow

  57. Black Jelly Beans

    Posted by Terry on Jan 16th 2016

    I like the taste of the licorice, but I am disturbed by the tendency of this liquid to separate. it needs to be shaken constantly or the flavor will be either too strong or too weak.

  58. Amazing black licorice & anise flavor!!!

    Posted by Lindarn6 on Jan 2nd 2016

    If you're not a DIYer and you love black licorice, I suggest getting a LOT of vape wild's black licorice juice to keep on hand, especially if you are sub-ohming (I go through a lot of juice daily). Let it steep as per the instructions in the package (at least 2 weeks) and then simply enjoy. This is THE best bl flavor I have found on the market and VW's prices cannot be beat, their shipping is really fast too. Highly highly recommended! Definitely my All Day Vape

  59. Tastes like black jelly beans for sure

    Posted by donna on Dec 19th 2015

    Just love it...one of my best favors! I'm glad I got the extra flavor boost bc it make it just right.

  60. Exactly like a black jelly bean

    Posted by Deklemoli on Dec 17th 2015

    Definitely has that black jelly bean taste. I was hoping for more of a black jack gum or anise hard tac taste. I like it but not as much as I was hoping I would. I think I'll keep getting it just probably in smaller bottles. Like I said it does taste just like the jelly beans so good job on that VW. But if you do make a similar flavor let me know I'll try it!

  61. My Favorite

    Posted by Brianna Maddox on Dec 12th 2015

    I love Black Jelly Beans, and I'm so happy I finally found a juice that tastes just like it, I'm obsessed with it. This is the second 30 ml bottle I've gotten. I just can't get enough.

  62. Awesome!

    Posted by Tod Metzker on Dec 11th 2015

    Love the Black Jelly Beans e-Juice. Best tasting of this flavor I have had. will be coming back for more.

  63. just like the candy

    Posted by Jeff A on Nov 30th 2015

    Tastes just like black jelly beans. Highly recommend steeping this liquid for the full two weeks. First bottle was great, second bottle which was allowed to steep was amazing.

  64. Very Very Good!

    Posted by James Butler on Nov 15th 2015

    Ok so I like licorice and this e-liquid is SPOT on. I always read reviews of e-liquids and think.. Hmm I'm not tasting what these people are. Not with this one. It's 100% spot on with Black Jelly Beans. I love it!

  65. Best juice i have had in awhile

    Posted by Frederick Edwards on Nov 7th 2015

    My normal all day vape is Candy Cane, but as soon as I tried this Black Jelly Beans, my taste buds went berserk. Seriously, if you love black licorice, then you have to try this. It will slap you in the face from the moment you smell it!!!

  66. Black Jelly Bean-Awesome Sauce

    Posted by Jeanne Thompson on Oct 29th 2015

    This tastes just like the black jelly beans that I love so much. It is just absolutely awesome sauce. Really!!!!!!!!

  67. Strong Anise

    Posted by August Metz on Oct 17th 2015

    After trying some local "Licorice" e-juice, that was so weak that I barely got any flavor, I tried this one with Flavor Boost.
    Wow! Way strong taste. Not like the molasses/licorice/anise seed taste of fine imported licorice such as Haribo or English Allsorts but like, well..Black Jelly Beans! Never an all day vape for me, but a delightful special treat. I am still hoping for a German licorice flavor in the future.

  68. loved it!!

    Posted by Frances Campbell on Oct 10th 2015

    If you like black jelly beans you will absolutely love this juice. It taste like you are eating black jelly beans. I went through my 10 ml bottle in 1 1/2 days.

  69. Spot On

    Posted by Melanie on Oct 7th 2015

    I bought this with the flavor boost and max vg. It is a clear juice that tastes exactly like black jelly beans. Good job VW.


    Posted by FIONA on Oct 6th 2015

    If you like the drink absinthe you will love this. Absolutely nothing like liquorice. More like aniseed /absinthe tasting. For that I say 4 stars. I didn't like it... but if you're into the aniseed type flavor, then this is your best bet!

  71. Looking for black jelly bean flavor?

    Posted by Sarah Robison on Oct 6th 2015

    This juice definitely nails the flavor! I'm not a big fan of it, myself, but it tastes exactly the way it's supposed to lol. My husband loves this one.

  72. Awesome Flavor

    Posted by Anne on Oct 5th 2015

    I absolutely love your Black Jelly Beans e-Juice , it is currently my all day vape.

