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contains nicotine.
Nicotine is
an addictive chemical.

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(B+C)2 e-Juice


Product Description

We raised blueberries and cream to the second power with (B+C)2 ejuice! We’re taking it to a new level with fresh juicy blueberry vape juice and extra cream on top! (B+C)2 was perfected in our lab, and it’s so good, even Heisenberg would approve of it’s taste and quality.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Cream

Made in the USA.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Love It!

    Posted by Kimmie on Sep 18th 2018

    Every juice I have purchased from Vape Wild has such a great flavor. I believe this one needs a little more bile berry flavor bu other than that it’s really good! Thanks again, Vape Wild!

  2. One of my favorites

    Posted by Samantha on Sep 16th 2018

    Love this one! Im not big on fruity flavors but i tried this one and I’ll definitely get it again

  3. Just needs a little steeping.

    Posted by Frankie G. on Sep 5th 2018

    I like all the (+c)2. But as recommended, they need some steeping. This one is no different. I keep all of them in my rotation of vapes. VW, you are a good company, with good products, and great customer service.

  4. It's vapable but...

    Posted by Wendy Jones on Jul 21st 2018

    The creamy flavor was great but the blueberry wasn't enough.

  5. Great Flavor!

    Posted by Patrick Culver on May 30th 2018

    Nice smooth blueberry flavor with a subtle but rich creamy undertone that makes for an awesome combination. Well done VW!

  6. Smooth blue cream

    Posted by Hynstyle on May 17th 2018

    Great creamy flavor with a nice blueberry taste!
    Worth steeping
    Very yummy!

  7. So good, my wife won't share!

    Posted by Chelsey P. on May 5th 2018

    This came as a freebie with one of my orders. My wife loves it so much thay she commandeered it. She mixes it 50/50 with Hannibal Nectar and the blueberry really kicks it up a notch while the cream mellows it out. DEFINITELY recommend this one, on its own or mixed.

  8. You guys never fail.

    Posted by Retia Franklin on Apr 25th 2018

    I love you guys. Love your products. So flavorful. I only order through you.

  9. Good but missing something

    Posted by Danielle on Mar 21st 2018

    I let this juice steep for about a week and taste the cream and a super light blueberry that I wish was stronger. Not bad by any means, good juice, just wanted a bit more. I have not tried Smurf cake yet, maybe I'll find what I'm looking for there.

  10. Where is the blueberry?

    Posted by Lindsey B on Feb 27th 2018

    This might be a long steeper or something bc at a week and a half I can’t find the blueberry. I can smell it, but can’t taste it. Slight creamy aftertaste. Could vape it for the Nic in a pinch but otherwise it’s a fail for me. Going to toss it aside and try again in a few weeks.

  11. Hit the spot.

    Posted by Matthew Bray on Feb 16th 2018

    I usually get smurf cake to get my blueberry flavor going on but this is the perfect blueberry flavor.

  12. Super yummy, rich bluberry flavor

    Posted by Karen Sawinski on Jan 17th 2018

    My husband and I love this juice. Definitely a go-to.

  13. Where's the blueberry?

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 8th 2018

    Vaping this out of a small aspire breeze and for me, it's just kind of harsh and flavorless.
    No blueberry flavor, a hint of cream, but mostly just harshness. Could just be my pallet. I was expecting something similar to 'The Streak' but this is far from it.

  14. Wow!!

    Posted by Achilles on Oct 29th 2017

    Possibly my favorite VW flavor so far. Sounded good, read some bad reviews, figured wth and ordered a 10ml. I wish I would've bought 60ml! This tastes like the "blueberry toast crunch" to me, without the normally weird "cereal" Vape flavoring. Absolutely loved it and wish I had more. Great ADV for sure.

  15. My go to

    Posted by Dan Hacker on Oct 19th 2017

    This is my go to ADV smooth and creamy with lots of blueberry flavor

  16. #1 juice on the market by far

    Posted by Joey Rodgers on Aug 12th 2017

    I enjoy many wild flavors but the B+C2 is my all around favorite. Any of my friends that have tried are a fan as well now. Definitely a smooth and enjoyable juice.
    STAY WILD!!!!!!!

