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(A+C)2 e-Juice


Product Description

Take a walk in the apple orchard with (A+C)2 Ejuice! Sample some of the juiciest red apple vape juice you’ve ever tasted mixed with cool velvety cream.  It’s the best compilation of flavor we’ve ever seen!

Primary Flavors: Red Apple, Cream

Made in the USA.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Distinct apple flavor!

    Posted by Frankie G. on Sep 15th 2018

    I am amazed how you at VW were able to create a red delicious apple taste, versus a granny smith apple taste. Ingenious! It pairs perfectly with cream.

  2. Omg wow

    Posted by Alex on Sep 8th 2018

    The Apple in this is so strong I love it. It’s distinctly red apple as well rather than random apple that most other juices seem to offer. When the cream flavor appears it compliments the apple very well. I’m sure I’ll order this again

  3. Absolutely Delicious

    Posted by Frankie G. on Sep 5th 2018

    This is a very tasty e liquid. I find I cannot put it down. Will always have this on hand.

  4. I find myself always going back for more...

    Posted by T Toomey on Jul 6th 2018

    This flavor is my ADV.
    My profile is fruity. This has just right balance of apples and cream without too much sweetness.
    Definitely a winner. <3


    Posted by Kevin on Jul 1st 2018

    VERY pleased with this. My NEW "all day at work" flavor. Just recently started with VW and not changin! Great prices. Great service. Quality products. This will be on EVERY order of mine. Can't wait to try Green Apple Envy next.

  6. Wasnt sure i would like it

    Posted by Vickie on Jun 15th 2018

    I LOVE this juice. The way the apple mixes with the cream is just perfect. You really get that crisp apple flavor. Ordered a 10ml to try, ill be ordering a larger size for my regular rotation!

  7. 10 ⭐

    Posted by Crystal Winters on Jun 5th 2018

    I've tried a good few handfuls of Apple flavors. 7Daze Reds Apple being my too 1. However after trying VW (A+C)2 I'm in love & have a new top #1. If you like apples then give this a try you won't be sorry Ya did.

  8. This is amazing!

    Posted by Jessica Allen on May 26th 2018

    Best apple flavor I have ever tasted!!! New favorite!! Keep it up!!

  9. Great apple flavor with a dollop of creamy goodness!

    Posted by Nicole on May 22nd 2018

    I’m very stingy when it comes it my apple vapes, but Vape Wilds (A+C)2 is incredible. It’s a very realistic, juicy mouth watering apple juice flavor but with a creaminess that blends so well together. I ordered the 10ml to try it but on my next order I will be getting a larger size of this. Delish blend and worth a try for everyone especially if you’re an apple vape lover.

  10. Best apple juice I've had

    Posted by Jamie Kennedy on May 20th 2018

    Taste exactly like apples great juice ordering more

  11. Apple people

    Posted by Amanda Chambers on May 2nd 2018

    Apple people will probably really enjoy this flavor....I am apparently not as much of an apple person as I thought i was hahahahaha not a fan at all

  12. Holy shit, this tastes AMAZING

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 31st 2018

    I got this as a free sample and it’s now my favorite juice Ever. I will definitely be ordering some more of this. Thanks vape wild!!! Y’all are doing everything right

  13. Pure apple

    Posted by Nora on Mar 26th 2018

    If you love red apples, sweet and a little tart here and there, you must try this one. There is no cinnamon spice or other fruit. Just apple with a bit of cream that mellows the exhale. Love this juice.


    Posted by Fradik Garcia on Mar 17th 2018

    the best I've tasted!

  15. Amazing!

    Posted by Patrick Metcalf on Mar 17th 2018

    Was one of the free samples I received and is like crunching into a red delicious apple.

