A Vaper's Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for giving, and choosing the right gift for the right person is something that’s always on the forefront of our minds this time of year. In this guide I will be dropping some knowledge on what to get for the vaper, or soon-to-be vaper, in your life so there can be smiles and clouds all the way to the new year and beyond!

The New Vaper

We’ll start with those that still smoke and are looking to transition. Usually when someone is finally ready to make the leap to vaping and kicking the stick, they need something that will help them easily transition.

Some great recommendations are:

The Beginner Looking To Advance

Ok, so now we are looking at the vaper who is ready to level up to something with a little more “oomph”, because the pens or pods just aren’t doing it for them anymore. At this point I would suggest a Vape Kit. These have the mod and tank already in the box, so the only thing you’ll have to pick up separately aside from the juice is the batteries. Some great examples are:

The Chaser Of Clouds

Now we will talk about the vaper who cares about one thing and one thing alone : big freakin’ clouds. I for one am the cloudiest of cloud chasers and nothing makes me happier than my apartment being foggier than a morning in London! To achieve such goals you will need not only a powerful device, but an atomizer that will do the trick as well.

In terms of devices, you cannot go wrong with these choices:

For atomizers, the cloud chaser in your circle may like:

The Top Tier Vaper

So what do you get for the vaper who always has to have the newest toys? The kind of vaper that always gets the latest mods and tanks, has to have the newest flavors when they drop, etc. Well, for that I totally suggest getting a charger for all those batteries. Something along the lines of the:

I also suggest VapeWild AF. Some of the perks you get are:

  • 5% off ALL e-liquid site wide (goes up 1% yearly, maxing at 10%)
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Access to Vault Flavors
  • Free Shipping on all orders , and more!

Well, I hope that gives you some ideas as to how to make the vaper in your life smile bigger than the clouds that they create! Happy holidays and stay wild, VapeWild Army!

Posted by Batsu on Dec 5th 2018

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