  17. Not bad but needs more blueberry flavor

    Posted by mlogan2514@yahoo.com on Aug 8th 2017

    This was one of the ones I was most excited about trying and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I waited over 2 weeks for this to steep and was really looking forward to giving it a go! However, In my opinion there wasn't much blueberry flavor but plenty of cream flavor. I may try mixing with a blueberry flavor boost and see how it goes. But don't be afraid to try it! Everyone's tastes are different!!! It wasn't bad by any means...just not enough of that blueberry flavor for me.

  18. More cream than blueberries

    Posted by Sherri on Jun 17th 2017

    Not a favorite. I really prefer more of a fruit flavor. the cream was overpowering and all I could taste.

  19. My GO TO

    Posted by jonathaninsebring@hotmail.com on Jun 6th 2017

    The friend that got me into vaping over 2 years ago was vaping (B+C)2 at the time We were sitting there ordering my mod, tank, etc. I like it so I ordered some. Over the years I've tried flavors and have enjoyed them. But I always have to have some of my GO TO juice around. The flavor to me is soothing and well mixed! You've got to have a go to juice and this is mine and I highly recommend it!

  20. No Flavor

    Posted by angieskyestarr@gmail.com on Jun 5th 2017

    Can not taste it ; It has no flavoer !

  21. Needs more flavor

    Posted by sheila o. on May 29th 2017

    Really think it needs stronger flavor.I think it would be very good then.

  22. Very little flavor

    Posted by Lisa Ci on May 19th 2017

    I really don't have any flavor from this juice. Disappointed.

  23. Really good

    Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2017

    The only thing stopping me from getting this five stars, could have a little more blueberry flavor in it but still a great vape

  24. Amazing Product!

    Posted by Ben on May 4th 2017

    While I miss the old Blueberry flavor no longer offered this is a great substitute.

  25. Good stuff.

    Posted by Timothy Knapp on Apr 30th 2017

    I liked it but it's not an ADV for me. The cream is very good and smooth. I just enjoy more straight fruity or candied fruit Vapes.

  26. OK flavor

    Posted by Tommy Long on Apr 30th 2017

    The blueberry flavoring on this one is kind of weak, definitely get the cream coming through though.

  27. Blueberries blueberries blueberries

    Posted by Tim Stagnolia on Apr 23rd 2017

    Once again, amazing flavor, easy on coils, and just one of my all time favorites!! If you like creamy fruit, this is where it's at!!

  28. Needs tweaking

    Posted by allyzulmarie@gmail.com on Apr 23rd 2017

    Loved the taste but not the after taste at the end it gives a bitter aftertaste that stays in your mouth even with the nic tasted horrible and was disappointed

  29. So good

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 19th 2017

    Amazing taste couldnt get enough

  30. (B+C)2

    Posted by Shila on Apr 16th 2017

    One of the best blueberries and cream flavors I've vaped to date. Sweet, fruity, and creamy...pretty sure Willy Wonka would vape this constantly. Wow, spot on imo. :)

  31. Better than anything Ive tried yet,

    Posted by ken nungesser on Apr 16th 2017

    Getting ready to order again for the 3rd time. This is smooth with a great taste and a good cloud. Plus when you buy here, you buy from Americans. Not only that, but men and woman who served this great nation in harms way, fought for our freedoms, and are still fighting for our rights (and theirs) battling through the FDA 's moronic and job killing hypocritical rules.

  32. I'm not sure about this one.

    Posted by Talia on Apr 9th 2017

    I didn't get a real prominent blueberry or a real prominent cream. I'd like a little more of both.

  33. Amazing!

    Posted by Morgan on Apr 5th 2017

    This is a great flavor and I really enjoy it! It sweet and creamy without being too tart. I add a little On Cloud Custard to it and it's perfect.

  34. SO GOOD!

    Posted by Mary on Mar 13th 2017

    This juice is absolutely amazing. Inhale is a nice tart blueberry. Exhale is sweet cream. This is a go to juice for me everyday!
    Much better( didn't think it was possible) if you let it steep for a week!

  35. My fav fruity cream juice

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 12th 2017

    I ordered this with s2c2 figuring I wouldn't like it as I prefer strawberry juices but I personally like this b2c2 much more then the s2c2. I'd even go as far as saying I prefer the b2c2 over other premium brands charging 20+ a bottle like unicorn milk and mothersmilk.

