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Raspberry Rhubarb Custard Pre-Steeped


Product Description

There’s a new custard in town and it’s here for a limited time only! Introducing Raspberry Rhubarb Custard, a creamy dessert custard on the inhale with a tart 'n' tangy raspberry and rhubarb finish. If you’re a fan of On Cloud Custard or Circus Bear, then you won’t want to miss out on this limited release e-juice! 

Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Rhubarb, Custard

VG/PG Ratio: 65%vg / 35%pg

Made in the USA.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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    Posted by Mary lou on May 20th 2017

    I have tried many of your juices but this is by far my favorite. Really taste the custard

  2. Swing and a Miss

    Posted by melecotones81 on May 13th 2017

    This vape just simply tastes off. Two different atomizers (Nautilus X and Innokin T-22), fresh coils, and I just get what I can describe as utterly funky. I love to give VW all credit when due, but I must have missed something. I'm not sure I taste any of the individual flavors, nor do the combination taste good either. This pre-steeped flavor was just awful. Everyone else seems to love it - so it must just be me, but be warned - I find this juice to taste extremely funky and artificial with unknown flavors.

  3. Top 5 so far

    Posted by Patti King on May 2nd 2017

    One of my top 5 juices so far-you don't get sick of it & it doesn't lose it's taste.

  4. Best flavor , u gotta try this

    Posted by Patricia Justus on Apr 18th 2017

    It's a toss up between this and lemon sensation . Absolutely love this . This this in my number two pick though cause truely love lemon

  5. Holy sweet and sour chicken balls!

    Posted by Devin on Apr 11th 2017

    This juice has the most amazing twang to it followed by a creamy smooth finish to make your throat feel good. I wish they sold it non-steeped.

  6. Completely addicted

    Posted by Michele Holland on Apr 10th 2017

    This my favorite! I always end up going back to this one! I can't get enough!!!!!

  7. Unbelievable

    Posted by Rob on Apr 5th 2017

    I didn't think it got any better than 21 Jump Street, but raspberry rhubarb is unbelievable. I literally cannot put it down, even in my office with this one! It is the best flavor! Tried it last week and already ordered 60ml more for its own tank. On point again VW!!

  8. Good, but tart

    Posted by Tasha Blumer on Apr 5th 2017

    I'm not a huge tart fan, so I was hoping the raspberry & custard would mellow out the rhubarb. The rhubarb is basically the only flavor I can taste. For my palate it's just to overwhelming. It's not a bad vape, just a bit different. Try new things, you never know what'll peak your interest.
    ❤️ MN

  9. Amazing new ADV but everything about VW is amazing

    Posted by Robyn on Apr 1st 2017

    This is definitely my favorite juice of all time. I mean, it's exactly as described, an on point raspberry flavor that is has a hint of sweet tart from the rhubarb (but it's nothing that has any resemblance to a sour or puckering type of tart, it's a smooth and mellow sweet taste that adds a level of complexity that you can really taste. You notice each flavor profile on the inhale and exhale. if you are a fan of raspberry or a lot of their other fruity dessert flavors, I promise you will enjoy this juice so much. Already placing my next order.
    As for VW in general, I first fell in love with their Smurf Cake, which was sent as a sample to the store I worked at. Within a week I ran through the entire bottle, ordered more and quickly found 21 Jump Street (raspberry funnel cake) which was my favorite before raspberry rubbed. I stumbled upon BaeBae cakes which was like a great combination of the two juices when I wanted to keep my 3 different tanks full of different flavors. I couldn't tell from the description how this juice would be that different from my previous favorite raspberry, 21 Jump Street but it just is, The rhubarb adds a unique flavor and enhances the raspberry custard, plus it's pre steeped. The free shipping from VW is awesome, and I go through my 5-6 30 ml bottles is 2 weeks, so I get at least 2 free mystery flavors, 2 free pay it forward flavors and 2 free flavors I've nevered tried, (st least 60 ml's free or more) Spending $30 for 150ml and then getting at least another 3 flavors to try is unbeatable!! Plus the 2.99 small size is awesome to just try out a new flavor. Every time I think I find a new favorite, something like raspberry rhubarb comes along to trump it. Such a long review obviously but you need to try this juice, as well as the others I mentioned, and any of their strawberry or cheesecake flavors. Thank you for making awesome flavored, but especially making them affordable and giving your customers some samples is brilliant and always keeps me coming back to get the mystery flavor and other ones that the team picks for me

  10. Perfect!

    Posted by Tyrell & Aly on Mar 21st 2017

    Tastes just like you think it would- A sweet Raspberry rhubarb custard flavor. Quickly became one of my few go-to juices! Definitely a favorite. Wish it was just a litttle cheaper but besides that its amazing.

  11. So very tasty

    Posted by cobbi on Mar 15th 2017

    Never expected to find a rhubarb juice! Sweetness of raspberry, creaminess of custard, distinct tang of rhubarb. What's not to like? I just finished my first bottle and it won't be my last. Thanks for opening the vault on this one. A must-try flavor.

