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WHAT IS VAPEWILD AF?! (Access First)

Alright, VapeWild Army, the time has come to go VapeWild Access First (AF)! We’ve taken it to the next level with our new membership program. VapeWild Access First is the crème de la crème of all the members-only vape clubs. This is your chance to take advantage of exclusive monthly benefits so hot, they'll make your mod fire up on its own (not really, as that would be dangerous, but still...). Not only will you get free shipping on all orders, you’ll also receive access to members-only flavors and a whole lot more. Hell yes, there’s more! You’re practically salivating to find out what else you get for just $49.99 a year, huh? Look at these VapeWild Access First benefits and see how wild we really are!




Imagine waiting at the window for your package to arrive, now imagine knowing that it arrived.... for FREE! That’s right! We’ve combined your anxiously awaited vape mail with your other favorite F word - FREE! As a VWAF member, you’ll get FREE Shipping on ALL orders from our facility to your door - Even if you live in one of those states that require a signature on delivery! No matter how big or small, we’ll ship it all.... for FREE!





What’s a Membership without a little V.I.P Treatment?! Here’s your chance to go on a flavorful experience exclusive to VapeWild Access First members! Make all your vape friends jealous with the unique aroma of your clouds when you receive exclusive access to members-only e-liquid flavors. We’re also giving you the code to our flavor vault, select flavors that we’ve locked away are making a comeback just for you! This is also your chance to be the first to indulge in future mystery flavors and to even partake in never before advertised Limited Releases. VapeWild Access First members can also take advantage of exclusive sales not open to the public! Now, THAT’S star treatment!




You can be VapeWild Access First and frugal at the same dang time! VapeWild is already known for helping the “vaper on a budget”, as a VWAF member you’ll get early access to our sales before they’re available to the public and you’ll also get up to 20% off e-liquids. 



As a VapeWild Access First member, you’ll also get an additional 5% off all VapeWild brand e-liquid during your first year of membership. For every year you remain a VapeWild Access First member, you’ll get an additional 1% off up to a total of 10% off all your purchases. And did we mention you get 5% of all coils? To top all these sweet deals off, a VapeWild Access First membership is just $49.99/year! That’s less than $5 a month, you can’t beat that with a stick!


Yes, we’re one of the largest vape hardware and e-liquid distributors, but more importantly, we’re a company that is crazy about our VapeWild family! We mean every word when we say, we’re serious about vaping and not much else! This is why VapeWild is the go-to for all your vaping needs from start to finish, and VapeWild Access First is a membership that pays for itself with all the vape related discounts AND resources that are offered. Our YouTube channel covers everything from hardware and e-liquid flavor reviews all the way to our long-awaited mystery reveals that you guys crave every month! If you want encouragement to kick habits, make new vape savvy friends, or just a few laughs then our VapeWild Facebook group is the go-to! Chat with a community of “VapeWilders” that’ll make your cloudy journey one to remember. In addition to the free shipping, VIP treatment, and loads of savings that this membership offers, VapeWild Access First is your chance to maximize your VapeWild experience! For only $49.99 a year, you’ll be able to take part in the premium cloud experience of a lifetime with perks that aren’t just wild, they’re VapeWild AF!



JUST $ 49.99/YEAR

* Up to 10% total member discount.

*** Free Priority Shipping applies to Domestic US destinations only (including APO/FPO, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and any other US territories to which USPS delivers).



Need help? We're available at (844)-328-9445, or Email us at help@vapewild.com, or use Live Chat!

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