  36. Marvelous

    Posted by jamie on Mar 6th 2017

    Another great juice!!!..a refreshing juice..taste just like they say it does!!! Its another one of my favorites!!!!
    It's soooo yummy! !!not a fan of blueberries, ,,but I love this juice!! Try it!!!!

  37. Was not impressed

    Posted by Selina Maeder on Mar 3rd 2017

    I waited to see if this juice would develop into something more satisfying, but it did not. It is pretty weak and not enough blueberry flavor.

  38. Fantastic.

    Posted by Grayson Stewart on Feb 20th 2017

    Absolutely delightful, I enjoyed it enough to write a review.

  39. Solid choice

    Posted by Erica Sim on Feb 16th 2017

    I'd recommend that everyone at least try this one. It isn't as exciting as some of the other flavors, but it's very solidly good. I keep coming back to it and I keep liking it more and more.

  40. Great Flavor

    Posted by Joseph Thomas on Feb 11th 2017

    Nice flavor can really taste the blueberries and a hint of cream at the end

  41. Good, like S+C^2 better

    Posted by Alex on Feb 10th 2017

    This is a solid blueberry and cream flavor. I wish it was a bit more of a natural/zesty and ripe blueberry, but as it is it's fine. It could use a bit more blueberry. The cream sort of overpowers everything. However, this goes good as a mixer or alone. Primarily was vaping this out of the Crown 2 at about 60w.

    Overall it's nice. Worth a shot if you dig blueberry vapes.

    3mg/ml, max VG

  42. Amazing!

    Posted by Heidi Busa on Feb 9th 2017

    B+C2 is my top flavor right now!! So good!!

  43. B/C fruity

    Posted by johnny goodrich on Jan 28th 2017

    I enjoyed this bluberry and cream juice, i use non nicotine and loved the way this juice tasted and vaped! Not too sweet, but just right!

  44. Good flavor

    Posted by Sheryl VanDrunen on Jan 26th 2017

    Nice blueberry flavor, but almost not quite enough. When combined with this cream flavor, it underwhelms the fruit flavor a little bit, but is still a very satisfying, tasty flavor.
    3 mg, 65/35 blend

  45. flavor!

    Posted by Jessica Lavery on Jan 14th 2017

    I love the flavor of this juice! There is just the right combination of blueberry and cream. I have to say, so far, this is my go to juice.

  46. B+C^2

    Posted by Chase Kasel on Jan 10th 2017

    This has been my all day vape for quite a while, and I don't see that changing any time soon!

  47. B+C

    Posted by Barbara Hubbard on Jan 8th 2017

    Amazing!!!! I love blueberries and love the cream!!! Cant go wrong!!!!

  48. B+C^2

    Posted by Austin Brown on Dec 31st 2016

    This vape juice is one of the best I've ever had. Originally bought it for my wife but after she convinced me to try it I had to get one of her bottles for me to use. It truly is amazing. It taste like your eating a blueberry pancake with whip cream on top.

  49. This one mixes great with Smurf cake

    Posted by Diana Scarlett Delgado on Dec 6th 2016

    This one has a bit more of the blueberry taste than Smurf cake. I love it. Mixes the two together is awesome.

  50. Mmm Mmm Good

    Posted by Christina on Dec 5th 2016

    I have ordered this juice twice now and find it to be my favorite, the flavor is really good and smells even better when vaped into the air.

  51. One of the better Blueberry flavors for me.

    Posted by Mike Quillen on Dec 3rd 2016

    I like this one almost as much as S+C 2. Mix the two and you have a delicious A.D.V.! One of my favorite blueberry flavors so far.

  52. blueberry vape

    Posted by Madeline Marcus on Dec 2nd 2016

    He really likes the taste. He's thoroughly enjoyed the flavor. He will order this again

  53. I taste it...

    Posted by Brian Callis on Nov 29th 2016

    I definitely taste the flavors. It's alright, I wouldn't vape this every day, but it does taste good after it steeps. At first it kind of has a slight blueberry taste. I think if you enjoy S+C2, you probably will like this, but your S+C2 can never be replaced.