  12. Absolute Yum!

    Posted by Marci Holland on Mar 11th 2017

    I have been looking for so long for a Rhubarb flavored ejuice. This is absolutely delicious. You can taste the Raspberry at first with the Custard smoothing it out them on my, the Rhubarb kicks in and polishes it off. It is perfect. The only downfall is you can't get it with different ratio. I prefer a 50/50 blend. This is definetly in my top 5. Keeper!!

  13. 10 stars

    Posted by Danielle Spurza on Mar 8th 2017

    Omg how is it legal fir a juice to be this good, the raspberry notes are right there, custard to smooth it ou

  14. Wow

    Posted by Selina Maeder on Mar 3rd 2017

    I couldn't believe how good this was. You can decipher all the flavors in this juice. I was so happy when they opened the vault for this one.

  15. Amazing

    Posted by Michele Holland on Mar 2nd 2017

    I am addicted to this stuff! Tart, sweet, creamy perfection. I really hope this one stays around. No matter what flavors I try, I always start craving this! Love the rhubarb kick!

  16. Delectable

    Posted by cobbie on Feb 22nd 2017

    Perfect raspberry rhubarb with a custardy finish. I vape this on a ceramic coil and the custard is so creamy and smooth, with a realistic sweetness of raspberry and true rhubarb kicker. Love it.

  17. Nectar of the Gods

    Posted by matt james on Feb 15th 2017

    Finally caught this out of the vault and oh my. Just like the description says. A very nice custard flavor on the inhale and then the exhale will blow you away with very distinct and enjoyable raspberry and rhubarb flavor. Definitely will be on the reorder list. Hopefully it makes the cut to stick around.

  18. :O

    Posted by Attila on Jan 7th 2017

    When the vault was open I ordered the pack and this juice was included. The best raspberry flavour I have had so far. A touch of rhubarb, too but the custard is very shy... Kind of too sweet. This juice would not be my favourite one but I gave it 5 stars because the flavours are almost spot on. (The raspberry is definitely a good one.)

  19. Not a winner

    Posted by SJC on Dec 20th 2016

    Vape wild is amazing, but this was one of their few flavors I hated. There was no flavor and it wasn't as smooth as their other products. Don't get me wrong vapewild is by far the best, but this one just didn't live up to their standard. Good thing there are plenty of other juices I love.

  20. The Radar It Seems To Be...Jammed!

    Posted by Blair on Aug 20th 2016

    This juice has a lot of hype surrounding it due to the limited supply of this juice and how it comes and goes as it becomes available. I just tasted raspberry, no custard or anything else. If you like raspberry I guess go for it, but I expected a little bit more of something unique based on the rave reviews. Wouldn't order it again. On some of the Vape Wild juices the fruit flavor just seems to stand out slightly too much over the dessert tasting finish. If this was more balanced I might dig it.

  21. Bring It Back..Please!

    Posted by Karen L. on Aug 20th 2016

    I've been vaping for six years and this Raspberry Rhubarb Custard is in my top five favorite juices of all time. I missed out when it was first offered and so bought a bottle when it returned. Tried it right out of the mail and immediately ordered three more bottles. Absolutely fantastic and even better when steeped. Now I'm already worried about running out. Seriously, this juice is a masterpiece and it would be a crime to keep it from the vaping public.

  22. this should be "The G.O.A.T."

    Posted by Brandon on Aug 13th 2016

    This is the greatest flavor I have ever tasted! Simple as that, the best juice. (Thoughts to myself) oh no! I only ordered 1 bottle...I have to buy more!!!

  23. This is the best juice I've had from here, bar none.

    Posted by Unknown on May 7th 2016

    I bought 120 ml of this magnificent juice and I should have bought 480. I didn't realize that this flavor was a limited edition flavor,or I would have got more. You guys need to bring it back.

  24. One Of the Best Custards

    Posted by Ryan on May 5th 2016

    I just got my order in today. it takes 2 weeks since im deployed overseas. so it comes pre steeped lol. And ill say... im impressed. I grabbed a 30ml bottle of it. And wished i ordered 240ml. Talked to a rep. and they said they would bring the flavor back if we leave good reviews. So everybody review this bomb flavor. Its right up there with tiger blood, boomslang, circus bear, and fruit loops for my all time favorites.

  25. omfg, too tasty!

    Posted by Mark on Apr 28th 2016

    Oh my vapewild, this is it. I have been struggling to find an amazing vape and this is it. I have found the holy grail. Make this a regular vape so I can order it constantly. This stuff is amazing!

  26. raspberry rhubarb custard

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 19th 2016

    What does raspberry rhubarb custard taste like you ask? It's like laying in a field of flowers being licked by baby unicorns. The combination of the tart raspberry and the decadent cream are an absolute perfect combination an adv for sure. Please bring this joyous flavor back!

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