How to Make Money with Vaping Affiliate Programs

Tips & Tricks for Vape Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for how to make money with e-juice affiliate programs, the guide below will help.  You’ll find ideas to help attract long tail traffic through SEO, come up with new content and also some tips for optimizing your videos on YouTube and social media reach.  

  • Handouts and Business Cards
  • Content Ideas and Long Tail SEO
  • YouTube Optimization and Ideas
  • Social Media Optimization

Handouts and Business Cards

Some of the most successful vaping affiliates don’t have a website at all.  Instead they get creative and use their networking skills. By printing business cards with your contact information, so you can keep in touch, but also including a short version of your affiliate link, you can not only help people who ask about the vape juice you’re using, but you can earn commissions.

Content Ideas and Long Tail SEO Strategies

Creating content that can rank and make money is easy with vaping affiliate programs.  The trick is to be unique and do keyword research. There are free tools like Google’s Keyword planner and you can also use Google Trends to look up what is more popular each time of year.  

To get started, pick a theme.  Some ones that have room to grow include:

  • Flavors
  • How to do tricks
  • Which strength to buy and what is the best flavor option for it
  • Flavor vs. Flavor and which is better
  • Brand vs. Brand and which is better for what type of user

By going with flavors you can optimize a blog post or website page about fruit flavors, candy flavors or others.  By incorporating an ordered list or unordered list (depending on if it is a best or favorites or just options) you may be able to get the answer box in Google.  Because the topic is directly related to the product, each one can also be an e-juice affiliate program link so you can also make money. The other option is to create dedicated and detailed content about a specific flavor or scent.  This may be able to show up as people search for something like “cotton candy vaping juice” or “what is the best green apple e-juice”.

How to do tricks is always a popular topic.  The one thing missing from most is which e-liquids are the best for each type of trick.  That is where the room is to grow. Not only does it help the person know which ones to buy, but by adding your e-juice affiliate program links in, you’re giving them an easy way to find the exact ones you’re using in the demo so they can replicate the trick.

Which strength to buy and what is the best flavor option for it is an interesting topic.  Much like the first option where you could do a list, this one can be done in an easy to use chart.  If it is well designed and informative (with sourcing), you not only have a natural tie in for e-juice affiliate program links, but you have also created a resource that may be able to attract backlinks to your site and help boost overall SEO.

The flavor vs. flavor and brand vs. brand style post is meant to optimize for people who are trying to find something new.  You can either write about what makes a great option flavor wise when you get tired or need a break from your go-to flavor and why, or you can help people decide by doing a side by side comparison on how strong or light it tastes and smells.  

For brands, it is important to make sure you’re honest about the flavor, strength and to say which brand of e-liquid is right for which typing of vaping enthusiast.

YouTube Optimization and Ideas

YouTube is a huge opportunity as the algorithm loves fresh content and viewers are looking for product and how to perform tasks.  Much like in the above sections, there are keyword and tag research tools you can use to find ideas for titles, tags and descriptions.  By incorporating your e-juice affiliate program links into the descriptions and your coupon code into the videos, you can also make money.

Here are a few options for potential YouTube Videos:

  • Compare the vapor for tricks and say which work best
  • Create guides on how to do X, Y and Z tricks and show the different e-liquids to demonstrate the difference. This one is especially good for building a fan base and subscribers.
  • What are the best ABC flavors

Social Media Marketing for Vaping Affiliate Programs

Social media can be tricky, which is why we’re including it last.  You need to create something that is share and engagement worthy which is why we mentioned the content ideas above first.  Video, guides and helpful information tend to do well, but there are other things you can try.

  • A quiz may work for Facebook.  Which is your next vape flavor, what flavor of e-liquid are you or something similar.  By having your affiliate link on the results page you can help the person find and buy their flavor while making money.
  • Instagram is a great option for cool photos with rings and tricks in their full moment.  
  • Pinterest is awesome for how to guides with step-by-step shots.  You could do each of the steps on forming a vaping ring in a series and on the pin include either your affiliate link directly to the juice or bring them to your blog post or video which demos the process and has your links.  

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