  73. tastes exactly like it

    Posted by Jamie on Sep 29th 2015

    This reminds me of easter. Tastes just like black jellybeans. It's not my every day vape but I keep it in a mini tank to enjoy once in a while.

  74. YUMMY

    Posted by diana on Sep 24th 2015

    My new favorite. Actually tastes like black jellies.

  75. Oh Yah

    Posted by Janice V on Sep 22nd 2015

    I'm the one who picks out all the black jelly beans from a bag because their the best one. No more waiting for Easter to indulge in this wonderful flavor. I can vape it every day. It's so good. Decadence at it's best. Will be ordering again...and again...and again....
    Vape Wild is now my all day vape place. Every flavor I have ordered has been spot on if not better than I expected. Leaving my other juice vendor for Vape Wild. Better juice, better price, and faster shipping. Thanks to all of you at Vape Wild.

  76. one of the best flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 13th 2015

    This is a amazing flavor love it

  77. Great Flavor

    Posted by Stephen on Sep 7th 2015

    I love the taste of black licorice. This tastes just like the black jelly beans. I used to only vape spearmint or menthol flavors but now I only vape this.

  78. full flavor

    Posted by Greg lambert on Aug 25th 2015

    As always vape wild has some of the best e juice I have ever vaped.The black jelly bean is great right out of the box and the flavor increased more than expected after a couple weeks of steeping.keep up the great work vape wild

  79. Great Juice

    Posted by foxikeri on Jul 28th 2015

    Great taste. Just like licorice from my childhood.

  80. Was hoping for more licorice flavor

    Posted by Bobette on Jul 25th 2015

    Not strong enough licorice flavor for me, I need to find a real licorice ejuice, I don't think a flavor boost will do it. It's sweet and mild, most will like it.

  81. Mother of God

    Posted by Daniel Gomez on Jul 25th 2015

    I've always been a big fan of black licorice, and this juice nails it perfectly. Right out of the box, this is my new favourite flavour. If you like licorice, you cannot go wrong getting this one.

  82. yummy

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2015

    Yummy tastes just like a black jellybean

  83. Nailed it!

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 17th 2015

    I got my sampler pack last night and couldn't wait to try the Black Jelly Beans. I know you are supposed to steep but I LOVE black licorice jelly beans! Right out of the box this was a perfect mimic of Black Jelly Beans!

  84. Fantastalicious!!!

    Posted by Claude on Jul 15th 2015

    I ordered this favor then left town for 2 weeks. Wasn't a day went by that I didn't wonder if it would be as good as I was hoping. When I finally got home and tried this juice I was absolutely blown away with the first hit. Taste EXACTLY like I had dumped an entire bag of black jelly beans in my mouth and started chomping! VapeWild NAILED this one.

  85. Black Jelly Bean Goodness

    Posted by Kimberly on Jul 4th 2015

    I was skeptical about trying this one, I am not a fan of black licorice but I do like the Black jelly beans candy and was worried it might not capture the jelly bean flavor I was hoping for. I have to say, I was shocked at how good this was! I could taste that jelly bean candy shell with the black licorice exhale. I originally ordered this to vape forward to a friend who I know loves black licorice. Too bad I vaped it all myself so ordering some more today!

  86. Perfect

    Posted by Scott Wilson on Jul 4th 2015

    I have reviews everything from my first sampler, and saved this for last. I have been searching for this flavor, and tried several, but this nails it. My search is over. So exact it's unreal. Plenty of flavor. This will be in my second order along with On Custard in larger sizes. So glad I have Vape Wild a chance.

  87. fantastic. every draw makes me think Easter

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 1st 2015

    Spot on flavor

  88. Best flavor ever!!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2015

    licorice flavor is Amazing if you're into it.

  89. Licorice

    Posted by Nick on May 30th 2015

    This is my fevriet flaver and makes my mouth water and it soooooo good

  90. Amazing

    Posted by Tim on May 22nd 2015

    I'll start this review off by saying that I actually hate black jellybeans. I do love the smell however. 2 days ship time plus 1.5 days steeping (if that even counts) and this flavor is so spot on. I love it. I love the smell and the flavor and this stuff is spot on. I got it in 3mg max vg and will definitely order this again.

