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And the Winner Is...VapeWild Sweeps Guide to Vaping's Best Of 2016!

Posted by Crystal Means on

We love Guide to Vaping’s end of the year awards ceremony because it lends voice to the consumer, the one who spends their hard earned dollars, the one who chooses week after week where they will spend their money. It gives you, the customer, the chance to speak up and speak out on who you feel is the best in multiple categories. We make no bones about wanting to be the best at what we do; after all, what’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it well? This year, our efforts paid off in the best ways. They asked and you spoke up in a major way and voted VapeWild as #1 in various categories! These wins are completely meaningless without all of you though. Everything we do here is designed with you, our fans and customers, first in mind. Let’s take a walk through all these awards and cipher through what you made possible!

First Place Category Placement

Best of 2016: This category covered the best overall in the industry. We were proud to place 1st in this formidable category against some industry giants like Vaping Underground (2nd place) and Good Life Vapor (3rd place). No easy feat, without a doubt but thanks to your dogged loyalty to us, we managed to snag the top spot!

Most Popular Vendor: 2016 saw VapeWild across the pond for two major vape shows in the UK, VapeJam UK in London and Vapor Expo UK in Birmingham, which widened our reach even more in the EU. Not to mention right here at home, we continued to expand our flavor selection, all while complying with new FDA regulations. With all this visibility online and in person, we were able to snag Most Popular Vendor of 2016!

Best Customer Service: Word of mouth is big to us. Beyond our killer prices, fantastic flavors, and generous giveaways and contests, we are most proud of the service we provide to our customers. We recognize a company can have the best products and the most clever marketing, but when your reps don’t treat customers with respect, dignity, and aren’t knowledgeable, none of the former matters. Customers have always come first for us. They always will. The concept is simple. Keep your customers happy, be fair in your practices and they will come back.

Best Vape Prices: This should be a no-brainer, really. The refrain for all vapers is the same. Start vaping to save money. Then you start and before you know it, you’ve spent a couple hundred on a device, batteries, coils, cotton, and then finally, the juice. Our company was started on the premise that we could save lives without breaking the bank. Make the best recipes and offer them for a fraction of what the industry average is, and you’ve got a winning formula. We work ceaselessly to keep prices low, whether it’s inexpensive flavors, free shipping, bonus juices. We absorb as much of the costs as we can to bring the savings to you every single day. No wonder we placed 1st!

Best eLiquid Brand: Winning by a cool 529 votes to cop 1st place once again, this category was hard won. There are thousands of brands on the market today. Literally, there is no shortage of places to go to find a flavor that you love enough to keep buying. Our brand was always about more than just being affordable, it was about being accessible to the people. We solidified our standing in the community by creating the now popular VapeWild eJuice Group, our wickedly informal vaping forum where our customers get to interact with the company up close and in person pretty much every day of the week. Whether it’s posting behind the scenes photos, polls, or the owner hosting his own “AMA,” we make sure we keep our finger on the pulse of the community.

Second Place Category Placement

Best Instagram Vape Page: Social media is an ever-changing monster that, if you’re not careful, can make or break your entire company. It’s genius in that it provides an alternate view of your company. But you must constantly feed this monster if you want it to grow, much like any social media platform. We started off slowly but we made sure to keep fresh content and shared your tags daily and you made it possible for us to take the number 2 spot in this category, no easy feat to be sure. By the way, follow us! @vape_wild is where we’ll be!

Best Product Manufacturer: Okay, we get it. We don’t make tanks and RDA’s and coils but we know a thing or two about making liquids (see 1st place, Best eLiquid Brand for further reference) and the good people have spoken. We take pride in making and selling some of the tastiest stuff on the planet and we feel confident enough to take this 2nd place crown. Although, 1st would have been nice. But we’ll take it anyway.

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