  54. no blueberry taste

    Posted by bob on Nov 25th 2016

    i was hoping to get a great vape from this but all i taste is the cream no blueberry at all with 50% flavoring added to it nothing smells like cream taste like cream nothing else should just be called cream.

  55. Juicy

    Posted by Mike on Nov 23rd 2016

    Love the flavor

  56. B&C2

    Posted by Deborah Meinwieser on Nov 8th 2016

    The blueberry flavor doesn't exactly taste like the real thing but the cream helps. I mix this juice with S&C2 to help it out. I have a lot of bottles and will use them but probably won't be ordering again. I have too many favorites so this one just doesn't work for me. Not saying is bad and I'm sure others love it....

  57. Smells okay, no taste.

    Posted by Melissa Caudill on Oct 31st 2016

    Not impressed. The smell is decent, not very strong. I don't taste blueberry at all. I feel like I'm just vaping unflavored juice. Should I have gotten the extra flavor boost with this one even though it's not recommended?

  58. Ehhh

    Posted by Micheal Bradley on Oct 29th 2016

    This flavor wasn't bad, but it does have a strange aftertaste.

  59. (B+C)2

    Posted by Rene Nieves on Oct 23rd 2016

    I hate math,but I certainly love all the B+?)2
    All of these creamy,fruit juices are tasty ,smooth and satisfying!!#Allday

  60. Must be well steeped!

    Posted by vincent maer on Oct 20th 2016

    Ordered the juice on September 9th. Let it steep for 2 weeks, tasted really bad. I put it in a box and forgot about it until today, Oct 20th. The color is much darker now and the flavor is OK. Very light on both the blueberry and the cream. Blueberry on the inhale, cream on the exhale, and it's an OK flavor. I probably wouldn't buy again

  61. blu cream

    Posted by Winston on Oct 19th 2016

    nice !

  62. SMOOTH

    Posted by j on Oct 14th 2016

    Really smooth creamy and berry flavor. Sucked that 30 mil bottle down in a hurry. Will be getting some more.

  63. wonderful

    Posted by Frederick Koester on Oct 11th 2016

    Spot on after a week or two of steeping. Tastes just like blueberries.

  64. Amazing

    Posted by Matt Thompson on Oct 3rd 2016

    Been vaping a blueberry blend called: Jizmoglobin from a different site.

    This is hands down AMAZING compared to that. Very slight tart hit from the blueberry - great cream taste to sweeten it.

    Blended this with a little Vanilla Clouds from VapeWild - made it even better.

  65. love it!!! its deliciously awsome!!

    Posted by jamie jenkins on Sep 26th 2016

    Purchased this to try something out of my flavor profile. And let me say....no shout this is absoluuutely delicious!!!!
    Will purchase again. Thank you vapewild!!!

  66. Bliss in a bottle

    Posted by Darren on Sep 26th 2016

    I have been a long time fan of the SC2 so I thought I would like a bit of a change for a while and have to say this BC2 hit's all the right spots in a great way.
    Tastes like eating a nice big bowl of berries smoothed in cream and producing nice clouds.

  67. Very Good!! Very Sweet!!

    Posted by SparticusMaximus on Sep 23rd 2016

    This is great right out of the mailbox!! After a week or 2 the sweetness really starts to stand out. If you're not into really sweet mellow it out with another flavor.

  68. Pretty yummy

    Posted by Donna Kelly on Sep 19th 2016

    The B+C2 is pretty good. I ordered it with max vg and 3mg nic. I would say I taste the cream more than the blueberries but regardless this is really yummy. It is one of those juices I could vape all day and not feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Not super sweet and pretty laid back for the everyday vape!

  69. this is the best flavor i ever taste

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 17th 2016

    This flavor is wonderfull

  70. SO yummy!!!

    Posted by Danelle on Sep 8th 2016

    Another juice that I just can't get enough of! Smooth , amazing flavor! So incredibly yummy! You guys are so awesome!! You definitely have a customer for as long as you guys are around and I'm still vaping! Love all of the fruit and cream flavors that I have tried so far! I've actually let a few friends recently try a few of my flavors, they love them all too!! Also, I've passed out my re-vape bottles as well, I think I just got you a few more customers! How can they not love you guys!? :) thanks! I'm letting my new order seep, can't wait to try more flavors! PS, also love the added "personal touch" of writing on the invoice, makes me feel appreciated, and not just another costumer . Thanks!! :)

  71. Pretty good flavor

    Posted by Oscar Guadiana on Sep 6th 2016

    This flavor was great but it definitely needed to steep for at least a week, but other than that it's a good tasting juice not too sweet but still creamy. Couldn't vape it for two days straight though, but one day here and there was easy.

