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Vape Wild Grab Bag - 2lbs of Random Ejuice


Product Description

Typically, it’s never good to stick your hand in a bag and hope for the best.   But we’ve got a grab bag you’ll want to keep pulling from over and over!  These limited edition 2lb grab bags are a vaper’s dream, and just like the box of chocolates that Forrest Gump talked about, you never know what you’re gonna get!  

     Step 1: Select your nicotine strength. (VG/PG rations will vary)
     Step 2: Order.
     Step 3: Enjoy a multitude of flavors for weeks to come for you to enjoy and share!

So get a bag and get to grabbin’!

What's in the Bag

  • An assortment of 10ml and 30ml bottles of our beloved original VapeWild flavors.
  • Total bag weight is 2lbs, with upwards of 500ml or more of juice (actual amount will vary from bag to bag).
  • Bottles will be in a variety of VG/PG ratios.

VapeWild’s Thoughts and Review

Do you love VapeWild juice? Do you prefer switching out flavors and trying things you've never had before? Do you just plain love having a lot of juice around? Do you embrace the VapeWild lifestyle and believe in living on the wild side? If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, these Grab Bags are for you!

All Grab Bag sales are final. No returns, refunds or compensation of any kind are available.

The VapeWild Return Policy can be found here.

The VapeWild Shipping Policy can be found here.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 11th 2017

    What a deal....please please bring this back.... Sounds so worth every penny.....

  2. Wow, just wow.

    Posted by elizard on Jul 5th 2017

    I can't believe how much juice was in the bag! I will certainly order this again!!! LOVE Vape Wild!!!

  3. Very happy

    Posted by Joanne Colbert on Jul 4th 2017

    Very happy that I managed to get one of these bags. Did get a few flavors that I don't like, but that is to be expected. I will definitely order again if they come on sale again and I am quick enough! With me free samples I ended up with about 600ml of juice. Even with shipping to Australia (so total price nearly $60USD) it was still well worth it! Thanks Vapewild.

  4. Best bang for your buck

    Posted by Tami on Jun 30th 2017

    I'm so glad I was able to get this, this was an awesome way to get to try so many flavors for such an amazing price. Can't wait to be able to snag another grab bag.

  5. Such value. Very juice. Wow!

    Posted by Rickey J on Jun 30th 2017

    Great way to get a LOT of juice in many flavors for an excellent price! I was finnaly able to get in on a grab bag before it sold out, and am so glad I did. If you can get this deal, do it!!

  6. Amazing

    Posted by Karl Fisher on Jun 30th 2017

    Was a great deal and can't wait to order again!

  7. Awesome deal, great flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 29th 2017

    There is nothing quite as satisfying as a box of random vapes. Mix it up and try dozens of new things. So far there's not a flavor that I haven't enjoyed.

  8. Can't beat this deal.

    Posted by Shon Lane on Jun 24th 2017

    I asked for no tobacco flavors and got what I asked for. Got some repeat of same flavors but for the price it is well worth it. Thanks VapeWild. Will order this again.

  9. Absolutely Fantastic

    Posted by MIchael Clark on Jun 23rd 2017

    I got lucky and checked my email in time to see this one. 3mg were already sold out so I grabbed a 1.5mg bag as soon as I could. Inside the bag are 16 30ml bottles and 9 10ml bottles including the mystery flavor. I recognize many of the flavors as ones I've tried and liked before so a big win for sure. And just out of curiosity I weighed the bag and it was 2.2 lbs. :) Value is incredible, nearly 75% off what I would pay for 30ml bottles at VW.

  10. Best deal anywhere

    Posted by Bob on Jun 23rd 2017

    I missed this last time so got two this time around. I made a request for minimal tobacco flavors if possible, and to my surprise, even though it's a random grab, they fulfilled my request! Couldn't be happier with the product, customer service, or any other aspect. Thanks VapeWild!

  11. Can't beat this deal

    Posted by Marissa on Jun 23rd 2017

    An amazing deal! Even though you'll get ones you don't like, I got plenty I will use. You still pay less than you would if you bought them individually. Although I am sharing with my fiancé so all together we are very pleased. I also want to say how wonderful the customer service is here. I have talked to multiple employees and I always have a pelasent experience.

  12. 3 hours sold out

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 20th 2017

    Dag on why send the email

  13. Wow..gone in a flash!!

    Posted by Vee Nice on Jun 20th 2017

    How long did it last? got the email this morning about the grab bag..Jumped outta bed almost hit the ceiling..Got one coming 3mg!!

  14. Great offer

    Posted by Candi Postin on Jun 20th 2017

    Would of loved to have the grab bag. Looks like a great deal. I'm disappointed that the fact I had it in my check out and hit process order they were already gone. There needs to be some way that if you already have it in you cart and you are checking out then you should still be able get it without any problems. Still love all your products and will be looking for the next grab bag special.

  15. of course....

    Posted by John S. on Jun 20th 2017

    Of course the bags email get sent to me 2 hrs. ago and already sold out of my mg of nic..... LIMIT THEM to people so they don't grabe all the bags right away sometime..

