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Whiskey Tango Fudgecake is Back! Get It Before It's Gone!

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Oh man, we’re back at it again with the limited releases. Now, before you get yourself all worked up, ask yourself would you still be mad if you didn’t have access to these flavors elsewhere? Okay, probably so. But we’ve got it right here, and right now and if you miss out, can you really blame us? And you may, but that’s okay. We scold the unicorn very sternly when he refuses to open the vault back up. So we DO try guys, truly. It’s hard to move a unicorn. But in this case, the stars aligned just perfectly and we were able to snap up quite a few bottles of Whiskey Tango Fudgecake, or WTF, which we affectionately call it around here. This flavor goes beyond unique in its profile because it’s the first we’ve seen a combo of chocolate cake and a liquor flavor. It’s a sinfully delicious chocolate cake flavor that has hints of whiskey in it, making it complex enough for the vaper looking for depth and different enough for the vaper who lives flavor life on the edge.

As with all limited releases, you know how it goes. Our special starts today on 30ml and up bottles and goes until January 23rd at midnight. I know I like to gas you guys up a lot, believe me, you let me know on social media all the time, but this time I’m serious. You don’t want to be the one who’s on the sidelines listening to everyone discuss this one. Think of how guilty I’ll feel looking at your sad face emojis and reading your posts condemning us to hell and back about missing out on this flavor. I can’t sleep at night sometimes wondering how to make sure everyone gets to try out our limited releases. Alright, so I’m gassing you up about that part too. But seriously, why would you NOT order it? Heck, grab a few bottles for your friends too! 

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