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Flavors of the Week Sale! 2/13

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As far as Flavors of the Week go, we have to say it’s been a successful run thus far. Week after week, we bring you the best of our site to make sure that you’re aware of the full spectrum of our flavors and find the one, or several, that you love. It’s no easy feat to curate these flavors but it’s always fun because I get to re-introduce myself to some of the greats that I haven’t enjoyed in a while. This week, we’ll get to revisit some of the flavors that started my love affair with VapeWild! Let’s go!

Buttery Nuts: The amount of puns that can be derived from the name alone is enough to make writing this review difficult. My humor is irreverent, at best, so I’m gonna try to do this while strictly focusing on the flavor. Which is what it’s all about. This dessert blends pecans, a little bit of butter, and a whole lot of cream to make something uniquely different and decidedly tasty. If you like nuts, and we know you do, then this is the flavor to try this week.

Jamaican Me Crazy: Funny name aside, this flavor is seriously the decadence you’ve been looking for. With a slight trace of molasses and a bit of coconut rum, you can completely overindulge and not worry about a designated driver. This flavor was reformulated in October of last year to bring out the depth of the flavor for even more layers of tropical goodness. Bring the island to you with Jamaican Me Crazy.

Menthol Type: When I was a smoker, menthol was the only thing I smoked. Once I was introduced to VW, I was insistent on finding something similar to what I smoked. I would ONLY vape Menthol type. The one mistake I made was thinking it needed to be exactly like the stinkies I smoked so I got it in 50/50 with 12mg. BIG mistake. It was just as good in 3mg and 65/35 and made a great mixer as my intro to fruits and desserts. It was nice and smooth and just what I needed. I’ve since graduated to more complex flavors, but every now and then, I take a trip back down memory lane with Menthol Type and reminisce on my days of smoking while bumping 90s hip hop in my Geo Tracker. Sigh, those were the days.

Boost of the Week: Menthol Type may need a little extra something so don't forget to include it in your order! And yes, it's also 15% off! 

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