  72. Delish

    Posted by Debi Meinwieser on Sep 4th 2016

    B+C squared is delicious just the right amount of cream makes the flavor smooth and sweet.


    Posted by Bill on Aug 29th 2016

    Such a great juice, I had to lay off for a little bit, didn't want to run out. This juice has also made me curious about the other squared juices. I definitely want to try the strawberries and cream, as well as the peaches and cream.
    Thanks vapewild.com.
    -Bill Downing-

  74. SMOOTH

    Posted by Michelle Edmonds on Aug 29th 2016

    This has become and all day vape for me its smooth as can be and you really can taste the blueberry on the exhale and the cream on the intake...Definitely am going to order more.

  75. what happened?

    Posted by Andrew Grignon on Aug 28th 2016

    Ordered this juice 2-3months ago and it was fantastic. My last order which I received almost 3 weeks ago is not good at all. Its almost like there's no blueberry flavoring in it. I'm terribly upset cause I spent birthday money on it and its not even been close to last time.. Hoping something happened during the mixing process or maybe I got a bad batch or something and maybe the issue can be solved. Hope this review doesnt steer anyone in the wrong direction cause this is one of my favorites

  76. How do you spell a gagging noise?

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 28th 2016

    I don't know if I got a bad batch or what but I hate, hate, hated this flavor! It didn't taste or smell anything like blueberries. The smell, in particular, was unpleasant. I passed it along to a friend who would eat a turd if it had blueberries in it and he hated it, too. This is the only juice I've bought from VapeWild that I found absolutely unvapable. I gave it one star, reluctantly, because zero wasn't an option.

  77. very distinct high profile flavor

    Posted by Josh L on Aug 8th 2016

    it's pretty well summed up in the description. I'm only not have
    giving out 5* because I'm reserving my favorites... but it's a blueberry dream all day vape,

  78. This and the s+c2 are my favorite

    Posted by Stefan Iacobescu on Aug 5th 2016

    Great juice. Nice flavor, well balanced. Smooth

  79. Go to juice

    Posted by Eric Cocanougher on Jul 18th 2016

    This one overtook Milk and Berries for my #1 juice. It definitely needs at least 10 days to steep, but well worth the wait. Best cream flavor on the market

  80. B&C

    Posted by Steve Betancourt on Jul 17th 2016

    This stuff is amazing great flavor vape it all the time.

  81. Just tastes like cream-no berry

    Posted by kpp on Jul 8th 2016

    It doesnt seem to have blueberry flavor in it, just the rich taste of cream. For me both (B+C)2 and (S+C)2 were tasting same.

  82. (B+C)2 e-Juice

    Posted by Jeff on Jul 7th 2016

    Great tasting flavor hence 4 stars, but this is not an all day vape for me as its very strong. I use this in a separate tank as a dessert flavor after dinner.

  83. b and c2

    Posted by Leatinia Hudson on Jul 2nd 2016

    My adv!!! I recommend the flavor boost to really bring out the sweet and cremey blueberry. I'm using a 213 sig and Griffen rta. Awesome

  84. strawberry cheesecake

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 2nd 2016

    Sweet and cremey

  85. VapeWild..My go to brand fo life!!

    Posted by Crystal Harmon on Jun 29th 2016

    The juice was great!! The strawberry cream I got for free was even better..But the June mystery flavor. ..baaabby..life changing..All three were gone in a week!!

  86. best sauce on the market

    Posted by Chris Lee on Jun 29th 2016

    By far best blueberry flavor around. Makes me want to rub it all over my body so I can smell it all day and if any one was to lick is be the tastiest thing that person ever licked and if u vape it taste but over load

  87. Meh

    Posted by Brevity on Jun 28th 2016

    B = no blueberry flavor
    C^2 = chalky^2

  88. Bc2

    Posted by Carrie Beame on Jun 12th 2016

    Its sweet and delicious, one of my favorite flavors. Vapewild is amazing and will always continue to use it.

