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How a Vape Mod Works

Posted by Gabriel on Jan 18th 2019

How a Vape Mod Works
This is how a vape mod works: Button push completes circuit Completed circuit allows energy to travel Energy heats coil Vapor is produced Power Button To Complete Circuit While your vape mod is on and waiting for you to press the power button, there is an incomplete circuit. When you press the power button, the circuit is completed which tells the energy to flow from your batteries through a regulated chip and to your coils at the specified wattage, voltage and ampere (watt, volt,
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How to Fix Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Issues

Posted by Gabriel on Jan 11th 2019

How to Fix  Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Issues
Here are the steps to go through to resolve your atomizer short or check atomizer issues: Remove the atomizer from your device, and clean threads on both connections. Remove your coil from your atomizer and re-insert. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that! Check your atomizer’s 510 pin and make sure it’s connecting to your mod. Pull it out slightly (If your have an adjustable 510) and re-apply to your mod. For rebuildable atomizers like an RDA or RTA, make sure your coil isn’t tou
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How to Vape - A Beginners Guide to Vaping

Posted by Gabriel on Jan 4th 2019

Do you wonder how to vape, which device to choose, how to change your coils, which e-liquid would be the best for you, etc.? Of course you do! If you are transitioning from cigarettes, vaping comes with a lot of information to consider. Choosing the right vape mod (vape pen, box mod), is one of the most important things to decide on. What are you going to experience when you decide to transition to vaping? What vape juice do you choose? How do you vape at all?! Read on, my friend, and
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How to Clean your Vape Coils, Tank & Mod

Posted by Gabriel on Dec 26th 2018

You’re here to read up on how to clean  your tanks, your coils and your mod (vape), welcome! Today you’re going to read about cleaning materials, what you can and cannot clean, and you should have an idea to how much time goes into the process. This is exciting! How to Clean Your Tank “How do I clean this thing?!” This is one of the most common questions vapers ask, and the tank is the most common piece of hardware that needs cleaning. Luckily, it is also simple. First, d
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What is VG/PG Ratio? Vegetable Glycerin vs Propylene Glycol

Posted by Gabriel on Dec 6th 2018

You wonder what VG/PG ratios are and why there are options when you are browsing our e-liquids. In fact, “What is VG/PG?” is one of the questions asked the most. Find out what Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol is and what VG/PG Ratio is best for you in this blog! What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)? VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine. VG is thick in viscosity, thicker than PG is.  Pure 100% VG is what produces the full and thick clouds you see in vape competitions and vape tr
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