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The Splurge e-Juice


Product Description

The holidays would not be complete without the spices of the season combined with a touch of brandy.  This cajun bread pudding flavor is nothing short of magical with its creamy custard base, full of cinnamon and nuts and an ooey gooey rich bread flavor that will make your mouth sing.  Indulge in the Splurge. 

Primary Flavors: Bread Pudding, Custard, Cinnamon, Brandy Drizzle, Nuts

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Made in the USA.

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Find Similar Products by Category

Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Possible one of the best

    Posted by christoper delacruz on May 25th 2017

    I have sampled quite a bit from Vapewild. I haven't sampled everything... but out of everything I've sampled (except for Stardust) this is the best vape. You can almost taste brandy sliding over nuts. Haha. Seriously. This is good stuff.
    *I'm not a professional. I think I know what the e-liquid engineers were aiming for in this, and it gets a 5 star. It wasn't just good, it was great.

  2. Best of the Best!!!!!

    Posted by Penny on May 22nd 2017

    This is my very favorite go to.
    Vape coffee in the morning.....but 90% of the rest of the time it is The SPLURGE

  3. I don't write reviews as often as I should

    Posted by James Kucinski on May 17th 2017

    I had to write a review for this. It's awesome. The best juice I have ever tried. I love Vape Wild, you guys are amazing.


    Posted by Matthew Dunton on May 14th 2017

    Very different to me so I thought I would give it a try, and it was great! Nice flavor and super fast delivery as always!

  5. favorite

    Posted by Lynn on May 14th 2017

    great taste

  6. Dont mind if i do splurge

    Posted by Dwaine on May 7th 2017

    Im pretty new to vaping but this is the most heavenly vape unfortunately ive only got a 10ml sample bottle so wish i had a barrel of it!!!!

  7. All day vape.

    Posted by Mark on May 5th 2017

    Slight sweet with a nut finish. One of my new favorites.

  8. WOWsers

    Posted by Bama on May 5th 2017

    Ladies & Gents we have us a new #1 passing Circus Bear by the hair on my chinny chin chin, THE SPLURGE is absolutely amazing, so pleasant to ADV, make your tongue do cartwheels (trust me i have it on video) so get you some and help prevent this one from hiding in the vault. Stay wild!!

  9. Splurgilicious

    Posted by christoper delacruz on May 3rd 2017

    This may be my favorite vape that I've tried so far.

  10. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2017

    Simply delicious. I mean I can't even explain just amazing, slightly sweet at the end of the hit, but not too sweet. A perfect balance of bready, sweet, delicious splurgy goodness

  11. The flavor develops

    Posted by R on Apr 19th 2017

    I like the complexity of this one. You get different notes almost every time you hit it. It started out as a pleasant but not too special custard flavor, but I'm getting more of the brandy (not too much, though!) and nuts and spices as I vape it more. It's literally mouth-watering. I'm consistently impressed with VW's flavors, and this one is particularly good.

  12. Good stuff

    Posted by John on Apr 9th 2017

    This is one of my favorites, it's a must try flavor!

  13. Just wanna drink it

    Posted by Kada Howard on Mar 29th 2017

    Definitely one of the best juices we have ever tasted from VW. As soon as we tried it, we said we would order a large bottle. SO GOOD!! Nice & sweet too.

  14. Similar

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 14th 2017

    Very similar to on cloud custard, not much difference.

  15. I LOVE it!

    Posted by Emilee Mason on Mar 7th 2017

    I have purchased several bottles of this, and love it every single time! It's a very bready tasting vape, with the cajun spices and a rum taste. I like how you can actually taste the bread..

  16. Sinfully good!

    Posted by Jen on Mar 4th 2017

    ..and possibly addictive! I'm a sugar junkie and this was so good that I felt bad, like a 3000+ calorie sweet binge "bad". So good, I felt sort of dirty. Good thing vape is fat, carb and calorie free!!!!

  17. Rich, smooth sweet

    Posted by CYNTHIA on Feb 21st 2017

    I really like the splurge. It is definately named appropriately it tastes really good. Usually it's good as soon as it arrives. This time I had to let it steep for two week because it has a perfume taste to it. . the flavor did come around to what I expected at about 14 days. .

  18. Pretty Good

    Posted by MELISSA JOHNSON on Feb 16th 2017

    I like this one when I'm in between my rotation of favorite flavors. It isn't my go to but it's definitely worth a shot.

  19. Splurge on this

    Posted by Andrew F on Feb 15th 2017

    Recommended by one of the fine folks in the pop up window, this tastes like a creme brulee. Vanilla and bourbon is a great combination.

  20. i literally splurge

    Posted by Robert Vinion on Feb 13th 2017

    Probably my #1 favorite juice at this moment, it's smooth, tasty, and just so very splurgy! I get at least 120mls a week.

  21. smooth

    Posted by Tamas Kiss on Feb 11th 2017

    Right out of the mail it was smooth and taste on point i would recommend this.

  22. Very nice surprise!

    Posted by Travis on Feb 10th 2017

    This was a sleeper. Full profile doesn't jump right out and slap you. When you exhale it rolls out nicely with a yummy Burbon finish.

