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VapeWild and Ruby Roo Talk about Vape Stuff

Welcome to the first of many VapeWild Industry Spotlight interviews! Ruby Roo has been Vlogging about vaping from the beginning. Her bubbly personality is infectious, fun and she brightens your days with her YouTube channel. We sat with her -skyped-

Sep 20th 2018

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Vape Chicks Learn Beginner Vape Tricks

Behind every good cloud there’s an even wilder woman! A common perception is that the vape community is predominantly male; what many fail to notice is that the number of women vapers is growing every day. Women are turning to vaping as a more app

Posted by Charity on Aug 16th 2018

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Vaping the Great Indoors - A Vaper's Opinion on Vaping in Public

No shirts, no shoes, no service. The signs are everywhere. No doubt you have seen one yourself as you went about your day. They greet us on the doors of gas stations, grocery stores, even at our favorite take-out spots. Their warning so literal, it

Posted by Guest Blogger - Kelly Weed on Aug 16th 2018

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National Vaping Day - August 8th

Vapers around the country celebrate National Vaping Day on August 8, the anniversary of the date the FDA deeming regulations on e-cigarettes came into effect. This day is marked by advocacy efforts and a renewed sense of community throughout the

Posted by Lacey on Jul 27th 2018

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How Net Neutrality Can Affect Vapers

On June 11, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) dismantled rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet. One of the biggest questions being asked within the vaping industry right now is this: How will the FCC’s net ne

Posted by Crystal Means on Jul 13th 2018

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Vaping Love Connections - Finding Your Vape Mate

Love is in the air at VapeWild! We’re taking it old school, so you can find your love connection or at least get “boo’d up” this Summer.2018 dating apps thrive off selling you a dream. Are we really supposed to believe that we can find the perfect ma

Jun 27th 2018

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Best Pod Mods & Their Pros & Cons

Nic salts are becoming more popular and picking the perfect nic salt device or pod mod for you can be tricky. When choosing a pod mod there are a few things vapers look for and we will go over four of them to help you make the best choice for yo

Posted by Zach Woosley on Jun 25th 2018

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What You Need to Know About the San Fran Flavor Ban

By now, the whole nation has heard of the flavor ban imposed on all flavored tobacco products sold in San Francisco. In perhaps the most shocking piece of local legislation in the vaping industry to date, San Franciscans approved a sweeping flavor ba

Posted by Crystal Means on Jun 19th 2018

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Different Names, Same Flavors - Staying Ahead of Regulations

Different Names, Same Flavors - Staying Ahead of Regulations
At VapeWild, we like to say that we are serious about vaping and not much else. And that’s a true testimony to how we run our day-to-day activities. VapeWild started as three poker players’ dream to redefine society’s concepts of vaping. Our fun

Posted by Mal on Jun 18th 2018

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Variable vs Mech Mods

Maybe you’re new to vaping or maybe you’ve been in the game for awhile. Whatever the case, everyone will eventually need one important question answered: What’s the difference between a variable mod and a mechanical mod?If you’re expecting a long-win

Posted by Zach Woosley on Jun 15th 2018

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4 Easy Vape Tricks You Can Master Today! [TUTORIAL]

There comes a time when you’re sitting at home on a Thursday night, chucking clouds into the empty corners of your living room, when you think to yourself, “Hey, maybe I should try to learn some easy beginner vape tricks, just for the hell of it r

Posted by Alex Berry on May 11th 2018

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All About Nicotine Salts: The What, Why, & How

Nicotine salts, more commonly called nic salts, are a recent addition to the ever-evolving world of vaping. While they’re not super complicated, it’s very likely that vapers of all experience levels will have questions about nic salts.

Posted by Zach on Apr 30th 2018

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The Ins and Outs of Vape Advocacy

There’s never been a more important time to get involved with vaping advocacy. With the Cole-Bishop Amendment failing to get included in the latest Congressional spending bill, we’re redoubling our efforts for the next push leading towards the next s

Posted by Zach Woosley on Apr 4th 2018

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Fact or Fraud: ​How to Spot A Fake Vape Study

In a world where information is readily available to you via social media and other sources, it’s a prime time to be at the forefront of knowledge. But, how do you know the information is accurate? This struggle has been even bigger in the vaping wor

Posted by Marissa Benton on Mar 2nd 2018

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To SMOK or not to SMOK - A SMOKTech Vape Review

If there's one thing you can count on in the vaping community, it's that nearly everyone has an opinion about SMOKTech. They're one of the biggest names in vaping mods, tanks, and coils, and if you've been vaping for any period of time, you'v

Posted by Zach Woosley on Feb 8th 2018

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