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Getting Started with DIY: Building your Laboratory with the right Labware

Posted by Marissa on

You’ve filled your cart with concentrates, VG and PG, and all the other ingredients needed to start your DIY adventure. So what's next? The answer is Labware.

If you’re confused, no need to fear! Ahead we will break down the uses of each item and make it a little easier to pick out what you need. If all of that seems like too much hassle though, we do offer an Advanced Kit that will give you all the tools you need to start! You can find out more about the pre-made kits in our previous DIY blog.

So let's get started with the labware!

Empty Bottles

Okay, so this one is pretty straight forward, right? We offer a variety of different sized bottle so you can tailor it to your needs. If you’re just starting out, picking up a pack of 10ml bottles is usually a good choice, as these bottles are perfect for experimenting. If you’re looking for a more bulk style juice holder, we offer 120ml bottles to fill with your favorite recipes. If neither of those tickles your fancy, there are more options in the middle, with different sizes, shapes, and quantity to fit your preference.


We offer a variety of syringes to measure and move your ingredients. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each option is especially useful for!

1ml Syringe – Great for small batches, and moving flavoring and nicotine. It does not have a large opening, so it won’t do well for VG or pg or large amounts.

5ml/15ga Syringe – This a larger syringe option so it will handle more flavoring for those larger recipes! The 15-gauge needle is great for moving the lower viscosity options but is not as useful for VG in large quantities.

10ml/15ga Syringe – This combo is not far off from the about 3ml and 5ml option, but is great for more volume when it comes to larger mixes.

(Pro tip – if you’re struggling to move your VG/PG mixture using the needle, pop it off and just use the syringe!)

Beakers (100ml &50ml)

This form of measuring will come in handy when you are mixing using the weight method. With easy to read measurements and a wide-open top, this handy little guy makes weight measurement much easier!

Graduated Cylinder (10ml&25ml)

This is also best used when mixing larger batches, or by weight. It is very easy to read and use and will allow you to quickly and easily measure out your product. This also works great for the smaller mixes, too!

3ml Pipettes

With graduated markings at .5ml increments, this tool is great for measuring out flavorings in smaller volumes!

We try very hard to make sure that the products we sell are quality, just like our service! If you’re still scratching your head a bit, we completely understand and invite you to hit up customer service and ask any questions you might have! Be sure to check out or VapeWild DIY Facebook group, too!

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