  16. Calming but Powerful!

    Posted by Riley From MN on Mar 7th 2018

    I absolutely LOVE this! i was taking it really mellow in my drop RDA then I just really doused the cotton, purged it, then inhaled deeply and I was hit with a TRUCK full of flavor and I had to do it a few more times to really comprehend what just happened! The flavor is really a reverse pyramid. Not many flavors really are equal like this. At the top, red apples and cherries tie together and neither overpowers one another. Which immediately gives it five stars! on top of that, the cream comes in later and finishes it off with a mellow cream that's not overpowering. Put this in a warm RDA at mid-wattage and you will NOT be disappointed.

  17. Red apples and cream

    Posted by Nancy on Dec 13th 2017

    Usually apple flavor e liquid has cinnamon. I love the cinnamon , but if you like red apple without the spice, and not green apple. This doesn't taste sharp like green apples. This truly tastes like red apples and the cream. Stronger as it steeps. Right up there with their S&C. (Strawberry).

  18. Instant favorite

    Posted by Niquita Konsor on Dec 9th 2017

    Got this one on a whim and it became my favorite, a perfect blend of cream and apple. Divine!

  19. Accurate Flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 22nd 2017

    The apple flavor in this is nice and mellow. Kinda tastes a little like an apple pie! I do like the flavor but this isnt something I personally can vape too much of because it does make me a tad nauseous. Like I said though, the flavor is great! Not the apple for me haha but 5 stars for an amazing flavor! I might have to air this one out for myself but this would be my goto apple.

  20. Very good

    Posted by lucy on Nov 4th 2017

    Light, sweet and tart juicy apples with a touch of cream. A good all day vape.

  21. Not bad

    Posted by AH13 on Nov 2nd 2017

    Pretty good the cream makes the apple not so overwhelming. Probably wouldn't be my first choice but I would order more.

  22. My All Day Vape

    Posted by Stasha Aubrey on Oct 8th 2017

    I got this flavor for free with my first order of multiple flavors to try and did not think I would like it. I was so wrong!!! This is now my go to flavor and all day vape over all the flavors I've tried. Perfect balance of the juicy apple with a smooth and sweet cream!

  23. Favorite Ejuice so far.

    Posted by Christopher E Brooks on Sep 28th 2017

    I've been vaping for about 2 years now. Originally I only vaped fruit flavors. I ordered the VW sample pack, choosing lots of fruity flavors, and got a presteeped bottle of this juice. I was blown away. I always pictured the creamy dessert flavors as being horrid though I had never tried them. Now I don't vape anything that doesn't have a cream twist to it. This apples + cream juice in particular is the best juice I've ever had.

  24. Very Good!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 26th 2017

    Got this one for free! Thought I wouldn't like it but the flavor is amazing!

  25. DO NOT BUY

    Posted by Matt Schnell on Sep 21st 2017

    This juice burned my throat so bad after just two tank fills that i had to throw out just under 120ml of it, the flavoring, what ever they use is so irritating when vaped my throat was raw, my lungs were soar and i coughed up flem for days until it started healing. The other flavor i ordered was great, this one how ever should be taken down completely, this has happened t other people i have met who ordered this same flavor. waste of money and very damaging to your health.

  26. Good stuff

    Posted by Elliot on Sep 17th 2017

    Really like this flavor. The red apple is prominent, and one of the best I've found. I've ordered it a few times and plan to continue to do so.

  27. Pleasantly Surprised!

    Posted by AquarianFire on Sep 17th 2017

    Wow. I got this free with an order a few months ago and basically put it away and forgot about it. I brought it out today and thought... what the heck. Let's try it. Wow, I'm seriously surprised how good this is. It's really amazing. Nice fruity apple on the inhale and a slight sweet creamy flavor on the exhale.

  28. Great Apple Velvet cream vape! TRY IT

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2017

    This juice is great! on the inhale you get a hint of the red apple and on the exhale theres notes of the velvety creaminess at the end.
    as for the velvet they talk about in the description im not sure if its like from red velvet cake or what it kinda reminds me of the creamy iceing from velvet cake but ill let you be the judge
    GOOD vape

    vaping this juice on a smok q box 47 watts .35 ohm build in my grimm green recoil rda

  29. Wow

    Posted by Brian on Aug 29th 2017

    Got it free with an order. Will definitely order in the future.. taste great

  30. Great Flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 28th 2017

    Normally not a fan of flavors with cream but I loved this!

