The December Mystery Flavor is Here! Cold Toast for a Great Morning!

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As is our tradition, we always like to come up with something a little different for each of our mystery flavors. It makes the guessing so much more fun that way. We did this month’s mystery flavor no differently. As usual, we released the flavor into every order and sat back and watched the guesses come in. It’s always a source of entertainment to see what our fans come up with because when you KNOW what it is, but can’t say anything, you get to raise your eyebrows a little when people come up with flavors. December brings you Cold Toast, the breakfast flavor that’s a little different than what we usually do. The heady smell of doughy toast, warm buttery syrup and a slight powdered sugar sprinkle make this flavor really shine like no other. Because we know sometimes cereal just doesn’t hit the mark for our breakfast flavor lovers out there.

Now, we tried our best to create what we thought our fans would love the most. We tried breakfast burritos and wound up with heartburn when we tested it. We tried blending a Denver omelette but the results were disastrous. And wound up with this warm French toast flavor so I’d say we made out pretty well. Research and Development had a field day with this one so enjoy and take a look at the process below. We really think it will give you a better appreciation for what our chemists go thru bringing you these unique flavors! Get some Cold Toast today!! 

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