5 Ways To Prepare for National Vaping Day

5 Ways To Prepare for National Vaping Day

Anti-vaping legislation is happening in every part of the county, from the banning of vape sales in San Francisco to the proposed banning of flavored e-juices in Congress. Legislators, who seek to put an end to teen-vaping, are offering up laws that would weaken the vaping industry and, at the same time, make it harder for vapers that quit smoking to continue living cigarette-free. But, all is not lost.

National Vaping Day (NVD), Aug. 8, is almost upon us, and, unlike most other holidays, this holiday is all about raising awareness, and making our voices heard. Alone we are silent; together we are deafening.

  1. Share Your Story

    Share your vaping story with others on social media, and use the hashtags #VapeWildFights and #NationalVapingDay. By using these hashtags, you could end up on our NVD photo collage!

    This is also a chance to see others’ experience; it’s good to know you’re not alone. Tell us how you quit smoking and why — this could be the inspiration for someone out there to quit smoking. Start a dialogue and be heard.

  2. Educate Yourself and Others

    There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about vaping out there in the world, so, if you’re up to it, confront others on social media, and show them the proof. Put a stop to the spread of lies by linking to studies and articles with the facts on vaping. Share VapeWild’s articles and videos to educate others about vaping and vaping safety.

  3. Call your Reps

    If you want your voice to be heard, it’s important that you reach out to your representative in the state and federal legislation. Letting them know that you support vaping can go a long way when it comes time to vote, and the more people that do it, the more pressure they have to vote in their constituents’ favor. To make it easier when contacting your representative, we’ve crafted a short script that you can recite — feel free to use it or modify it to your needs.

    Hello, my name is _____ and I support vaping. I urge you to vote against (whatever anti-vaping legislation is up for a vote) because doing so will help me, and other adults, stay cigarette free. I have been vaping for _____ years, and it’s what finally helped me quit smoking. Any legislation that bans products, flavors, or prevents the sale of vaping-related items, makes it harder for me, and other adults like me, to stay cigarette-free. Quitting smoking is hard enough already, and the people who are affected are the ones that need it the most. Again, I am in support of vaping, and I want you to vote against this piece of legislation. Thank you.

  4. Spread the Love

    Social media sites spread fake news stories about vaping, but you can do your part to stop it. Share articles and studies from reputable sources, and let others know when they’re wrong. Letting others know about vaping and educating them on the facts can make a difference.

  5. Share this Blog

    Share this blog to let others know about National Vaping Day and start a conversation. With new laws seeking to curtail the vaping industry, now is the time to be heard. Spread the word, contact your representative, and, most importantly, speak up.

Posted by Alejandro on Jul 8th 2019

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