  31. Best apple flavored juice I've had.

    Posted by Michael Marks on Aug 24th 2017

    I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I have not enjoyed any of the apple variants that vapewild has and I love the sweet apple taste of this one and anything creamy is amazing in my book! Thanks for the 30ml freebie! This is why I love vapewild!

  32. Surprised!!!

    Posted by mlogan2514@yahoo.com on Aug 21st 2017

    I received a 30ml pre-steeped freebie with my order and decided to give it a try right away while I anxiously await my wrecking ball to steep. And I have to say I love it! I never would have ordered this on my own because apple mixed with cream just sounded odd to me...but so glad I got the pre-steeped freebie! If it wasn't pre-steeped I likely would have thrown it in a drawer and forgot about it! I'll definitely be ordering more of this in the future! Thanks for the freebies VapeWild!!! Keep em coming because I keep discovering new flavors I now love!

  33. Pretty tasty

    Posted by Cameron Wisher on Aug 21st 2017

    Thank y'all for the free pre-steeped 30ml sample y'all!

  34. Great surprise

    Posted by Selina Maeder on Aug 20th 2017

    I received a free presteeped bottle of this in my last order and I was hesitant. Most Apple vapes tend to stick to the green sour variety, but this one is a bit different. There is still a little green Apple, but the sweeter gala/honeycrisp shines brighter. The cream is just a minimal treat on the exhale. I'm very happy VW included this treat in my order.

  35. Yummy

    Posted by Bonnie on Aug 19th 2017

    Got this as my freebie, so glad I did. This is yummy! Tastes like a mild apple cider. The apple definitely stands out

  36. Best apple I've had

    Posted by Josh Webb on Aug 18th 2017

    With round wire the apple comes out. With claptons I get a caramel apple profile. Staged clapton I get a yummy creamy dessert apple. Only gave 4 stars because I would like to see it carry a minor cinnamon note.

  37. Awesome sauce

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2017

    I order my first set of juices from vw. And i got 3 free bottle one was a 30ml presteeped of (a+)c2 and its the bomb. I love it...

  38. Yummy

    Posted by Gig on Aug 18th 2017

    Received a pre steeped 30ml in my sample welcome pack..(ty vw)..this was delicious! I'm definitely a fan of this company now. Was just a sweet creamy Apple vape. Try it!

  39. Bonus!

    Posted by Tricia D Teager-Aime on Aug 17th 2017

    Bonus gift to love. Never would have ordered this, but now I love it. Expecially mixed with (P&C)2. Thanks for the treat.

  40. Great stuff!!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 17th 2017

    I recieved a 30ml bottle of this pre steeped with 12mg nic and 65/35 mix as a bonus on my last order, it was a little sweet for me but it was really good, I mixed it 50/50 with wrecking ball in my tank and it was amazing, will definitely order when I get a apple craving, Thanks VW for the freebie I couldnt be happier with it :)

  41. Apple delight

    Posted by Christopher Lackey on Aug 15th 2017

    One of my daily smokes. If you like apples you will love this juice. Great job Vape Wild!!!

  42. Yum!

    Posted by Erica Patrick on Aug 14th 2017

    Got this free with my order and couldn't be more pleased with it. I tried making this flavor at home and could never get the ratios right but you guys sure did lol love it.

  43. So good

    Posted by Diana on Aug 14th 2017

    I received a bottle free with each of my past 3 orders and happy I did. It's really sweet, but not overpowering. I've mixed it in with some bland house juice from a vape shop near me and it mixed well with that and some others

  44. First dessert flavor I actually liked

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2017

    I have tried numerous dessert flavors and never liked them much, but I received a 30ml free bottle with my order so I tried it and it was pretty good. Not a huge fan of dessert flavors but if you are I would recommend this one and this site. Thanks VW, I will always get my vape juice and supplies here.

