A Message from VapeWild Ownership

A Message from VapeWild Ownership

Hello VapeWild Fam! This is Eric, one of the owners and founders of VapeWild. I’m here to talk about a ton of recent changes to our website, our product offerings, and what the future has in store for us!

Flavor Changes and Availability

Removing Low Performing Flavors: You may have noticed that we are starting to remove some flavors from our catalog. The reason for this is because we have to pick and choose which flavors we are submitting to the FDA for compliance. The cost on submitting our flavors is in the several millions of dollars. Because of this overly burdensome price, we are having to discontinue some low performers.

Flavors Going into the AF Vault: On top of that, any flavors that aren’t in the top 100 sellers will be going into the VapeWild AF vault. For those of you that don’t know, there is a membership group that we offer called VapeWild AF. This membership gets you access to many of these “vaulted” flavors plus an everyday discount of 5% off of all VapeWild eliquids!

The reason we are putting some of our less popular flavors in the vault is so that we can use some of the vault membership fee to get these flavors through FDA regulation, as well.

VG/PG Ratio Changes: In addition to these flavor changes, there will be some VG/PG options that are changing. In the coming months, only our top 50 flavors will be available in 80/20. We will call these “drip” blends because of the high VG content. These blends will best be used for dripping and high wattage vaping. We will also offer 50VG/50PG blends for another 50 flavors that are most popular with the pod and MTL devices. These are lower VG and higher PG for the lower powered devices. All flavors will be available in 65VG/35PG going forward unless otherwise stated. This is by far our most popular blend and is still usable in pods and sub-ohm devices.

Salt Nic Release: Lastly, we have introduced and are continuing to introduce salt nic liquids for those that want a salt nic experience with VapeWild quality. Salt Nics are perfect for pod mods and other low powered devices.

What about those damn hard to squeeze bottles!!!?

I’m happy to announce that we have taken two steps to alleviate the pain of our 30ml Chubby Gorillas.

New 30ml Bottles: The first is that we now have a ton of new 30ml bottles that are much easier to squeeze. They will be worked in to production as we get rid of the old hard chubbies. (heh)

60ml Bottles Available: A second tactic we are taking is the ongoing release of 60ml bottle options for our liquids. Previously, all orders came with several 30mls. So, if you ordered 240ml, it was 8 x 30ml bottles. Now, we are starting to offer 60ml options on select flavors until we have all of our inventory with 60ml options. The 60ml bottles are much easier to squeeze and it reduces the waste of having extra bottles. So, in this example, if you ordered 240ml, you would receive 4 x 60ml bottles instead of the previous 8 x 30ml bottles. For those of you that absolutely love having a ton of 30ml bottles, we will keep them as an option for larger orders for the next several months.

Where the F*#k are the 10mls?

We no longer offer 10mls for VapeWild eliquids. They were primarily used so that our customers could sample different eliquids, but a lot has changed since we premiered the 10mls 5 years ago! Now, people can run through a 30ml in a day with a sub-ohm tank. That was kind of hard to do with a vape pen and a CE4 in 2014. I know some people used the 10mls as a cheap way to sample our different flavors. That is why we created the sample 4 pack of 30ml bottles. These are sold at a big discount specifically for sampling the different flavors.

New Offerings

In addition to increasing discounts for AF members, we have several new initiatives coming soon to VapeWild.

  • Loyalty points! Along with higher earning levels for AF members.
  • New Other Brands of E-liquids.
  • Expanding hardware and a larger stock of inventory.
  • The full roll out of our Salt Nic line.

So, there you have it - all the big changes coming to VapeWild in the coming weeks and months. As always, we are extremely proud to be your vape company and we appreciate having the best customers in the world. Thank you for sticking with us and supporting us through these changing times.


Posted by Eric Turner on Mar 22nd 2019

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