  89. mmm Blueberry!

    Posted by Austen on Jun 11th 2016

    This juice is awesome! The one thing I would recommend is getting the flavor boost, the blueberry doesn't seem as strong without it. I'm using a Sigeli 150w with a Crown Uwell tank, and a .25 coil.

  90. it's OK....

    Posted by Kimberly Koons on Jun 9th 2016

    The flavor of this juice is just OK!! I taste a little blueberry and maybe a little cream, but that's about it. I did get the extra boost, but I don't know if that helped or not. I won't be ordering it again. BUT, customer service is excellent!!

  91. Good Vape

    Posted by Devin Clapper on Jun 5th 2016

    In my own opinion I get a heavy black licorice flavor. At times I do get hints of the blueberries n cream but with all the mix the juice does stand out on its own and altogether is a pretty good vape. The go to is still S+C2 witch couldn't be more spot on.

  92. very good

    Posted by Matthew Sullivan on Jun 5th 2016

    nice blueberry flavor on this, nice and creamy also

  93. love it

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2016

    Remind me of a blueberry muffin this is my third favorite juice.

  94. Steep it, then vape it, make sure you do!

    Posted by Grey on Jun 2nd 2016

    I tried this right out of the box and it tastes awful, steeped it and then it tasted like the best flavor ever, you must try this flavor, it is one of the best, make sure you steep it before you vape it, or you will be sorry that you did not follow the instructions, you have now been warned!!

  95. Worth every penny

    Posted by Mark Turner on May 30th 2016

    Blueberries and Cream, That's what it tastes like, that's what it smells like, that's what it called. No surprises here Folks

  96. für alle die es in Deutsch lesen möchten wie gut dieses Liquid schmeckt!!

    Posted by Jürgen Sommer on May 25th 2016

    So, ich kann ganz unvoreingenommen bewerten weil ich das Liquid auf Facebook gewonnen habe. Wenn man Geld bezahlt dann ist man geneigt nicht zuzugeben, dass es einem nicht schmeckt. Liquids zu bewerten und vorzustellen ist sehr schwer weil wir alle einen unterschiedlichen Geschmack haben. Warum hier nur 4 Sterne? Damit noch Luft nach oben ist! Diese Liquids sind von der Qualität und Ausgewogenheit einzigartig. Die Aromen sind so gekonnt aufeinander Abgestimmt, dass man sofort merkt, das es keine einschichtigen Aromen sind. Hier ist nicht nur Blaubeere mit Sahne/Creme zusammengeschüttet worden sondern noch mal die einzelnen Geschmacksnuoncen mit unterschiedlichen Aromen verfeinert wurden. Ich kann euch nur raten, dass Liquid zu probieren. Meine Empfehlung ist nur noch ein wenig mehr Beere einzubringen aberd as ist meine persönliche Meinung. Tolles Liquid, tolle Qualität und außerdem tolle Preise.

    Sorry for the Bad English

    So, I can evaluate very unprejudiced because I won the Liquid on Facebook. If you pay money then one is inclined not to admit that it does not taste one. evaluate and introduce liquids is very difficult because we all have different tastes. Why only 4 stars? This still air upward! This liquid is unique by the quality and balance. The flavors are so skillfully successive Matched that you notice immediately that there are no single-flavors. Here is not only blueberry with cream / cream has been poured together but again the individual Geschmacksnuoncen were refined with different flavors. I can only advise you that Liquid to taste. My recommendation is only to bring a little more berry aberd as is my personal opinion. Great Liquid, great quality and also great prizes.

  97. tasty

    Posted by Chrissie on May 23rd 2016

    Good blueberries and cream!

  98. very smooth very sweet

    Posted by Erin Quinn on May 23rd 2016

    this is a really sweet delicious flavor I add some VW plain blueberries to really make it pop or I add it to some of my less favorite juices that need a touch of extra sweet or creamy. This is probably the sweetest ejuice i have ever liked.. It is not a sweet that will gross you out tho (like the original whipped cream or sweet and creamy). BC is really really good. If you like dessert or breakfast vapes I promise you will like this and it will probably b one of your favorites. If you are a fan of bombshell batter, it is not similar but you will love it.

