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Flavors of the Week Sale! 01/16

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This week, we’ve got a little something for every kind of vaper out there. Creamy dessert, sweet juices, and a tropical concoction to knock your socks off. But put them back on because you’ll need them! It’s still cold outside! So bundle up and take a look at what we’ve got for you this week. Remember, FLAVOROTW is the promo code you need to get 15% off all these flavors this week!

Dragon Juice: As far as tropical flavors go, you would be hard pressed to find another uniquely blended flavor like Dragon Juice. This sweet and smooth blend of fruits is chock full of dragon fruit, oranges and pineapples and the way the flavors blend make for one of the smoothest vapes around and a favorite around the office here.

Pralines & Cream: The best thing about dessert flavors to me is the fact that they keep you from indulging in eating so many! This has been my “sweets” diet ever since I started vaping and this particular flavor is one I started out with and go back to time and time again. The mixture of heavy cream, pralines, and caramel taste better than any dessert I’ve ever had. That may not be entirely true but it’s pretty doggone close.

Hooch: Harkening back to the mystery flavor from November 2015, Hooch quickly became and continues to remain a best seller on our site. It’s oddly sweet combination of blueberries and pomegranates make for a heady mix of berries and fruits in the most delicious of ways. It didn’t take long for this flavor to become a favorite of fans worldwide. All it takes is ordering a bottle to see why! 

Make sure you also pick up our boost of the week, Dragon Juice!! 

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