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Flavors of the Week Sale! 3-20

Posted by Crystal Means on

Folks, we literally have 5 weeks left of our Flavors of the Week promo. It will be a sad day indeed when we finally close the chapter to this particular special. But fear not! If you know nothing else about V-Dub, you know we always keep the good vibes going! No matter what, we promise to make this site your number one go-to place for all things vape! Without changing a single thing about the amazing customer service we provide, the awesome sales, the friendly interaction you get from us on social media, or any of the other things we’ve done to make us who we are. So let’s get going on this week’s specials!

Strawberries: It’s very rare that we do single note flavors but when we do, we usually knock it out the park! Strawberries is no exception to this. It’s a juicy fruity, true flavor that tastes just like a strawberry. On top of that, it’s a great mixer for those among us who like to add another layer to their favorite flavor. This one doesn’t get enough play so we’re happy to feature it in this week’s selections. Won’t you grab a bottle or two?

Smoothie Criminal: Because MJ was one of the greatest entertainers of our time, we felt it prudent to devote a flavor entirely to him. And Smoothie Criminal pays homage in all the best ways. This is an extremely mellow but enjoyable mix of passion fruit and passion flower with subtle undertones of ice cream. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s literally bursting with tropical fruit flavor that guarantees you’ll want more and more. Seriously, it’s heaven in a bottle and another one of my favorites. Go on, make Mike proud and get you some!

Rad Bull Energy: Running low on energy? Need a pick me up? Well, you won’t find it with this flavor! But it tastes like your favorite energy drink so that’s a plus! Rad Bull is like that vape that you never want to put down because it’s so clean tasting and refreshing. It may not give you wings, but it will totally revitalize your taste buds and give you something to sing about!

Boost of the Week: If you feel like your Rad Bull Energy needs an extra dose of awesome, don’t forget to pick up the boost and get those wings anyway! Do not attempt to fly after vaping. 

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