What is Vape Juice? Ingredients, Choices, Cost, and More

What is Vape Juice? Ingredients, Choices, Cost, and More

So, you are new to  vaping and need a guide to vape juice. You’re in luck, because that is what this blog is all about! 

In this guide, we'll answer the following:

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is the liquid that you fill your tanks with. It has a flavor to it; like fruits or desserts! It is for atomizing so you can enjoy the flavor you select as well as blow out some huge clouds!

You might wonder what goes into  e-liquid. There aren't as many ingredients as you would expect. To put it simply, e-liquid will not carry more chemicals than you would find in traditional tobacco. There are less ingredients in every bottle than in one traditional cigarette.

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Vape Juice Ingredients:

So what is in your e-liquid? What exactly are you putting in your body each time you take a puff? Read the following so you can know what goes into the tasty e-liquid you're considering:

  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine - This is optional, fun fact!
  • Flavoring
  • Sweetener - Not in all e-liquids, but most of the sweeter ones, of course!

What choices are there?

There are flavor choices. There is a choice of nicotine levels. You hold the power of choice in bottle size. You have the power to choose what your VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) percentages are. Finally, you have the choice of brand.

Flavor Choices:

There are so many different food groups that you have to choose from. The best part is now you have similar choices when it comes to your e-juice! There are all types of e-juice flavors out there, so let's name them:

  • Fruit Flavors: These can be anything from strawberry to fruit punch! Most of the time, you will see fruit choices have two fruits together.
  • Dessert Flavors- These are going to be your custards, ice creams, and cakes. Pies and popsicles are not forgotten either!
  • Breakfast Flavors- Your favorite meal of the day in a vape juice! Not breakfast sandwiches, but cereals are welcome!
  • Tobacco Flavors- Tobacco by itself is fine for new vapers. There are choices, however, such as tobacco and banana. Maybe tobacco and cream is your forté. There are several different tobacco e-juices that you have to choose from!
  • Mint/Menthol Flavors- Also paired with fruits and even desserts! Mint and menthol flavor choices come with some of your favorite things too!
  • Beverage Flavors- These are going to be your sodas, frozen drinks, and the like.
  • Sweets Flavors- Do you like fruit sweets? Yes you do! These are fruit sweets and treats. These are going to be sweet and bitter candies. All are welcome to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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What you like to eat: When trying to find a flavor you love, an easy way to figure that out is thinking of the things you like to eat! Typically, e-juice is only available in sweeter flavors, so think of your favorite fruits, desserts, candies, or cereal and there will surely be a flavor for that!

Nicotine strength choices:

Now that you have an idea of what you want to taste while you vape, it's time to select your nicotine strength. Knowing what strength you want is paramount in choosing your vape juice. The best news is that most of the flavors out there come in different nicotine strengths!

Popular Nicotine Levels:

  • 0mg - Zero nicotine contained in the bottle of e-liquid. This level is for fun, so enjoy the taste!
  • 1.5mg - Becoming one of the most popular levels of nicotine strength choices on the market. It is right below the number one choice, but does not exclude nicotine altogether.
  • 3mg - The most popular level of nicotine available on the market! You might recognize it as 0.3% nicotine per milliliter. It's all the same!
  • 6mg - Perfect for most new vapers coming off of cigarettes. It delivers a decent throat hit which is helpful for our friends trying to transition from smoking.
  • 9mg - Similar to 6mg, it is a popular choice among transitioning smokers. 9mg will deliver a strong throat hit and a good amount of nicotine every puff.
  • 12mg - The highest nicotine level you will find in most of your e-liquid choices. 12mg is designed for vaping in shorter frequency, just to get you off cigarettes.
  • Nicotine salts - These come in different levels as well, but are smoother on your throat when you vape. These are designed to vape with pod devices for the best results and can be found in nicotine strengths up to 60mg.

Read this blog about nicotine strength for more information.

VG/PG percentage choices:

VG/PG comes in all sorts of different ratios like 50/50 or 80/20. VG and PG will each be in percentages. Each has their own function within your e-liquid. First, what are they?

VG - This is vegetable glycerin. It is a thicker liquid that delivers the clouds you see vapers blowing out. The higher the percentage of VG, the more cloud you can expect to see!

PG - This is propylene glycol. This carries the flavor in most e-juices. The higher the percentage of PG, the more flavor you will taste.

What is VG/PG ratio? VG/PG ratio is the percentage of each ingredient contained in your e-liquid. There are three popular choices:


  • 50% VG/50% PG - Popular with new vapers for the quality of taste and harder hit on the throat.
  • 65% VG/35% PG - The most popular ratio on the market. It will deliver an equal amount of cloud production and taste. It has a hint of a throat hit.
  • 80% VG/20% PG - The favorite for "cloud chasers" in the vaping world. It can sacrifice on strong flavor, but goodness does it deliver a thick dense cloud!

