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And the Mystery Flavor is...The Clever Fool!

Posted by Crystal Means on

Every now and then, we get a little crazy with our mystery flavors and their eventual names. We can’t seem to help it though. There are so many key details that go into the planning of these flavors, the accompanying videos and the like. Planning meetings are way more fun than they should be. But it’s all methodical and very exact. Sometimes the names of flavors don’t necessarily go with the flavor profiles. But that’s just part of the fun and exactly what happened with this month’s mystery flavor, The Clever Fool. This particular flavor is one that has made its way into the hearts of millions of Americans with its lightly sweet fruitiness. As far as candies go, this one is definitely a hit!

And due to the popularity of the flavor itself, we had to create a reveal video worthy of such a great flavor. This month, we did a nod to one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of our time, The Office. And of course when we do things, we do it in a major way. We had to this time because you guys really loved this mystery flavor so it was a privilege to shoot this video for you guys. And since we’ll be debuting the video all over social media, you KNOW we’re gonna have an amazing giveaway to go with it! So, enjoy The Clever Fool and our rendition of the greatest office TV show since Murphy Brown. 

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