5 Tips for Vapers to Stay Sane During the Holidays

Happy holidays, VapeWild Fam! We thought it would be fun and fitting to give you some tips for vaping and staying sane with your families this season. The following will give you some ideas for ordering, traveling, the looonger than normal moments, your anti-vaping bloodline, and some great flavors for you. Ready?! Aaaand go!

How to Stay Sane as a Vaper During the Holidays

Order Early Because Holiday Delays Are Real

Order Early, Expect Shipping Delays

A lot of us aren’t the best of planners, but when it comes to your vape juice and vape gear, it would be wise to get your order in before the major holidays. USPS and FedEx know the holidays are coming but still slow down with the influx of last-minute packages. Holiday shipping sucks, so avoid it altogether by ordering early.

Don’t worry, if there is a delay, the package will still show up. We can’t speed up the Postal peeps but we can give you updates. Going ‘postal’ never helps anyone, snail mail is only so fast. VapeWild won’t let you go without, though! While we can’t speed up the process - our post friends are human, we’re human, it’s a human thing - we’re going to have your back! Help us help you and order earlier than the same week you need your order.

Ordering early has more than just arrival benefits. Yes, you might still experience a day or two delay a week ahead of time, but it will still be quicker than ordering the week of. We get our major order volume increase during the holidays, we’re prepared for that, ready to put in the extra hours - we got your back - and will do all we can to get your order out before 48 hours. Shipping, USPS and FedEx, will also do their best and have more to work with also. Even shipping with a ‘guaranteed’ service will be delayed the week of the holiday.

Now that you have your order in, it’s on the way, DING! It has arrived! You have your e-liquid, you have your mod, you have your bags packed, you are ready to hit the open road… or open sky. Here are some tips for your travels.

Traveling Smart With Your Vape

Don't Drip & Drive

If you are traveling - like most do - on an airplane, remember that most do not allow smoking during the flight. “But I’m vaping” won’t entertain your stewardess. It just might be best to keep your patient game up and plug in with some rock and roll, country, or hip-hop to keep your mind occupied. For those of you thinking about how to pack your vape mod and liquid, stowing your batteries safely, all the things, read our detailed article on air traveling with our vape to read more!

When you are rolling on the open road it is, of course, a lot different! If you are traveling alone and driving any length of time, make sure to crack your window enough to avoid clouding your car. Please vape wisely to keep your eyes on the road! Drive safe, vape safe, be safe. Now, if you are riding with others, avoid being a nuisance and respect your fellow traveler’s air. Crack the window or if the weather permits, open it a bunch and blow your clouds to the fresh air!

What not to do? Blow your clouds in your fellow’s face. Argue about how it isn’t pollution - more on respectful responses in a bit. Like earlier, don’t hotbox the vehicle, the one driving needs to see the road! Unless you are traveling with your vape fam - still, crack a window! Make sure everyone is cool with you chuckin’ clouds! If you’re driving, don’t drip. You would be better off with a tank with a high e-liquid capacity so you can vape without having to re-fill all the time. Pod mods, like the SMOK Nord Kit, don’t burn a lot of vape juice and can handle nic salts, it might be a good idea to vape a nic salt pod mod if your fellow travelers would like you to vape during pit stops.

Okie doke! You have your gear, your liquid, you traveled smart and made it to your holiday gathering place! Wait… Now you have the whole family to vape around. Let’s give you some good ideas for being prepared for a looong day of family stuff!

Prepare For A Loooong Day

Voop to avoid finger pointing

Make sure you have your battery charger, everyone will be looking for an outlet for their cell phones and tablets. Even your cousin Shane is going to be doing work on his vacation somewhere. You should have your outlet picked out, maybe upstairs or in a bedroom - never the kitchen… nope. Before you get to your Grammy’s house, charge your batteries and carry your extra sets in a battery case. Showing up with fully charged, extra batteries is a lifesaver! Have two or three bottles ready, and a handful of disposable vape pens. Why disposable vape pens? Here’s why…

Bearing gifts that you don’t have to wrap is great when introducing your curious sister and her husband to vaping, especially when they want to transition from the stinkies. Plus, it keeps you from having to deal with your other family members. You know, the ones, the anti-vaping ones. More on them later, for now, bring some simple and tasty disposables for them to give a try! It works out, you give them something thoughtful, they learn a thing, bada-bing, you have thanks and giving!

Awesome! You have your vape stuff, you made it safe, you are ready for the loong day ahead… Now you get to deal with Aunt Bertha and your Druncle Ralph…. Cool. Here are some things that will help you drop the mic with respect!

Prepare for Aunt Bertha’s and Druncle Ralph’s Anti-Vaping Attitudes

Prepare for Anti-Vaping Attitudes

You know they don’t know the things, but you also know they say they know.. You know? So what do we do about your anti-vaping spouty family members? When they “read it on Face-Space” or “saw it on Inster-Tweets” and speak about the “facts” they got from a one-sentence tagline, let them finish. They can say all they would like to say about how they ‘will” go boom. How they give you “popcorn in your lung”. You can hear it now, sorry ‘bout that. It’s super important that you don’t argue. It’s rough, I know, dude, but arguing doesn’t share anything but noise. Be armed with some helpful facts that you, too could find on Face-Space or Twinstabook. If they don’t listen, have yourself another Turkey leg and taters. It might help you keep from yelling. Roll your eyes all you want though, I do. *shrug emoji*

Here are some truths about vaping that might cause your Aunt Bertha and Druncle Ralph to pause… Picture them smoking and ‘teaching’ you about the hazards of vaping - they might even ask you terrible questions - cause them to stutter with “This has four ingredients. How many are in that thing?” (their stinkie) It’s not arguing, it’s conversational. So there. If you hear ‘Popcorn Lung’ remind your fam that it took factory workers, decades ago, breathing harmful chemical particles - not vapor - for several months to develop the rare condition known as ‘Bronchiolitis Obliterans.’ Once you say those two words, they’ll stop. These kinds of respectful/factual responses, especially said matter-of-factually, will pause your anti-vaping family member. During this pause, mic-drop your way to more delicious holiday feastery! Booyah!

You got out of the hater-baiters circle. Now you’re ready to eat some more yummy pie! But if you had a few slices and are not looking forward to the food coma, we have some ideas for you! They’re just as juicy as the turkey, and just as yummy as the pie!

Vape Desserts To Avoid The 9th Tip To The Pies

Vape Desserts to keep your belt from hitting the last notchOn a diet, me too. It’s so hard to say no to gramma’s apple pie, but I know that Kickstart my Tart helps curb the temptation for slice number 2-9! Even Aunt Bertha brought some great cookies, right? She can bake, I’ll give her that. Counter the urge to grab another one with some Sweet Sugary Biscuits! For real, so good! These are just some ideas that will help us keep the diet we told ourselves we would commit to. We’re doing this, Vape Fam! You’re doing this with me, right?

These are some of our favorite ways to stay sane through the holidays. We hope you learned a little and laughed a lot! Side-tip, vooping is a great way to avoid finger-pointing! Thank you for reading, VapeWild Fam! We will be with you in vaper spirit this holiday season! Vape on and Vape merry!

Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community and answer their questions. He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now answers the public’s questions in the Wild Blogger. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions! 

Posted by Gabriel on Nov 2nd 2018

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