Best Tobacco Nic Salt E-Liquids - Top 5

Best Tobacco Nic Salt E-Liquids - Top 5

Recently, we put together a list of the  top 10 tobacco e-juices, but we didn’t want to leave fans of nic salts hanging, so we’re putting together a top-five list of top tobacco nic salts. As of the time of writing, VapeWild does not make any tobacco-flavored nic salts, so, instead, we’re ranking flavors from NKD 100, I Love Salts, Propaganda, and Milkman.

I’ve tried all these flavors on the same  SMOK Mico to keep everything the same. To be fully transparent, I am not a big fan of tobacco flavors, but I did enjoy trying these nic salts.

#1 Gold by Milkman

Gold by Milkman Salts

This nic salt has a light-bodied tobacco flavor on the inhale with sweet, subtle hints of honey as well. The tobacco hangs on the tongue intermittently, and never outstays its welcome. The honey, on the other hand, breaks through as the primary flavor, and its sweet taste is pleasant without ever becoming too much. The cream, which shows up on the exhale, rounds out this nic salt, and it provides an added level of desserty sweetness that was not needed but was surprisingly delightful nonetheless.

There were some other, more hidden, notes that are aromatic and floral. This nic salt is a perfect companion for a slightly-sweetened dark coffee or any other bitter drink. It reminds me a lot of the Dutch cookie known as a stroopwafel, which is an absolute must-have when sipping on morning coffee. This was a really great flavor that I would vape again, and I think I might just buy a bottle. If you’re looking for a straight-up tobacco taste, you won’t find it here, but what you will find is a sweet and creamy nic salt with notes of tobacco and honey.

#2 Wild Fire by Propaganda

Wildfire Nic Salt by Propaganda

Propaganda delivers on a tobacco flavor combined with cookie, chocolate, and almond. This flavor has a full-bodied tobacco taste that is accompanied by sweet notes from the other flavors. The inhale of this nic salt is slightly sweet and inconspicuous, but it delivers with strong notes of tobacco on the exhale. The tobacco flavor is aromatic, full-bodied, and reminiscent of rich, smooth Virginia tobaccos that are flavorful but never overwrought. The exhale also produces some wonderful chocolate notes that make a brief appearance before giving way to the almond and cookie flavors that are soon swallowed up by the tobacco. The aftertaste, a combination of tobacco and dark chocolate, lingers on the tongue long after the puff, but it never seems unpleasant, and it reminds you of how good this flavor is.

I would put this in first place, but Milkman Gold is just too good of a flavor, and it deserves its spot at the top. If you want a rich tobacco flavor that is also sweet and complex, this is your best bet.

#3 Classic Tobacco by I Love Salts

Classic Tobacco by I Love SaltsAs the name states, this nic salt is all about that classic flavor you used to love. 

Classic Tobacco by I Love Salts is plenty flavorful, but it still has a light body, which is just perfect. 

Other tobacco flavors are too strong, but this nic salt delivers that same great flavor of tobacco without overloading your taste buds. 

I was surprised by the harsh throat hit, especially because this was only rated at 25mg of nicotine, but the throat hit makes it feel more like the real thing. 

There are some earthy notes on the inhale, and it was also quite peppery, which I wasn’t in love with. However, if you’re looking for a tobacco flavor that is not overly harsh, Classic Tobacco might just be your jam.

#4 Sweet Tobacco by I Love Salts

Sweet Tobacco by I Love Salts

There was a lot I liked about this nic salt, and it’s mostly because the tobacco in this one is subtle. Slight tobacco notes emerge on the exhale, but the real excitement is on the inhale. 

There are notes of cream, vanilla, and caramel that are perfectly balanced and don’t get in the way of this smooth vape. 

The tobacco in this nic salt is almost an afterthought, and I think it’s more of a dessert flavor than anything. Whereas Milkman Gold delivers a creamy, sweet tobacco flavor, Sweet Tobacco forgoes the tobacco for a more desserty flavor profile that is both good and slightly disappointing if you were expecting tobacco. For its lack of tobacco, this nic salt falls lower on the list, but it’s still a great flavor that’s worth trying.

#5 American Patriots by NKD 100

American Patriots by NKD 100 SaltPersonally, this nic salt by NKD 100 — Naked’s line of nic salts — is not for me, and its strong, hit-you-in-the-chest tobacco flavor is too much. I am actually a huge fan of naked, and I consider Hawaiian Pog and Lava Flow as two of the best e-juice flavors ever made, but I think they missed the mark with this one, in my opinion. They definitely deliver on the tobacco taste, but it’s too much, and all at once too. This reminds me of the days when I smoked unfiltered roll-your-own Turkish tobacco cigarettes, and let’s just say I’m not rushing to experience that again.

In its defense, I will say that this might be a good nic salt for people transitioning from smoking cigarettes since it’s pretty close to the real thing, but, then again, I don’t know. If you really miss the taste of cigarettes, maybe give this one a shot, but beware. I would not recommend this to anyone, especially people who are thinking about switching to vaping, for fear that they might be turned off so much that they’ll throw vaping aside altogether.

Posted by Alejandro on Jul 24th 2019

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