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The Evolution of the Vape Mod

Posted by Harry Lynch-Guest Contributor on

Sometimes, it feels like vape mods have always been around, but actually, they're a relatively recent entrant onto the vaping scene. The original mods were poorly designed and even worse quality, however, the modern devices of today bear very little resemblance to the old-school mods which were designed by cig-a-like users who experimented with drilling bigger air holes and changing their wicking material in an attempt to improve their vaping experience. Although their efforts were crude, they started a trend which has resulted in today's high tech devices which are developed, designed and engineered to the highest standards. 

The Screwdriver – The Original Tube Mod 

In a time when the only vaping device available was a cartomizer with a stick battery, it wasn't surprising that the original modders were searching for ways to boost their battery's paltry 4-hour lifespan. It was a father and son from the UK who went by the names of Trog and Mrog who came up with an early solution – turning a pocket flashlight into an atomizer and battery array. It was only a short step from there to replacing the entire ecig body, and as the news got around about their exciting new device, it was clear that the vaping landscape was on the brink of change. 

The Screwdriver mod was the original commercial device to enter the market. Consisting of a modified flashlight which could accept the cartomizers' connectors, this device featured a switch to switch it on before taking a draw. The big selling point of this device was its capacity for larger batteries and the associated longer vaping time. 

The Next Incarnation – The Gizmo 

While the concept behind the Screwdriver was sound, many vapers decided that a tube-shaped device wasn't for them. Several vapers came up with idea about creating vaping boxes, and the result was the Gizmo. Although considered to be the original box mod, it can't be compared to the same devices today. Yet comprising a tank inside the box with a single battery and a mechanical switch, the Gizmo was cutting edge for its time. No larger than a standard pack of cigarettes, the Gizmo could easily be carried in a pocket and was discreet enough not to attract unwanted attention. 

Variable Voltage – The Arrival Of The Joker 

As the demand increased for bigger vapour volume, the need for longer lasting batteries became apparent. However, this resulted in the coils overheating and the unpleasant dry hit sensation. Thus the variable voltage mod arrived on the scene. Similar in appearance to a tube mod, the Joker AV was sleek and slim and fired between 3.6V and 6V while also being equipped with several safety features including thermal shut down protection and protection from reverse polarities and short-circuiting. While the Joker AV mod introduced some revolutionary concepts, including the use of either 510 or 801 atomizer connections, a battery charge meter and a circuit board, it also came with its own limitations. There was still a lot of guesswork involved in finding the perfect voltage and getting it wrong was not only frustrating, but it was also expensive. 

The Evolv Darwin – A Digital Revolution 

This device was something out of the ordinary when it hit the shelves, and vapers were blown away by its appearance. With its LCD display, the Evolv showed users their coil resistance while offering a scroll wheel like an MP3 player to make wattage adjustments. Capable of firing from 4.2W to 12.7W, it could automatically adjust to suit the wattage being used for extra ease of use, earning it the accolade of being the first set it and forget it mod to be commercially available. It even boasted a micro USB charging slot and its own built-in 1800 MaH battery. This was vaping for a new generation. 

Bottom Feed Modding 

Some modders were starting to get fed up with the time and effort taken to drip e-liquid onto their coils and started trying to find ways to deliver the e-juice direct to their deck. Although some of these early designs were a little strange, they paved the way for today's Sub Ohm beast tanks. The Carlos Juice Box introduced the concept of bottom feeding in 2009. However, it was not until the advent of the Reo that the idea really took off. With a box that contained enough room for a 6ml bottle of e-liquid as well as its own power source, the Reo proved to be extremely popular and was permanently out of stock. This device evolved even further into an entirely mechanical all metal mod. 

The All In One Vape Mod 

Although the idea of introducing a combination mod had been touted for some time, it was not until many years later that the All in One device became a reality. There was a demand for a box mod with a low profile, and as part of the package, it needed the capacity to carry sufficient ejuice and also had to feature variable voltage. 

The Billet Box was the result of these demands, condensing down the vaping experience into an inconspicuous, simple box. The Billet Box was the product of a year's worth of rigorous research, testing and development, however, when it was finally released, vapers were amazed by how indestructible this solid aluminium device was. Its dual battery allowed users to vape at either a low or high voltage, and the onboard potentiometer allowed complete customization of the vaping experience. 

The battery life was especially impressive, and when paired with the internal 6.5ml cartomizer tank, this device was incomparable to the early mods. Even refilling was a breeze, with the user only having to remove the mod's door and inject the e-juice through the nitrile spring-loaded ball valve at the tank's top. With three holes in the box's side, airflow control was very simple, and the advantage of this was that vapers could cover them to vape secretly in forbidden places. 

With its discreet appearance, it had never been easier to vape stealthily. It was only a small step from the Billet Box to today's latest mods which comprise all of the features that vapers are looking for to customize their experience and to enjoy the best vapor and flavor possible. Had none of these designs ever been released, the world of vaping would look very different today. 

Technology has taken such leaps and bounds over the last few years that it's almost impossible to imagine where the market is leading us. High powered vaping has gone from being a dream to reality, and who knows what the next big thing in modding will be? Dedicated vapers everywhere can't wait to find out!

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