  23. good

    Posted by brianne on Feb 6th 2017

    It taste good but not sure i will order it again?

  24. Holy splurge! I'm in love.

    Posted by Trista McCoy on Feb 5th 2017

    My new favorite! It is an organism in my lungs/mouth. Amazing! Please don't ever retire it! You will simply break my heart, and I don't need any more heartache...pinky promise???

  25. Soooo delicious!

    Posted by Angelina Findley on Jan 17th 2017

    I was getting burned out on my usual fruit vapes and decided that I needed a really good dessert Vape to break things up. So I ordered The Splurge on a whim after reading the description and reviews. Went with 120ml and was not disappointed! This juice is very smooth and yummy. Not too sweet. Cinnamon is understated. Brandy is not overly powerful. The flavors of this juice blend together perfectly to become my new favorite.

  26. best juice ever!

    Posted by Shirley Suttles on Jan 16th 2017

    This is by far the best juice I have ever had! I don't not drink alcohol at all, but I love this juice and it is great without steeping ( I can never wait lol.

  27. a good flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 11th 2017

    Taste is all their has a verity off great taste but the combination is just not for me

  28. Love it,very good

    Posted by daniel schmittling on Jan 11th 2017

    If you like Brexit, this is similar but is even better.

  29. Great flavor, but too sweet

    Posted by Trevor DeThomas on Jan 11th 2017

    This is a really good flavor! Tastes just like it describes. With no flavor boost this flavor is probably one of the sweetest I've vaped though (not counting candy flavors as I don't like those).

    This vape actually gives me a stomach ache after too long because of how sweet it is and I can not vape it as an ADV. It's great for about a 1/2 tank or a single tank at a time as a treat.

    80% vg, no flavor boost, 3mg nic

  30. Amazeballs!

    Posted by Tracey Bustamante on Jan 4th 2017

    this is a rich complex flavors with layers and is now my new favorite!

  31. By far my favorite flavor.

    Posted by Kevin Veina on Jan 2nd 2017

    If you ever wanted to eat your favorite dessert all day everyday and never get an upset stomach this one is for you.

  32. you must like alcohol to like this

    Posted by Amy Wolfe on Jan 1st 2017

    And i dont. But if you do. You'll like it.

  33. great

    Posted by Dustin Clark on Jan 1st 2017

    This is my #2 juice here! This stuff is just good

  34. Really Yummy!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 31st 2016

    I ordered this looking for something different and yummy! This is one of my favorites. It's very smooth, rich, buttery, sweet, and the brandy ties it all together. I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely Keep ordering this one.

  35. Superb

    Posted by Adrienne A. Zappia on Dec 29th 2016

    I love everything about this juice it's my new all day Vape

  36. The shit was off the hook excuse my French

    Posted by mikey on Dec 27th 2016

    Damn the stuff tasted like straight desert dough and cinnamon so good you don't even have to have it steeped but of course it taste way better once it's steeped,Will be definitely purchasing the splurge again

  37. Glad I Bought the Fall Sampler

    Posted by Jack on Dec 24th 2016

    I bought the fall sample pack a while back, and I'm glad I did because this ended up being one of my favorite flavors. If you vape it without steeping, its excessively sweet, but after about 2-3 weeks of steeping it mellows out a bit and becomes a lot more complex; you'll start to taste the bready-ness, the custard, and the nutty flavor, but its still a very sweet, indulgent flavor. Maybe its just me, but I'm not tasting the cinnamon, but I don't really care because I don't like cinnamon on its own and I didn't even know it was supposed to have it until after I decided I really liked this juice.

    Overall this is one of my favorite juices, its nice and complex, but I could see how it could be too sweet for others vapers.


    Posted by susan kerney on Dec 24th 2016

    This is my HANDS DOWN all time favorite Vape liquid. I used to be into fruits, this i bought on a whim bc of the brandy and custurd toones i fifured id give it a try. There arent many reviews but reviews to me mean nothing ive tried so many 5 star reviewed vapes and was so dissapointed, this however is the best i have ever tried! I am so addicted to this stuff, i let a friend of mine try it and she immediately asked me to order her a bottle. i then ordered myself another 120 ml. OMG if you like creamy yummy custurdy brandy cinnamon flavor this is for you! even if you think you wouldnt like it id try it, and give it a whole day. at first i really wasnt sure but kept vaping throughout the day. the next day i found myslef wanting more and more, OMG SO GOOD! thats was right outa the bottle no steeping delish! 65/35 is better than the 50/50 i know bc i ordered both! 50/50 burns to quick and a little too sweet for me and flavor is a lot different. go with the 65/35 3 mg like i did!

  39. €̵̵͇͇̿̿̿̿(°_ʖ°)=ε̿'̿,'̿̿]̿Splurge with your Box Mods[ '̿'̵͇̿̿з=(´ڡ`ლ)

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 21st 2016

    What a unique flavor. I got a 30ml. bottle of Splurge & wished I got a 120ml. of it after I tried it. I can't get enough of this e-liquid. I recommend this flavor to anyone who like trying different flavors like I do. Vapewild did a good job making this e-liquid flavor for sure!!! Get some Splurge in your order & be amazed!!! Sooooo awesome!!!