  16. Honestly I felt like they threw all the Flvavors they don't seel at all in them...

    Posted by Matt Young on Jun 18th 2017

    I was very disappointed I think I have about 10-15 bottles of juice that will never get used cause they are disgusting I could believe it then getting 4 of the same kind with two different flavors and they were the worst ones and then two of the same flavors which sucked I thought it was gonna be like one bottle of each flavor random no doubles or quadruples this sucks I'm stuck with all this juice I hate now... But then the good flavors I was lucky to get a couple I thought they would take one of each flavor and throw it in there good or not so you could find flavors you really like and continue to order that flavor and what not you know I mean it was a good ass deal but not when most the flavors suck...!!!

  17. Awesome

    Posted by Sarah on May 31st 2017

    We loved our grab bag. All the juices were amazing.

  18. Worst of the worst

    Posted by Chaquile on May 30th 2017

    Must have been all of the flavors no one buys that they were trying to get rid of. Never had a problem with getting juice here before actually love it but I have at least 10 30ml bottles of juice that I wouldn't consider putting in my tank. Very disappointed

  19. Blessed

    Posted by Unknown on May 28th 2017

    best deal on the the site. got almost all flavours that I liked

  20. Great price point

    Posted by Logan. on May 27th 2017

    I didn't really know what to expect, I had placed a few orders through VW previously, juice & hardware, and the customer service and products are on point. I saw 2lbs of juice for 35 bucks and pulled the trigger. Got a couple repeats, but hey, it's a grab bag.


    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2017

    Asked if they could please take out tobbacco flavors if possible..they honored my request!

  22. Amazing deal

    Posted by Cyco on May 27th 2017

    Over 500ml of juice in this deal. I was very happy with what I received. Vape Wild always comes up with wild deals that rock...

  23. This was great

    Posted by Cassandra Thurston on May 27th 2017

    I bought two bags as my boyfriend vapes a higher mg of nicotine, and I have to say we loved it! We barely dented the juice.

  24. These grab bags are awesome.

    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2017

    I really hope you guys bring these back they are awesome I love the variety.

  25. Love the idea!

    Posted by Talia Orr on May 27th 2017

    I loved the price and the amount of juice I got. I didn't care for 1/3 of it, but it's still a GREAT deal and I would def order a grab bag again if they come back.

  26. Best deal ever!

    Posted by Nick Thomas on May 27th 2017

    Got to try so many new flavors! All of them on point. I'll surely buy 4 next go!

  27. Awesome deal!

    Posted by Trenton on May 27th 2017

    Great assortment of juice, many flavors I love. Would totally buy again!

  28. Please bring this back! !!

    Posted by Angela Metzener on May 23rd 2017

    Ours was awesome! Did have some tobacco and one menthol flavor in it which neither my husband or I like, but the rat was amazing! Please bring it back!

  29. PLEASE

    Posted by Cody Knecht on May 23rd 2017

    Please Bring this back!?

  30. Missed it

    Posted by Unknown on May 22nd 2017

    Please bring this back missed it first time around.

  31. Grabalicious!!!!!

    Posted by Vee Nice Wash,DC on May 21st 2017

    Please let me be the first to be notified...LOL...Please!!!!

  32. I NEED IT!!!!

    Posted by Toni Edwards on May 17th 2017

    Please bring it back soon!

  33. Need need need

    Posted by Unknown on May 14th 2017

    Guys. I need this. Bad.

  34. Best Deal Ever!

    Posted by KATHY SCOTT on May 12th 2017

    Our Grab bag had all awesome flavors. Was nothing in it we didn't like. We had tobacco, mint, candy flavors and fruit flavors. Will definitely buy 2 next time.

  35. Bring them back

    Posted by Derek Dean on May 11th 2017

    I didn't get to get one they sold out to fast i need one nowww

  36. Best deal ever

    Posted by Phil D Bowl on May 10th 2017

    Loved both grab bags I picked up. Can't wait to purchase more of them!

  37. missed it :(

    Posted by John S. on May 10th 2017

    Sad to say I missed this one. I hope it comes back soon. Maybe perhaps limit the amount of bags you can get or something?

  38. Damn

    Posted by Penny Gures on May 10th 2017

    I missed out I would if really loved this for mother day even tho I would of been late. Please make it available again

  39. Oh dam I need this

    Posted by Jay on May 9th 2017

    I ha e to say I have not had the chance to get this but I would definitely do it. sad I missed out

  40. Missed out

    Posted by Unknown on May 8th 2017

    Grab bags came out n hour after I had ordered. Hope it happens again soon!

  41. Damn

    Posted by john sandlin on May 8th 2017

    I missed it too I hope they do it again real soon

  42. Damn

    Posted by Unknown on May 5th 2017

    I missed it and I'm salty :(

  43. Awesome

    Posted by KATHY SCOTT on May 5th 2017

    I'm reviewing this before I even get my order. Just the opportunity this offer gives makes this an awesome deal. This will be a great boost to any Wild one's supply and since VW offers the best e-juice around, you won't be disappointed.

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