Best Vape Juice 2020

The tastiest of tasty, the yummiest of yum - the best e juices! You were asked what your favorite flavor was and you have been heard loud and clear! Let’s not waste any more time and get to the answer of this age old question: What is the best vape juice?

Best E-Juice 2019
  • #1: Murica E-juice - Rocket Popsicle Flavor

    Best E-Juice Flavor 2019 : Murica

    Was there even a question? Murica strikes again and takes the number 1 spot of the tastiest e juice VapeWild has to offer! Sweet cherries, delicious blue raspberries and mouth puckering lemon-lime come together to bring you an e-juice reminiscent of a certain frozen treat. Now imagine if you would: a bald eagle rocking an American flag bandanna while playing a classic rock riff on the 4th of July. Bottle that up, and you have yourself the majesty that is Murica e-juice. Do yourself a favor; go pick up a bottle and find out what freedom tastes like - tastes like Murica! *fireworks explode in the distance*

  • #2: Summer Solstice E-juice - Mixed Tropical Fruit Flavor

    #2 Best E-juice 2019 - Hannibal Nectar

    Coming in the number two spot for your choice of best vape juice of 2019 we have Summer Solstice! This is yet another flavor that has returned for its title as a crowd favorite, and for good reason. When you have a tropical blend of ripe oranges, strawberries, pineapple and banana topped off with refreshing coconut rum, it’s easy to see how this vacation getaway of an e-juice keeps placing so high! Now stop quivering your lip, put down that bottle of Chianti, and get your Summer Solstice now!

  • #3: Blueberry Cheesecake E-juice

    #3 Best E-juice 2019 - Blueberry Cheesecake E-juice

    Next on the winner’s podium, we have our 3rd place winner: Blueberry Cheesecake e-juice! Another e-juice reprises its role as one of the best of the best and it’s for good reason. Plump blueberries? Check. Creamy cheesecake? Check. Smashing both together into an irresistible e juice? Checkity check! Each puff of this fantastical flavor will wash over your taste buds with waves of pure delight! So, hang ten, and catch a ride to snag yourself a bottle - see what all the fuss is about!

  • #4: Strawberry Waterfelons E-juice - Strawberry & Watermelon Flavor

    #4 Best E-juice 2019 - Strawberry Waterfelons

    Coming in at 4th place, feast your eyes on a customer favorite: Strawberry Waterfelons! The melding of strawberries and watermelon in this e juice is magnificent! Let’s be real, what beats mixing these 2 fruits together? Well, being able to vape it at any time of course! Step out of your cell and nab yourself some Strawberry Watefelons e juice today!

  • #5: Cowboy Cooler E-juice - Menthol and Mixed Berries

    #4 Best E-juice 2019 - Cowboy Cooler

    Chillin’ in the number 5 spot for your the most popular e-juices is Cowboy Cooler! This particular flavor carries certain qualities of its combustible contemporaries, which is why it not only ranked on this list - it also ranked as one of the best transition flavors! Cowboy Cooler lassos an array of tasty berries and refreshing menthol together to bring you an e juice that’ll have your spurs spinning with delight!

Best E-Liquid Brand

The votes have been compiled and you have chosen the winners for the Best E Liquid Brands! Loved and enjoyed by many, these brands are regarded on top of the rest! Here they are:

#1 Naked 100 E-liquid

#1 Best E-Liquid Brand

The top spot for best E Liquid Brand is Naked 100! We’ve brought on quite a few other e liquid brands that are fantastic in their own right, but it just shows you how beloved Naked 100 is for them to win this spot 2 years running. This line of was dreamt up by the crew over at USA Vape Lab and its name is really reflective of the flavors they present. Simplicity is key when it comes to these liquids. From the creamy banana taste of Go Nanas to the full bodied blueberry cream e liquid Azul Berries, they are big on not overdoing their blends but making each puff an unforgettable one. So high five, Naked 100! As long as you aren’t actually naked of course.

#2 Jam Monster E-liquid

#2 Best E-Liquid Brand

Smashing its way to the number 2 spot is Jam Monster E Liquids! Jam Monster quickly rose through the ranks to become an e liquid that both the customers and employees love! Jam Monster is all about taking jam flavors and blending it with an amazing buttered toast flavor. The best part? They ACTUALLY taste like homemade jam and buttered toast! The comparison in taste is uncanny to the point that it feels like you are vaping food! They also have an impressive nic salt line and a super chill Ice Monster line. Whichever you choose, be prepared for these monsters to jam up your shelves with how much you buy!

#3 Beard Vape Co.

#3 Best E-Liquid Brand

In third place we have the ever dapper Beard E Liquid! Beard is one of the manliest e liquid brands on the market, no worries though, as their line is for all to enjoy. Created by a pair of bearded brothers and their furry faced friend in sunny California, this trio created a wide array flavors then scaled them down to a handful for our taste buds to enjoy. With juices like The One Lemon Crumble Cake that brings to life a soft lemon cake coated with powdered sugar, or No. 64 which is a unique blend of hibiscus and hand spun sugar, it’s easy to see and taste why this line placed in the top 3. So remember if you are looking for a little manliness with your MTL or class with your clouds, pick up Beard Co. E liquid.