  40. one of the best new juice for me! i was sent a free sample, which i love vapewild for. the taste is amazing.

    Posted by patsy on Dec 21st 2016

    They have fast friendly service. I feel like these people could become my best friends if we lived in the same area. I also like pass it on. Several of my friends have joined because of me. I joined because of my nephew. Yea! Vapewild!

  41. not saying its bad... yet

    Posted by Maurice murrain on Dec 20th 2016

    Everyone on here seems to be in love with this juice. I only let it sterp for about two weeks before trying it and all I got from it was this really sweet flavor that's so rich it's almost hard to handle. I didn't get the custard or cinnamon or nuttiness that anyone else seems to be getting. I'm not ruling it out yet though... I'll let it steep and try it in a month. I'm running it on a mutation x v3 3mg nic with no boost.

  42. Almost Heaven

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 18th 2016

    Very good juice. Maybe add a tad more cinnamon flavor.

  43. Love it!

    Posted by phyllis Webster on Dec 17th 2016

    A new favorite....if you love the sweet desserts you will LOVE this ....highly recommend it!

  44. It's so good!!!

    Posted by Taryn Morris on Dec 14th 2016

    I love this juice!!! It's absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it!

  45. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

    Posted by Michelle on Dec 11th 2016

    If you like sweet dessert that you will love this!!

  46. One of my top favorites

    Posted by Elliott Kircher on Dec 9th 2016

    I ordered a bottle with my usual 6pack and fell in love. Ordered 30ml of it after that. At first I was wondering about the brandy being too much... Nope! Everything blends perfectly creating an amazing vape! Love it!

  47. Absolutely love this flavor!!!!

    Posted by Amanda on Dec 7th 2016

    I took a chance and ordered only 10 mils of this flavor and it has become my favorite flavor! I am ordering a larger bottle today! Great job Vape Wild!!!

  48. One of the best!

    Posted by Dustin Clark on Dec 6th 2016

    This is still my favorite. ..... I think..... there is just SO MANY awesome flavors from here but I find myself wanting this the most of everything!

  49. absolutely delicious

    Posted by Stuart on Nov 30th 2016

    So creamy and custardy and sweet, I really find it hard to stop once I start with this wonderful ejuice. Dessert and custard fans, don't miss this one! Made in heaven.

  50. Vapewild nails another custard!

    Posted by Conner Wakefield on Nov 23rd 2016

    Straight out of the box (50/50) this one is a charm. Can't wait until it steeps.

  51. Surprised by The Splurge

    Posted by EricaB on Nov 20th 2016

    I ordered this on a whim because I love bread pudding but I was nervous about the "Brandy Drizzle" and potentially the nuts overpowering. This was a very pleasant surprise! It's smooth, just the right amount of sweet and the flavors blend together seamlessly to create an incredibly wild vaping experience. This just moved up to top five on my list of VW flavors. Well done.

  52. Needs a lot of steep...or it's a dud.

    Posted by Alex on Nov 15th 2016

    First things first. I'm blind and somehow got another one bites the crust and Splurge confused. So I reviewed the Crust thinking it was this stuff.

    Either way, not impressed. Just tastes like buttered strangeness. Needs more time. Shame I bought 120ml of it.

    1.5mg, max vg, no boost

  53. 12 Steps

    Posted by Chris Milam on Nov 13th 2016

    I will need to attend a Splurge Anonymous meeting after indulging in this addictive beast. Sweet, creamy, and rich, this has to be one of my favorites so far. Pleasantly surprised. I ordered 4 of the Fall selections, and I've tried The Splurge and Mr. Tea so far. Both exceeded my expectations. Today, I'll get down on some Honey Baked. "We admitted we were powerless over our addiction to The Splurge." Indeed.

  54. Got this in a sampler pack!

    Posted by Dustin Clark on Nov 12th 2016

    This is great! Actually amazing! I didn't know the flavors in it when I tried it but it is going to be a go too for me! I LOVE custard juices and can definitely get that with this one but my initial reaction was Canoli!! Or like a vanilla eclair!!! Get this juice!

  55. "It's Der-icious!" she said.

    Posted by Trina on Nov 10th 2016

    OMG....right out of the pack, so good! Can't wait to try it as it steeps. No one flavor overpowers the other.
    Just a really smooth, not too sweet, perfect blend of a masterpiece. Give it a try, guarantee you'll be glad you did.

  56. Really liked it

    Posted by Jason Cunningham on Nov 6th 2016

    I got the sampler pack and this was the first flavor i tried, with a new T8 coil on my TFV8, and it does taste like what is advertised,i finished that bottle on that coil before i opened up another one, i vaped it all day till it was gone (and i dont drink alcohol or like the taste of it)

  57. Pretty Good...

    Posted by KarlaM202 on Nov 6th 2016

    Tried this over the week-end, and it's pretty darned good ! Since I boost almost everything but cereals & menthols, I let this one sit a bit, and it's quite enjoyable - nice for a change up. Definitely not an ADV for me, but taste is subjective. Worth a try for sure if you haven't !

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