A Day in the Life at VapeWild Headquarters

A Day in the Life at VapeWild Headquarters

What is it like to work for a small business known for goofy and whacky actions? Who are the people behind the scenes that make the magic happen on social media and YouTube? Why do they do what they do?

These are some of the questions that are still asked today. I (Gabriel) have been working here for the past three years and still, these questions ring loud.

One thing I know for sure, this is the best employer I have had in some 33 years on this planet. The welcoming atmosphere, the empowerment to be one’s self, I mean there are too many things that I love about this company. There is one thing that rings true through the years; VapeWild encourages a loyalty that I have yet to explain.

Walk with me as I walk you through a day in the life of VapeWild. Let’s go!

6am - Early Workers Arrive

The day begins for many folks. The hustle and bustle of production start to gear up and the men and women that are the heart of the operation start their day. You will find a handful of early risers starting their work days as well. Two are married. One is a hard worker in stock. Another is the photographer that the company puts a lot of trust in. Two more are the facility team that make our heart beat.

These folks are here with smiles and "good morning" wishes. Every day this group of people walk in is a new day for them. They achieve, overcome, and create and cultivate. They also leave the building around 3pm. That's a nice perk!

7am - Work Begins

More folks start to trickle in. More from production, marketing and other departments. These are other early risers that begin their days with enthusiasm. There are college degrees on their shoulders, high expectations and they deliver. You would notice they are putting their makeup on, or getting coffee. There is a great deal of conversation on the happenings of their home lives. The best part is the laughs though. People don't lament - most of the time - they share their lives with each other.

Also, the work begins. Projects are started or finished from the previous day. Our facility team makes their rounds greeting their peers with hugs and well wishes. Seven to eight is the best hour for our workforce, it's the beginning of the new day!

8am-Noon - Action Packed Time

This is the meat and potatoes time. This is where questions are asked/answered. Meetings start with the directors and executives. The direction of this company is decided. The campaigns you have come to know are formulated. Action plans become priority.

What's cool about this time of the day is the executives walk around and do their greetings. No, they don't huddle with each other and talk about dreams with each other... They talk to their employees about their dreams and hopes. The peeps that do the work here are valued by their superiors. That's not a saying, that's a truth statement.

The team - it is a team - is not isolated from each other. There is a culture of laughter, ribbing, and hard work that comes with wearing a company shirt. Dreams are discussed. Has that been stated enough?

Videos are posted, blogs happen, ideas get shared and expounded on. Folks from all teams are not in a silo, they come together to create all sorts of magic.

You are familiar with our personalities. They appear in videos all the time. You see their smiles and hear their laughs, but you might wonder what they dream about. More on that later.

12-EOD - Team Time

EOD, the end of the day. People are making fun of themselves and talking about the work they do. Some are discussing their plans for the blogs or a new product. Teams are meeting to talk about the next day and what it would hold for them. Not one person can be found giving less than their best in that moment.

Some work is finished for the day so friends start to talk about their plans for the weekend. OOPS! AN EMERGENCY PROJECT CAME DOWN! Work work work. Get it finished with precision and meet the goal.

Work finished, now where were we? Oh, yes! I have a new TV that I can't wait to binge the next Netflix sensation on! There is a sport that must not be missed! Video games don't play themselves and alliances are formed.

So what about those questions?

You read about what it's like to work for the goofy and whacky company that is VapeWild. What they do as they are making their videos, and other silly conversations. What about them as people though?

They're Batsu, Gabriel (me), among others. There isn't enough room to give you their life stories, but know this; they are young and hungry to see VapeWild grow. We are passionate about vaping, have our own lives, and love to share them with each other. We pour ourselves into the work that we do for you. You are the reason we are here, and why we exist.

More on why we do what we do. We believe what our owners believe. Vaping is a way. It's a way to switch from traditional nicotine intake. Vaping is a life. There is so much that goes into it, there is so much to learn about, there isn't enough knowledge yet, but it's coming.

We do what we do because we have a dream. That dream is to see a world that encourages the power of choice. Yes, work needs to be done. There is plenty of time for that. For now, let us take our mods in our hands and vape while we work. Work is better when it's shared with each other.

Dream big and work for it. There is nothing like seeing something start as an idea, and mature into an institution.

Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community! He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now works to write blogs for VapeWild. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions on Twitter! 

Posted by Gabriel on Apr 15th 2019

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