  99. New favorite juice

    Posted by Adam on May 22nd 2016

    One of the best flavors Vape Wild has put out to date. Blueberries and cream, probably the best one I've tried from any company.

  100. If it wasn't vape juice I'd eat it..lol

    Posted by Erin on May 21st 2016

    Blueberries and cream..the blend is astonishing ..sweet and creamy aftertaste that drapes between exotic and experience..beautiful flavor..well done Vape Wild..well done..I will buy this again

  101. (B+C)2 e-Juice

    Posted by Crystal Lueninghoener on May 21st 2016

    Wasn't a big fan!

  102. New Favorite

    Posted by JB on May 17th 2016

    This is my new favorite ADV. I am rarely disappointed in any Vape Wild juices, so thought I'd give this one a shot. I absolutely love this and will definitely be purchasing more.

  103. b+c

    Posted by Unknown on May 16th 2016

    Didn't care for the flavor,burned my troat

  104. Really enjoying this

    Posted by Jennifer Ferdinand on May 15th 2016

    More blueberry, lighter, brighter, creamy but less dense. Reminds me of a blueberry newton cookie or booberry cereal kind of. Winner!

  105. not for me

    Posted by krystal stewart on May 15th 2016

    I just dont get blueberry and cream...I was so excited about this ejuice...but it's just not for me I guess

  106. AMAZING

    Posted by Whitney Stuen on May 7th 2016

    This does seem to taste better at higher watts! But it's amazing as 95% of your flavors are!

  107. B+C Is Da Blueberry Bomb

    Posted by Lynn Dean on May 7th 2016

    It is a great all day everyday vape. It has the right amount of sweetness and fruit. I am new to VW and this will be one I will continue to buy all the time.

  108. Fantastic

    Posted by Brandon on May 5th 2016

    If you liked (S+C)2, this is in the same vein -- only blueberries. This is very easily one of the top five flavors on the site and a definite ADV.

  109. Spot on

    Posted by Conner Wakefield on May 3rd 2016

    In the same league as the legendary (S+C)2. Legit blueberry flavor rounded out with some creaminess.

  110. Brought an uncontrollable smile to my face.

    Posted by Nate on May 3rd 2016

    This is impossibly good. This is the fourth flavor I've tried from a sample-pack, and while all 4 have been nice, this is the first one I'm going to feel bad about tearing through too quickly. Thick, creamy mouthfeel (really,) with an almost overwhelming flavor of whipped cream and just a tangy hint of blueberry to round it out. Like a bowl of fresh blueberries with a giant dollop of whipped cream on top. Almost too flavorful and rich to recommend as an all-day flavor, but an absolute must-try for winding down in the evening. Tested 65v/35p 3% nic.

  111. really good stuff vw

    Posted by desi on May 3rd 2016

    For me it's really good . 6 mg 50/50 w extra shot. Not as awesome as S andC2 but really Gosh darn good.

  112. YES OH YES

    Posted by valerie fritz on Apr 30th 2016

    Soooooooo good. I have a trifecta of flavors including this one, lemon sansation, and tiramisu...and it's all I need in the whole world

  113. Wow!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 29th 2016

    Absolutely really good flavor. 6mg extra shot. Just juiced up my new crown tank with the rba and the flavor is wow.

  114. awsome

    Posted by David on Apr 29th 2016

    This is some really good juice. I have tried many blue berry and cream and this is good.... Can't wait to let it steep and get better.... Can it.?

  115. AWESOME

    Posted by Clifford Huffman on Apr 28th 2016

    I just couldn't wait for this to steep, I had to try it right out of the box. It is GREAT now. I can only imagine how good this will be after a proper steep. Good thing I got 3 bottles of this. The first one is half gone already. Huge Blueberry flavor with just the right amount of creaminess. (B+C)2 is giving my current ADV (BaeBae Cakes) a serious run for the money. After steeping this may very well replace BaeBae Cakes as my ADV! AMAZING Flavor! Vapewild never ceases to amaze me with their flavors AND their price. Premium flavor without the Premium price! PURE AWESOME!

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