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Top 5 Vaping Misconceptions

Posted by Crystal Means on

One of the major things that drew me to put down cigarettes and pick up a mod was the feeling and sense of camaraderie I found when vaping. Not to mention the healthy benefits I was starting to enjoy like being able to breathe and taste better. I’ve even run the gamut of flavors with quite a few companies before I settled into my love affair with VapeWild juices.

But I started noticing a trend when I vaped around smokers. I would get funny stares. People would move away from my clouds, rather than enjoying the delicious smelling vapors I was emitting. Some even blatantly started coughing (quite exaggerated too) and waving the vapor away. I could not, for the life of me, figure out why what I was doing was so offensive when it was virtually not harmful to anyone in breathing distance.

Then one day, it happened. A smoker approached me while I was happily enjoying some (S+C)2 and with a stern voice, full of conviction, said, “You know you’re smoking the same stuff that’s in anti-freeze right?”. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned because here was a complete stranger smoking thousands of chemicals and releasing them into the air, harming others around them, telling me I was essentially killing myself. I took the moment to educate the person on the ingredients, the benefits, the changes to my health and it all fell on deaf ears. Can’t win ‘em all I suppose.

But it did get me to thinking. I can’t be the ONLY vaper who experiences this. So we created a post asking our fans and customers what are some of the craziest vaping rumors and myths they’ve heard. These are in no particular order. Just the more popular and common phrases that most everyone agreed with. Some of the responses may or may not surprise you but we’ve ALL heard them at some point in our vaping journey. Join us on our Facebook page to follow this and more discussions just like it! Check out some of the top responses and don’t forget to chime in with your own below in the comments!

  • Matthew Brown “The batteries are time bombs waiting to explode.”

We’ve all seen news reports of people’s devices exploding in their pockets or even in their mouths. We cringe when we see them because we know more than most that simple battery education and a little smarts would have prevented something like that from happening. NEVER put loose batteries in your pocket, especially with keys and loose change or other metal objects. It’s also a good idea to keep your batteries wrapped professionally, which most vape shops offer for free or a small fee. And it goes without saying that purchasing your batteries from a reputable site also ensures your safety.

  • Ryan Hammer “I always hear that ejuice is worse then smoking because it has more chemicals in it.”    By now, we’ve probably ALL heard this particular little anecdote. But the savvy vaper knows there are literally only FOUR ingredients in e-liquid. Artificial flavorings, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine (which is always optional). The thing is, when you mention VG or PG, that’s when people mistakenly name all these horrible things that these ingredients are in. Not realizing that these chemicals are in so many things we consume already. When you compare the myriad chemicals in analog to that of e-liquids, it stands to reason that there are those of us who see the clear benefit to vaping.

  • Matt Foote I'm sooooooo sick of hearing "I heard you can get popcorn lung from that!"     This has got to be the top myth I’ve heard thus far. Seriously, was anybody THIS concerned about workers in a popcorn factory that were more exposed to diacetyl than we will ever be? Speaking of which, the only published accounts of popcorn lungs occurring were actually in popcorn factory employees, 8 of which were diagnosed with it after having been exposed to the powder form of the chemical for decades. That’s it. EIGHT people. Our industry has been transparent in what goes into our juices and because of rigorous testing that continues, we will always seek ways to provide the highest quality products. We posted results of our own testing HERE and the conclusion remains the same: e-cigs are infinitely safer than cigarettes by far. 
  • Rebecca EdwardsMoisture in lungs from vapor can cause pneumonia”  Now, I’m no medical expert and don’t claim to be but this one gives me the most aggravation. I had to comb the web to see what the experts had to say. We found an interesting blog that speaks to this very thing. Professor Riccardo Polosa, an expert in respiratory medicine, clinical immunology, and tobacco addiction says, “You would get more water vapor from a home nebulizer designed to deliver COPD mediations than you would get from an electronic cigarette.” He also goes on to say, “…what’s more, PG in aerosol form is an effective antibacterial and antiviral agent that is likely to prevent infections of the respiratory tract. Ironically, far from creating an ideal condition for germs to multiply and spread, PG vaping could be a practical and safe way to prevent COPY exacerbations.”
  • Ally Fritsch “I always meet people that think vaping is just as unhealthy as tobacco.”                    

    This statement is rooted in the public’s confusion of tobacco and nicotine. It is our responsibility to inform and educate those who inquire so they know the difference between tobacco, which is not present in e-cigs, and nicotine. And nicotine just so happens to show up in many of the foods we already eat and consider healthy anyway. Foods like cauliflower, eggplant, potatoes, and green tomatoes all contain nicotine naturally. So it’s worth it to mention facts like these when they arise because it’s a simple matter of not having previous knowledge of it.

We are all in this fight together and it’s important to keep ourselves educated so we can in turn educate those around us. How else will the tide turn if we can’t inform those around us of the positive way our lives have been impacted by vaping? 

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