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contains nicotine.
Nicotine is
an addictive chemical.

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Beard Vape CO.

Originating in Venice, California, two brothers and their friend came together to create the manliest e-juice company known to the modern day world: Beard Vape Co. They brought their burly, yet well-maintained, facial hairs together and initially created 100 different flavor concoctions for them to be tested amongst peers and customers. Once responses were collected, they ran with the top flavor picks, and thus, Beard Vape Company was born. Because these masculine folks were too busy growing immaculate facial hair, they had no time to name their flavors, so they rolled with numbers. Their manly concoctions started to pick up steam (literally) and nowadays, Beard E Liquid has become one of the most popular, sought-out brands in the industry. Everyone wants to vape Beard! We don’t blame them. Every e-liquid in this premium line has immense flavor depth that tantalizes your taste buds to their fullest potential. From the cinnamon funnel cake deliciousness of No. 32 to the fluffy hibiscus cotton candy of No. 64 and everything in between. Due to their success, Beard E Juice began branching out with other e-juice lines under their name, like Super Strudel and Punch to further sweeten the deal. Just like how your facial hair grows in real life, Beard Vape Co. has developed a distinguished line of e-liquids that grow more gentleman-like and proper as time moves forward.


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