  45. Best flavor ever

    Posted by Julie Mcclain on Aug 11th 2017

    I wasn't to much one fruit flavors but this one knocked my socks off a must try for everyone

  46. First time trying a apple flavor

    Posted by Janae Duvall on Aug 11th 2017

    I received this as a free bonus bottle today, first time trying a apple flavor it's pretty good. Thanks Vape wild!

  47. Like a bite of apple custard

    Posted by Chris on Aug 10th 2017

    Just received a big bottle of this free with my order and I'm so grateful I had to come right away and give a review. After removing the top I was hit with an unbelievable aroma that reminds me a bit of candy apple. And the taste is just as good. The closest thing I can think of is an apple custard. My whole room smells delicious right now. Anyone who is into apples should definitely try this.

  48. Cloudy

    Posted by Steve Burfitt on Aug 9th 2017

    This was very cloudy and tasted strange......I love all the other "squared" flavors but this one......not so much. I sent pics to CS and they said it looked normal. Wasted 20 bucks, oh well........

  49. Deliciousness

    Posted by Proton man on Jul 28th 2017

    I received this as an added bonus. To my surprise it came in the same nic strength as the rest of my order. The name threw me so I looked it up on this site. It's really great and have told my friends about as well as letting them test it for themselves. We all agree delicious flavor to enjoy. May become a vault member I hope so because I as we want it to remain in circulation! Thanks vape wizards you rock!!!

  50. creamy and sweet

    Posted by Michael Romeo on Jun 20th 2017

    spot on apple and cream. makes a great adv.

  51. Pretty good soury apple

    Posted by Mike Bellini on Jun 13th 2017

    I got this thinking it would taste bad but it's actually pretty tastey. You definitely taste the apple in it, with a hint of a soury undertone. I was happy to get that flavor profile as opposed to the generic apple pie taste that all apple flavors I've tried from other companies have. It's nice to finally have found a true apple flavor. I would order this again.

  52. Favorite flavor

    Posted by nvsrt4@gmail.com on May 11th 2017

    Bought this by accident awhile ago and loved it

  53. I Think I figured out I don't like to vape cream

    Posted by Timothy Walters on Mar 17th 2017

    For me this was an unpleasant experience. I could not even finish vapeing a tank of it I had to pour it out. I guess I just don't like vaping cream. It had an over powering taste that I just did not enjoy. But I do recommend it to the vapor that knows he/she enjoys the taste of cream in there vape.PU

  54. Love at first taste

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 13th 2017

    Well all i can say is this one is my fav... it taste great... almost make me want to eat the tip of the mod... almost 90%of the time... really creamy and just the right amkunt of apple taste... make your toes curl....lol

  55. Delicious!

    Posted by Jamie on Mar 6th 2017

    Way to go! ! This taste just like a fresh crisp apple off the tree and chilled in refrigerator! !! I love it..another one added to my faves!! Thank you Vapewild.

  56. great smok

    Posted by Wanda Dennis on Mar 1st 2017

    You get Apple on inhale and cream exhale. Not bad at all vape wild. I'll order it again.

  57. fire

    Posted by Keaton Haden on Feb 18th 2017

    Best flavor vape wild has to offer have ordered multiple times, never disappoints I highly recommend this flavor as well as all the (+c)2 flavors the never disappoint

  58. I like it !

    Posted by Rachel on Feb 11th 2017

    Yep! Taste just like a sweet apple with some cream. It's good!

  59. I love it!!!

    Posted by Jamie on Feb 6th 2017

    This is amazing.!!!!! I was leary to try it..but it is now another favorite of mine!!!
    Thank you Vapewild.com for your great flavors and awomen prices and services! !!