Read this blog about VG & PG to find out more!

Brand choices:

How do you choose the right brand of e-liquid for you? You find the right brand based on the above choices you already made!

Choose a brand based on your preferences of:

  • Flavor choice - It should have exactly what you are looking for and more!
  • VG/PG Ratio - The brand ought to have your preferences met in cloud and/or taste!
  • Nicotine Strength - It should have the right level for you, period!
  • Quality - Hit the ground running with a brand that has experience and even awards. Read customer reviews to find out which brand meets your needs for quality!
  • Price - Easily the most important choice to make. Can you afford that price? You should always be able to answer that question with yes! Are there cheaper options that don't sacrifice on quality? Yes there are!

Can vape juice expire?

E-liquid can expire if left out too long. The shelf-life is around 2 years in room temperature conditions. Longer if stored in a refrigerator or even the freezer.

Here is how to keep it fresh longer:

  • Keep it out of the heat - E-liquid and the sun do not mix well.
  • Keep in a dark place - Drawers or shoe boxes are perfect for storing your e-liquid. The refrigerator is an ideal storing place.
  • Do not open until you are ready to use it - Make sure to keep your bottles sealed. Until you are ready to vape, do not open it.

If you are anything like me (Gabriel), then you can't wait to try your new flavors! This is fine and for you, store your e-liquid in your fridge. This will keep them fresher longer.

How much does vape juice cost?

Depending on the brand that you choose, you could end up paying north of $20 for 30ml bottles. Each. With VapeWild, 30mls cost $6.99 to begin with! The median cost is in the ballpark of about $15 per 30ml.

How to save some money on e-juice:

These are some of the basic techniques to saving your earnings. Shopping in several different mediums can help, online shopping, and the like. Here are some good ideas to bear in mind while you are shopping around for your preferred brand:

  • Buy in bulk - When you are ordering your preferred e-liquid, investing in larger orders goes farther. You can order more to last longer and keep yourself satisfied! Not to mention the price breaks that you will experience ordering more at one time!
  • Shop online - You are aware that shopping online is the way to go already. The prices are lower and the quality remains pretty standard. Not to mention the price of brick and mortar shops are generally higher. Bills must be paid!
  • Buy when items are on sale - Another basic principle is buying your vape juice on discount! Sales are a great way to save your earnings. You can shop around the sales that are out there until you find the perfect deal for you!
  • DIY - Doing it yourself is a great way to save yourself some monies. The tools are super cheap. Check! The liquids are inexpensive. Check! You don't need to use a lot to make your own masterpiece. CHECK!

How do you steep vape juice?

You  steep e-juice in the same cool dark place you store them. Read below for the steps to steeping!

  • Shake, shake, shake! - Shake your bottles! Shake your bottles! You sang that didn't you? Yes you did!
  • Let them sit - After you have shaken your bottles, set them in a cool dark place for a while. VapeWild suggests that you allow the flavors to sit about 1 week before you vape them. Other brands may not require this. If you make your own, extend that time frame to about two weeks.
  • Let them breathe - Right before you vape your e-juice, open the cap and take the nipple out. Let it sit for around an hour to let it breathe. This helps finalize the steeping process for maximum taste!

Why steeping is important:

When you have a fresh e-juices, they need the time to blend together. There are three main liquids that we have discussed here - VG, PG, nicotine - that all need to blend together. When they are first introduced to each other, they stay somewhat separated. This is due to their viscosity, or thickness. Higher PG e-juice does not need as much time to steep because they are thinner.

Steeping allows your e-juices to fully blend the flavoring together. They may sit in large quantities before they are mixed, however, they need that little bit of time to fully come together. If you have more complex flavors — three or more flavorings — they need that extra time to blend with the VG and PG. The nicotine also needs the time to mix in fully.

What e-juices need steeping?

E-juices that specifically need to be steeped are as follows:

Steeping E-juice

Read this blog about steeping e-juice to find out more!

What is the best vape juice?

Award winning e-juice is the way to go, that's why we recommend Murica!

Murica - Another VapeWild favorite! Murica is an O.G. when it comes to preferred e-liquid. It's like a pop-rocket that we all know and love! Get yourself a taste of freedom!

Find more of the best e-juice in this article where we surveyed vapers to find out what their favorite e-juices were!

In the end...

Nobody is going to tell you what you like and what you should do. These are guidelines that I hope will help you find your new all day vape - pardon the vape lingo! If you are feeling like you need some more direction, try customer service! Our professional fun-timers are here to help you decide what is best for you. By the way, they would love to have a meme war if you are up for the challenge!

Posted by Gabriel on May 1st 2019

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