  91. Honestly AVANTI ANISETTE Cigar

    Posted by Jinxer on May 19th 2015

    Perfect flavor. It is what they are saying it is. It tastes amazing. Probably the most flavorful liquid ever. One and only one warning, do not expect to put this on a wick and then vape something else and be able to taste something else. This flavor is so bold it will stay in your wick for weeks.

  92. Amazing flavor

    Posted by Trish on May 16th 2015

    This is awesome flavor. Will be a favorite for sure. Word of caution, it cracked my Kanger tank in about 30 minutes. Please be aware, this seems to be a common occurrence with this. Get a glass clearomizer and you won't be disappointed.
    Happy vaping- Trish

  93. Wow

    Posted by Unknown on May 6th 2015

    Who would have thought that black licorice could be such an amazing vape? I haven't even let this steep yet and it is incredible. Vapewild, if you read this.... I also want to say the change of nicotine is a HUGE difference ...this order hasn't been harsh at all and it seems to bring out the flavors.

  94. Gets even BETTER

    Posted by John on May 3rd 2015

    Good and better with age

  95. Love It

    Posted by Joe on May 1st 2015

    Vaped this without steeping it. It is now on my list of favorites, I will be getting more.

  96. love

    Posted by Kris on Apr 25th 2015

    If u like black jelly beans you'll love this!

  97. WOW

    Posted by Charles on Apr 25th 2015

    Right out if the bottle. Taste so good. Just like eating a black jelly bean! My favorite go to juice. Will be ordering a lot more. 1 st order 120 ml with 3mg of nic and double shot. Sent in small bottles so don't have to carry big bottle around. Keep up the great juice.

  98. Favorite Flavor

    Posted by Evan on Apr 16th 2015

    It taste exactly like a jelly bean. In an RDA it produces the perfect throat hit and exceptional flavor.

  99. Addicted

    Posted by Karen M. on Apr 2nd 2015

    I'm completely addicted to this flavor. If you like Black Jelly Beans, you'll love this. No need for a flavor boost - it's perfect!

  100. No Calories

    Posted by Joanne on Mar 31st 2015

    I love Black Licorice Jelly Beans. I can eat a whole bag myself. Hate the calories. Vape this, I get the enjoyment of flavor without the guilt. WOW!

  101. Absolutely Spot On!

    Posted by Alexis on Feb 19th 2015

    Just got this with a flavor boost and did a test drip out of curiosity. I can't believe how PERFECT it is! I have black jelly beans sitting here and the juice is indistinguishable! I'll be buying this one over and over! My new favorite vape!

  102. wasn't expecting this

    Posted by adam on Feb 16th 2015

    bought this on a whim, as I enjoy black licorice. I never imagined I'd enjoy vaping it. it is fantastic. a perfect black licorice taste, which isn't over powering. I've been able to vape this all day since buying it.

  103. LOVE THIS!

    Posted by Jowy on Feb 5th 2015

    This is currently my favorite juice! It's exactly like licorice and I love that flavor. I'm basically saying the same things other five stars are saying. If you like black jelly bean, then this is highly recommended.

  104. Black Jelly Beans

    Posted by Bob on Feb 4th 2015

    Black Jelly Beans is the BEST Flav that I have experienced thus far from VapeWild...5 STARS!

  105. Very good if you like black licorice

    Posted by Eric on Dec 22nd 2014

    Delicious flavor. One of my favorites. Warning: I have cracked 2 plastic tanks with this one. Only use with glass or metal tanks or in a dripper.

  106. The Best I Have Found

    Posted by Albert on Dec 9th 2014

    This licorice is BY FAR the best I have found anywhere......and I am a licorice freak and connoisseur. I would not even consider buying it anywhere else now that I have tried it from Vape Wild!

  107. Amazing

    Posted by Sherrie mackay on Oct 29th 2014

    If you like black lick rise and black jelly beans, this is without a doubt the best juice I have had, I got 70 vg 3 mg nic and double shot, and omg! I am in love!

  108. Licorice

    Posted by Melony on Oct 27th 2014

    This ejuice tastes just like licorice! I was pleasantly surprised. It was great straight out of the mailbox. I have been vaping nonstop. No extra shots but I might add one next time because it mellows a little in my tank. Still good even when it mellows. I love this juice!

  109. Just like the real thing

    Posted by Murf on Oct 11th 2014

    One of the best flavors, black licorice done right wit a 50/50 1 flavor shot went real nice. Fast ship from VW, thanks Steve!!

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