#4 Vapetasia E-Liquids

#4 Best E-Liquid Brand

"Our passion at Vapetasia is to provide the best e-liquid flavors with high standards in mind. We believe in crafting only the finest e-liquids that are proudly sourced & manufactured in the United States. Our position is fairly simple; the right to use vaporizers of all kinds and e-liquids in unlimited flavors is a fundamental right of every person in the United States. Our belief is that working together with the Nevada Vaping Association and Vapor Technology Association are our best chance at keeping all options available to smokers who are desperate to quit." - Chris Finch | CEO

Best Nic Salt E-liquid

Where’s the MTL squad at? This list is for the nic salt lovers out there! Seeing as how this new form of e liquid has risen exponentially in the vape world, it had to be added to the list of what you can vote on in the best of series. Some winners were totally expected while others rose to the occasion. Hopefully these results won’t leave you feeling salty! Let’s check them out.

#1 Lava Flow by NKD 100 Salt

#1 Best Nic Salt E-liquid

Was there any question that Lava Flow by NKD 100 would be the no. 1 nic salt? Vapers absolutely love this e liquid and they have good reason to! Every puff is a volcanic explosion of sweet strawberries, juicy pineapples and delectable coconut. Drop this in your MTL and you’ll see why Lava Flow by NKD 100 is so hot!

#2 Classic Menthol - I Love Salts by Mad Hatter

#2 Best Nic Salt E-liquid

The runner up spot goes to Classic Menthol from I Love Salts by Mad Hatter! Menthol is a pretty simple e liquid but obviously a top favorite the world over. Sometimes having a complex flavor profile isn’t always best, and that's been proven by Mad Hatter with this awesome number 2 pick!

#3 Melon Burst by Burst E-liquid

#3 Best Nic Salt E-liquid

Bursting onto the scene for third place is Melon Burst by Burst E-liquid from their Salts Collection. It seems customers love the taste of classic melon. On the inhale you get combination of cantaloupe and honeydew melons, and, together, they make a perfect pairing of sweet and refreshing flavor. Now after hearing that how can you resist getting a bottle? You can’t, case closed.

#4 Hawaiian POG by NKD 100 Salt

#4 Best Nic Salt E-liquid

Saying aloha in 4th place is Hawaiian Pog By NKD 100. It seems NKD 100 is doing something right to make it on to this list twice. This tropical getaway in a bottle hits all the right notes to give vapers a fantastic flavor that leaves a lasting impact! Passion fruit, ripe guava and citrus all come together in this e liquid to make it the winner that it is!

#5 Blue Slushee by Propaganda Salts

#5 Best Nic Salt E-liquid

Wrapping up our best of nic salts list is Blue Slushee by Propaganda. Propaganda Salts has consistently put out stellar flavors sincer there inception and Blue Slushee is no exception. This blast of blue raspberry with a hint of citrus is reminiscent of those cool drinks you would down on a hot summer day. The perfect refresher in nic salt form, and it seems the customers see it that way as well!

Best Transitional E-juices

To wrap up the best of’s we end it with the beginning - the best flavors to move from analog cigarettes to electronic. Everyone has been there at one time and you know what helped to take that first step, or you can still be there and a particular e liquid is the launchpad to a new way of getting your nicotine. Either way you came though and gave us your answers and we listened with open ears! Here’s the top of the top.

#1 Cowboy Cooler

#1 Best Transitional Flavor

The e juice so nice it made the list twice! Cowboy Cooler has been voted THE e juice that is best for transitioning to vaping. While the flavor profile was talked about earlier, it bears noting that this combination of menthol and fruity goodness gives soon-to-be former smokers the best of both worlds: the menthol and throaty hit of a cigarette, and the blast of fruits that can only come from vaping. If you have a friend who is looking to make the jump, look no further than Cowboy Cooler.

#2 Menthol Type

#2 Best Transitional E-juice

For the menthol lovers out there we have our silver medal winner, Menthol Type! Meant to resemble the flavor of a very popular brand of cigarettes, this is perfect for those looking for a no frills 1-to-1 e juice that tastes just like it sounds. Some customers claim that it has all the flavor with none of the bad aftertaste! That’s a win-win if you’ve ever heard of one!

#3 RY4Life

#3 Best Transitional E-juice

Claiming the bronze for best e juice for transitioning to vaping is RY4Life! Some customers claim that it is simply the best, better than all the rest even! Like the silver medal winner in the previous entry, this e juice has tobacco in it as it’s base but takes a twist for the delicious by having sweet vanilla and smooth caramel to give you a taste that feels like a flavored cigar - without the ash! You can totally see why newbies and die hards alike would use this particular e juice to get themselves off the stinkies and on the vape train!


It was a battle to the finish but in the end the winner is you - the VapeWild Army. So many clouds were chucked and juices were vaped to get to your delicious conclusion. Here’s to another fantastic year of tasty e-juices and you never know, maybe YOUR favorite will be number 1 next year! Stay Wild!

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