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100MG Concentrated Nicotine


 99.87% USP grade vape juice nicotine concentrate suspended in 99.7% USP Kosher VG at 100mg nicotine per milliliter. Contains no animal extracts. Remember: always use safe mixing practices!

WARNING: Concentrated 100mg nicotine, or otherwise known as high milligram nicotine, is HIGHLY TOXIC. Improperly handled high milligram nicotine can be DANGEROUS and may result in adverse health defects and even death.


  • Always avoid skin contact with high milligram nicotine for vape juice (Wear gloves and protective wear at all times)
  • Do not ingest high milligram nicotine.
  • Store high milligram nicotine concentrate so that it cannot be accessed by children and pets (ingestion by children and pets may lead to death).
  • Only dispose high milligram nicotine through proper biohazard/hazmat disposal practices.
  • In the event that 100mg nicotine vape juice is ingested or comes in contact with skin or eyes, seek medical attention immediately.
  • By purchasing 100mg vape juice nicotine, you are accepting and acknowledging the above risks.

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