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Beginner Vape Tricks

Posted by Alex Berry on

There comes a time when you’re sitting at home on a Thursday night, chucking clouds into the empty corners of your living room, when you think to yourself, “Hey, maybe I should try to learn some vape tricks, just for the hell of it right?!” This sudden spurt of motivation then leads you to YouTube, where you spend hours upon hours sucked in a rabbit hole of vape trick compilations and tutorial videos.

Trust us, we’ve been there, showing no shame whatsoever, as we gawked at people throwing down double-helix tornadoes, combining triple O’s, and even vape tricks underwater for goodness sake (you know you’ve seen it, don’t lie). If you’re just beginning to scratch the surface on the realm of sick vape tricks, we’ve compiled a sweet list of tricks you should definitely try out. Just remember, practice makes perfect, and there will be A TON of trial and error. Mostly error, but hey, there’s a reason you have fully charged batteries AMIRITE?

The Classic “O”

To the naked eye, this trick looks pretty easy and simple, but it’s literally everything BUT that. Don’t let that discourage you from trying though. It’s definitely possible to grasp the concept, and it’ll take a bit of repetition, but YOU GOT THIS! Take a long draw from your tank, make your best “O” face, and exhale a little bit of cloud at a time. Yes, it’s a 3-step process, but it’s an entertaining challenge trying to get those crisp, clean O’s to come out. Again, trial and error, but time is on your side!

The Ghost

Don’t get too spooked by the name because this vape trick should be the easiest of the bunch, and it looks super cool *throws up the horns*. The key to The Ghost is all in the draw you pull from your mod. You’ll want to take a subtle mouth-to-lung hit, keeping some of the vape in your mouth. From this point, you basically want to “push” some of the vapor out of your mouth, not blowing it out, and slowing close your mouth. This makes a little cloud levitates right in front of your face. As the vape floats in front of your face for a second, now you have to go out there and catch it! Simple. Suck the cloud back in and BOOM you just accomplished The Ghost.

French Inhale

Not sure if this actually originated in France (or how it’s related to the French in any way), but this vape trick is one of the easier tricks to conquer and is basically a variation of The Ghost. Take a nice draw from your mod and gently push some vape out of your mouth, keeping your mouth open so constant vape is flowing from your mouth. As you’re releasing vape from your mouth, slowly inhale through your nose so the vape makes the connection from the mouth to the nostrils. Easy enough, right?! Mission accomplished. You have just learned the French Inhale. If you want to kick it up a notch in a badass way, you can attempt to try the “Bane” French Inhale! Yes, just like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. The only difference in this variation comes when you push the vape out of your mouth, just do a grin with your teeth like that forced smile you make while taking school pictures. The vape should rise up toward your nose through the small gaps in your teeth, creating the Bane-like visual you want to see!

The Tornado

Now, quite frankly, The Tornado vape trick is downright awesome in every way. Grab your mod, fill up your tank, and find yourself a flat surface (tables work great for this). Take a huge draw from your mod, bring your mouth level to the flat surface, and chuck your clouds onto the flat surface. This allows the vape cloud to surf across the flat surface, almost like it’s sticking to the flat surface as it travels (looks really dope). As the flat cloud settles on the surface, stretch your hand out vertically and slowly move it toward the middle of the cloud. Once you’ve reached this point, thrust your arm upward and let the cloud do its thing. From the force of your arm movement, it should send your flat cloud into a vortex of pure amazingness, making The Tornado. This one is really fun to play with and can be a great party trick!

These Beginner Vape Tricks are a great launch-off point to becoming the coolest person around town. The good thing about all these are that you don’t lose anything by trying them, just maybe some juice for your tank...but you’re going to vape it anyway, right? Let us know if these quick tips were helpful in your journey to becoming a vape trick sensei. If you have your own versions of these tricks, you can always tag #VapeWild and let us witness the greatness!

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