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Let's Get it Started! Starter Kits on Deck!

Posted by Crystal Means on

VapeWild aims to make vaping so simple that even a monkey can do it. Why do you think we have so many banana flavors? Just kidding. But we do want to simplify the transition for those who are just starting out. The Eleaf iJust Start+ kit, combined with an introductory sample pack is the best way to go! Don’t believe us? Just see for yourself how starting your vape journey is easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Connect coil to the tank base.
  2. The base then connects to the tank.
  3. Hold up! You need liquid! Unscrew the base and fill the tank with your favorite VapeWild eliquid, carefully avoiding the center column.
  4. Wet the wick (cotton) in your coil.
  5. Connect the base to the tank.
  6. Control your airflow with the included rubber grip that attaches to the base.
  7. Assemble the tank to the battery base.
  8. Start vaping!

And just because we know every new vaper needs not just equipment but juice as well, we’re including a sample pack with all the starter kits! Just because we’re cool like that, you get six 10ml bottles of juice of your choice! Everything you need to get you up and running is all right here! These make the perfect gift for someone you know who wants to quit smoking and doesn’t want something too complicated. Or treat yourself to something nice if you’re just starting out. Either way, the eLeaf iJust Start+ is the best way to go for a beautiful beginning! We've also got an array of colors so you can choose from Rose GoldRedWhiteBlack, and Silver! Let's get it started!

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