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Flavors of the Week Sale! 2/20

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Hard to believe February is almost over already but we can’t stop the good flavors from rolling! I’m not tired of these reviews yet, and I know you’re not tired of saving money, so we’re gonna keep bringing you the best of what we offer week after week. So, without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s flavors!

Snickerdoodle: It’s no secret that I’m a dessert vaper. Anything that will keep me out of the kitchen and eating up everything in sight is a bonus in my book. And cookies (and pies, and cakes, and smoothies) seem to be my weakness. Snickerdoodle answers the call of my sweet tooth in a major way. Delightfully sugary with bits of cinnamon throughout make this flavor taste exactly like biting into a cookie fresh and warm out of the oven. If you’re looking for your sugar fix, don’t pass this flavor up!

Wrangler: We know how you love your tobaccos. And we’ve got oodles of them, with Wrangler leading the pack of bold and full-bodied vapes. The name invokes images of cowboys of old, wide open pastures, with the smell of tobacco lingering in the air. This flavor is everything you want if you desire robust tobacco. There’s not too much more we can say about that. If you’re a tobacco lover, get it. Period.

Cherry Cola: Sodas are incredibly hard to make. Let’s be honest, recreating that fizzy, sweet taste is borderline impossible but we somehow managed to do it. Cherry Cola, at one time, was a highly requested flavor that our customers felt we could make and we were so honored that they trusted us with that because our R & D team knocked it out the park! The combination of cola and cherry is heady and complete. It continues to be a staple for many of our customers, and one you need to try from our Soda Sample Pack. See, it pays to talk to us! We listen and try to provide what you want!

Boost of the Week: The only one of these flavors we feel you may want more of is the Cherry Cola, hands down. Grab a bottle and enjoy!

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