All About the Wildness of Vape WILD

The Vape Wild Story

THE STORY: Forget what you think you know about VapeWild and journey back to our humble beginnings with us. Picture three guys, surrounded by smokers and wanting to help them change their lives. Embarking on a quest to provide smokers with alternatives, these three men set out to create a brand that would provide creative, delicious flavors, a unique approach to customer service, and a price point that you wouldn’t believe. VapeWild was born out of a necessity to see others live and live well. Thus began their first foray into the vast and muddied waters of vaping. They quickly assembled a team of knowledgeable experts who were committed to the same cause, developed a mastermind plan that would shoot them straight up the ladder of success, and created the zany, fun-loving, customer-oriented brand that you now know as VapeWild.


Vape Wild's Goal

THE GOAL: VapeWild is known for standing out. Pretentiousness and polish is not our bailiwick and we were committed not to make it so. We wanted to be the every-man’s vape company. The goal was simple: change as many lives as you can, for the lowest cost that you can, while being as accommodating as you can. The formula worked. Providing outstanding customer service was first and foremost and quickly set us apart from every other company. Being attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable was a must, but fun and frolic were always the touchstones. We take our work seriously, but never ourselves. And why on earth would we? Life’s too short, so why not have a little fun and make people happy along the way? We’d like to think we achieve this every single day. One look at our reviews lends credence to this statement.


The People

THE PEOPLE: The people of VapeWild are the life of the company. When a business gives its employees full range to express their personalities, a magical thing happens; the company becomes something much greater than the sum of its parts. VapeWild is a living, ever-changing organism, and everyone who works here has affected the face of VapeWild in some way. Here is what some of THE PEOPLE have to say about Vape Wild!


Leah's Quote

Leah - Customer Experience Manager



The Vape Wild Product

THE PRODUCT: 150+ flavors. Over 25 other brandsNic salts. Vape mods. Swag. The list goes on and on. We’ve never been comfortable being one-dimensional. Our customers are multi-faceted, and vaping is and will always be a uniquely subjective experience. Every individual has a need that must be met. We understood that from the start. While flooding the market with our creatively named flavors, we knew we couldn’t stop there. Our customers were hungry for more. More brands, more selections, more hardware, more US. It was an itch we absolutely had to scratch. We diversified our product selections and STILL managed to keep our pricing competitive. We always will. That's a promise.


The Vape Wild Experience

THE EXPERIENCE: Over the years, VapeWild has expanded into territories that we never thought possible. We have one of the largest followings on social media that continues to grow day by day. This rowdy community has grown into our very own Facebook group with over 23k members with their own brand of VapeWild sass. From every walk of life, our tribe of vapers keeps growing out of their sheer devotion to our madness. Our YouTube channel is full of epic videos, all produced in-house. Our customer service experts leave no stone unturned in making sure that your experience with us leaves you feeling like you're part of the family (to us, you really are). Don’t forget about the best free shipping threshold in the game: spend just $39.99 to get free domestic shipping in the U.S. We don’t just want you to spend your money with us; we want to make you feel good when you do!


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