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Alien Mod Skins – If an Alien Sheds its Skin… VapeWild has you Covered!

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At VapeWild we have noticed our customers love the Alien Mods by SMOK just as much as we do! What we have noticed after using them for a while the Alien Mods might start to peel, WE HATE THIS!

So, what we wanted to do for our customers was to provide something to protect the mod and maybe cover up the damaged mods we love so much. Because of this we now offer Alien Skins!

We are protected by our Skin and now we can protect our beloved Alien Mods with their own skins! The Alien Skins are silicone cases that slip over our Alien Mods with ease and available in fun and funky colors and designs like, SkullsCamoSolids and Wild!

Watch the Dale’s Desk video and see how fun, easy and practical the Alien Skins are… We Know You Will Love Them!

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Lush Plus RDA by Wotofo – Experience the Lush Life of Vaping with this RDA!

The Lush Plus is the latest RDA from the makers of The Troll RTA, implementing a unique and easy to use split and staggered two post build deck along with extensive bottom airflow to create a superbly well balanced rebuildable dripping atomizer!The Lush Plus RDA’s dual split post build deck has both split negative and split positive posts [...]

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The Troll RTA by Wotofo – The RTA Upgraded!

Everyone is looking for the newest and hottest RTA and we have found it!! The Troll RTA by Wotofo is a sleek 24mm diameter rebuildable tank atomizer specifically designed to create one of the most flavor intensive atomizer platforms on the market, with a raised Stacked T Post build deck and a short chimney travel for [...]

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Flavors of the Week Sale! 2/20

Hard to believe February is almost over already but we can’t stop the good flavors from rolling! I’m not tired of these reviews yet, and I know you’re not tired of saving money, so we’re gonna keep bringing you the best of what we offer week after week. So, without further ado, let’s [...]

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Flavors of the Week Sale! 2/13

As far as Flavors of the Week go, we have to say it’s been a successful run thus far. Week after week, we bring you the best of our site to make sure that you’re aware of the full spectrum of our flavors and find the one, or several, that you love. It’s [...]

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The All New E1 by VapeWild Disposable Vaporizer is Here!

Of the many reasons people turn to vaping, none is the most commonly heard and discussed as saving money. This has been a highly debatable subject for quite some time though, especially if you’re an avid vaper like me. When you factor in the cost of a nice setup, coils, cotton, build kits, [...]

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Limitless RDTA Gold by Limitless – Everyone Loves Gold!

The Limitless Gold RDTA is the newest release from Limitless Mod Co. The Limitless Gold RDTA is an upgraded version from the original Limitless RDTA!Limitless has upped the ante with its latest version of their mega-popular RDTA, adding a gang of upgrades including an interchangeable deck system. The Limitless Gold RDTA will soon have a wide variety of [...]

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LMC Box Mod by Limitless – Not Just Another 200w Box Mod!

This is not just another Box Mod… The LMC Box Mod by Limitless is 200w with qualities you cannot find at this time on the market!The LMC Box Mod has been in the design phase for 6 months with fine tuning and perfection in mind. Limitless Mod Co. wanted to create not only a hard-hitting mod with a [...]

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Hannya RTA by Blitz – Everything you Want in an RTA is Finally Here!

The Hannya “postless” RTA from Blitz takes what many loved about the Hannya atty and adds the convenience of a generous top-fill tank.Taking the unique postless deck design of the popular Hannya Postless RDA, this rebuildable tank is made for experienced vapers looking to build larger gauge and complex wire coils for the ultimate vape experience. [...]

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Flavors of the Week Sale! 2/6

You would think after all the goings-on of the holiday season that we would enjoy a lull in our mad dash to spend cash but that’s just not the way we’re wired. The day for lovers is almost nigh and we know what will make your vaper’s heart sing. And your wallet too. [...]

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