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Are you ready to find the perfect atomizer that generates thick-plumes of mouth-watering flavor and luscious vape clouds?  Then you’re at the right place. Below you’ll find the best vape atomizers like RDAs, RDTAs, and RTAs. Whether you want one that helps you to create big, bellowing clouds or an option with more control over the flavor production and heat, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re stuck between one or two of the devices, or want a recommendation, our support team is here to help.  Click on the live chat box or call us at (insert number) and we’ll be happy to help you find the right atomizer to create your perfect vaping experience.

Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Blue Wotofo Profile Unity
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Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

The Wotofo Profile Unity RTA is the answer to your woes! Finally, a mesh RTA that you can build with! This RTA delivers in both clouds and flavor with its special nexMESH OFRF coil. This is a collaborative masterpiece by Wotofo, MrJustRight1, and The...

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GeekVape Zeus X RTA

The upgraded Geek Vape Zeus X RTA is here! Optimizing performance is key with this rebuildable tank atomizer. It has a unique top airflow design for the flavor chaser and cloud chaser alike! Here is what you need to know about the Zeus X RTA. This RTA...

$39.99 $29.99
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OFRF introduces the Gear RTA for your building pleasure! This single coil build deck is secured by a quad terminal build deck. You can expect great flavor with the Gear rebuildable atomizer while you inhale through the 510 PC wide bore drip. The drip...

$34.99 $24.99
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Wotofo Profile RDA Wotofo Profile RDA and Box
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Wotofo Profile RDA

The Wotofo Profile RDA makes building fun and mesh-y! This RDA has a 24mm wide base with a 4mm deep juice well giving you plenty of space to wick your coils as well as plenty of room to hold your e liquid. What is really great about this RDA is that it...

$26.99 $19.99
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Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA Berserker MTL RDA - Bottom View

Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA

In partnership with VapersMD, the Berserker MTL RDA by Vandy Vape is a fantastic mouth-to-lung RDA that boasts the kind of features that make you drool. The build deck is simply crafted and easy to use with its two posts, single terminal design where...

$29.99 $14.99
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UWELL Fancier RDA/ RTA Uwell Fancier - Silver
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The Uwell Fancier RTA & RDA is a clever piece of rebuildable vaping technology with a unique design that provides and RTA & RDA in one convenient device. Basically, you get everything you need to have an RTA and an RDA in one box. How cool is...

$49.99 $24.99
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What does an atomizer do?

An atomizer is the device that transforms the e-liquid into vapor. It bridges the gap between the battery power and the e-liquid itself, and is an essential part in transforming liquid into vapor.

How does an atomizer work?

When you activate your mod by pushing the button, the atomizer gently heats the liquid in your tank, and converts the e liquid into vapor.

What is the best one for vaping?

Rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs) and rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs), though geared toward the more experienced vapor, are common for generating huge vape clouds and give more flavor to your e liquid making them the best atomizers for vaping. Each atomizer has its advantages depending on your level of vaping so it is important to shop based on your own skill level.

What are the different sizes?

Atomizers come in a wide array of different sizes, from 24mm RDAs to 28mm RTAs, depending on what vaping experience you enjoy. VapeWild has a vast selection of disposable, replaceable and rebuildable atomizers to choose from.

What is a tank atomizer versus a rebuildable drip atomizer?

vape tank contains a tank that holds e-liquid, which slowly depletes after each use and is replenished when empty. These devices contain coils that need to be replaced over time, by simply unscrewing the used coil and replacing it with a new one.

A rebuildable drip atomizer optimizes the vaping experience by allowing lower resistance and more battery power to generate, thus resulting in larger clouds. This system does not have a tank and requires a dripping method, where the e-juice is dripped directly on the atomizer coils and has to be replenished after every few puffs.

How long do they last and when should I replace it?

An atomizers lifespan varies, and all comes down to how much you use it. The coils within replaceable and rebuildable atomizers will need to be replaced once you reach their limits, which, with care, can last up to two weeks. Again, this time varies, but there is one sure sign of needing to replace the atomizer coils - when you draw from your device and it tastes burnt or gargles, this usually indicates that it’s time to replace the coils.

How much do they cost?

Atomizer tanks can cost on average $15-$35, with replacement coils costing anywhere from $8-$15.

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