  60. just heavenly!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 5th 2017

    The apples and cream mix together perfectly! So smooth, so delicious!

  61. Top 5

    Posted by Ron McMahon on Jan 30th 2017

    Excellent value, good "cloud", 4/5 on flavor

  62. Bad Flavor

    Posted by Martin C. on Jan 27th 2017

    I have tried a lot of flavors from Vape Wild as well as other places and few have been so bad I threw them away. It smells really good like a crisp apple mixed with cream but when I put it in my tank (after two weeks steeping) the taste was horrible. It was like stale cream and old apple. I threw the coil away as it would not go away even after a whole tank of a different juice and I also threw the bottle in the trash. I am not sure if I received a bad mix of this flavor or if it always tastes like that but I will not reorder I could not get the taste out of my mind for quite some time. It may also be fair to mention I ordered it at a 12mg 50/50 ratio. I love vape wild and this was the first time I had this experience.

  63. crisp apples

    Posted by Tanya MacJarrett on Jan 26th 2017

    I am not big on vapes with cream yet I truly enjoyed A+C. Would recommend this juice 100%.


    Posted by Connor Luster on Jan 18th 2017

    This really is an awesome juice. I always let all my juice fully steep, ( for best flavor) and when I finally got to open this bottle I was a very happy vaper. It's def not a custard-y kind of apple and cream. Very sweet with a nice full flavor thanks to the light cream. But for real, hands down one of my favorite VW juices.

  65. LOVE!

    Posted by Kristen Parsons on Jan 15th 2017

    I love this one so much! Its a perfect fresh, clean taste. Im ordering a HUGE bottle next time!

  66. yummy!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 13th 2017

    I love the Apple taste!!

  67. Clean apple taste!

    Posted by Shane Sawyer on Jan 4th 2017

    Such a palette cleanser! The apples taste so fresh and unlike so many apple vapes that are green apple based, this just tastes like red apples (red delicious maybe mixed with honeycrisp) and cream and it is phenomenal, especially after a heavy meal!

  68. An Apple a Day Keeps the Cigs Away

    Posted by Roger Caleb on Dec 2nd 2016

    I never though I'd try or like an apple ejuice... But, here I am giving 5 stars. I say this slightly edges out (S+C)2, but that's like comparing apples to strawberries... Oh wait, I am...

  69. has a sour taste

    Posted by bob on Nov 25th 2016

    i was hoping for apples but i all i get is a sour taste got 50% more flavor added was hoping for a crisp apple taste

  70. ridiculous

    Posted by Bob O on Nov 4th 2016

    Absolutely delicious, who knew pairing apples with cream would work so well together, i have always loved the apple pie ,but this is a little softer, more subtle on the palette.
    Highly reccomend it, especially while its still fall !!!

  71. Love it!

    Posted by Lisa on Oct 19th 2016

    Just like eating a red crisp apple without all the mess! So light and refreshing.

  72. YUMMY

    Posted by wendy perry on Oct 1st 2016

    Whats to say I could vape the crap out of this!

  73. good stuff

    Posted by adam cooper on Sep 29th 2016

    The pic describes it perfect. Red apple with a Green apple finish. A little light on the cream for me but still a good flavor.

  74. very good

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 27th 2016

    Very tasty . I like it very much

  75. Fantastic

    Posted by Brandon on Sep 16th 2016

    I was wary. I'm not really a fan of apple vapes, but I was cautiously optimistic. When I got my first 30ml of this, it blew my mind -- fantastic right out of the box, and the apple is paired really well with the cream. Neither are overpowering and the combined flavor is wonderful. Definitely get this one.

  76. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 14th 2016

    All day vape it's that good

  77. Great

    Posted by Paige on Sep 13th 2016

    Wonderful apple/mango flavor!

  78. amazing flavor

    Posted by Heather on Sep 6th 2016

    I ordered this with Fall in my mind. This totally captures the taste of applea, it's tart and sweet and crisp all at once. Great job Vape Wild

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