Best Tobacco Vape Juice Flavors - Top 10

Best Tobacco Vape Juice Flavors - Top 10

The taste of tobacco is synonymous with nicotine, and, even now, after vaping has entered the zeitgeist, people still crave its taste.

We’ve created a list of the top ten  tobacco vape juice flavors that will make your mouth water

#1 Grand Poobah E-juice:

Grand Poobah E-JuiceFor smokers transitioning from the taste of cigarette tobacco, this flavor has just enough of that classic tobacco taste to keep you hooked. Apart from the tobacco, Grand Poobah introduces new vapers to new flavors like peanut butter and banana, which acts as a gateway to fruit and dessert e-juices.

Grand Poobah hits you with an intense banana flavor right from the start and has barely-noticeable notes of mango and other tropical fruits. On the exhale, where things get interesting, this e-juice delivers strong notes of creamy butter and subtle tobacco. Overall, this is a sweet flavor, but it doesn't overwhelm the palate. It’s a smooth and delicious vape with creamy, buttery, and fruity notes that blend together in almost-perfect harmony — I wish the tobacco was a little more pronounced. By far, however, this e-juice is the best of the bunch and sets the bar for other tobacco flavors.

#2 RY4Life E-juice:

RY4Life E-juice

This flavor is the O.G. flavor in the vaping industry, and while the industry has gone through many changes and shake-ups, this e-juice has stayed the same. This classic, tweaked to perfection by VapeWild, combines the earthy notes of tobacco with the bright and colorful whimsy of vanilla and the toasted complexity of caramel. This flavor would have been my favorite, but it lacked tobacco, in my opinion.

This flavor is almost fruity on the inhale, which I attribute to the vanilla, or maybe the aromatic tendencies of certain tobaccos. RY4Life is just sweet enough to be considered a dessert flavor, but it holds back on the sugariness, and rightfully so, otherwise it would shun the delicate butterscotch notes found on the exhale. In the midst of this cacophony of flavors, I caught, to my surprise, a subtle citrus note that lingered briefly before giving way to some of the more obvious flavors. Overall, this was a satisfying vape with tons to like, but it was soft on the tobacco, and that’s why we’re here. I would vape it again, and that’s about a high of a compliment as I can give.

#3 Menthol Type E-juice:

Menthol Type E-Liquid

If you’re looking for a strong menthol cigarette replacement, Menthol Type is the e-juice for you. This flavor is extremely fresh and feels like smoking an actual menthol cigarette, but with none of the side effects that come from tobacco combustion. This flavor is as close as you’re going to get to the real thing. I tasted more menthol than tobacco, but, after you get over the initial shock of menthol, you’ll tase the tobacco lurking beneath when exhaling.

I’m a big fan of menthol vape juices — I used to smoke menthols — but, because this flavor is so strong, this e-juice might scare off some people. If you’ve never had a menthol e-juice before, maybe get something else — Fruity Freeze and Cowboy Cooler are good options.

#4 Milkman’s Heritage Smooth E-Liquid

Heritage Smoother by Milkman E-Liquid

The Heritage Smooth flavor from Milkman is an ode to RY4, but, whereas RY4Life is balanced, this flavor is a little too sweet for my taste. There are heavy notes of vanilla and caramel on the inhale and a slight tobacco flavor on the exhale. With notes of sweet butterscotch, this e-juice is too much of a dessert flavor in my opinion. 

Sure, it’s tasty, but I don’t think I could vape this all day. That being said, I did like the e-juice and I think it pairs exceedingly well with a dark coffee or chocolate, but, for my money, I’d stick with RY4Life — both flavors fall short on the tobacco. 

Overall, I think their milk carton packaging is cute and clever, but, that alone, won’t carry it.

#5 Constantinople E-Juice

Constantinople E-Juice

Although I couldn’t find a strong tobacco flavor in this e-juice, there was still lots to like. Since this e-juice is inspired by Turkish tobacco, I assumed that it would have a very robust tobacco flavor. The actual flavor profile for this flavor is Premium Tobacco, but I tasted much more than that.

Call me crazy, but I got some big peanut butter notes and even some fruity hints — maybe peach. A coworker didn’t concur with my assessment and said the taste reminded him of a cigarette brand named after a certain four-legged creature found in the middle east. Maybe he’s right. Overall, I thought this was one of the more pleasant e-juices that listed tobacco as the sole flavor, but it wasn’t enough to propel it further. I wouldn’t vape this all day per se, but I think it would do well once in a while.

#6 Original Bold by OFE E-Liquid

Original Bold by OFE

This is the first flavor in this list that tastes like tobacco, and it does not disappoint. Some of the tobacco flavors further down this list were a little too strong for my taste, but Original Bold was balanced. 

This Premium Tobacco flavor is slightly less pronounced than other tobacco flavors, and it had these subtle aromatic notes that made it taste almost like herbal tea. 

The flavor reminded me of the days when I used high-quality tobacco to roll my own cigarettes because those kinds of tobaccos also have a herbal quality to them. 

If I was looking to vape a purely tobacco-tasting e-juice, this would be my first choice.

#7 Cool Menthol by OFE E-Liquids

Cool Menthol by OFE E-Liquids

This menthol flavor is loved by many, and I liked it too. I’d rather go with Menthol Type if I had to choose, but this flavor isn’t far off. 

The menthol is strong on the inhale, and you can taste the tobacco on the exhale. 

This flavor is on the verge of being sweet, which I liked. Overall, I thought this was a good flavor, but, unfortunately, I liked the above flavors a little more than this one. 

If I wasn’t aware of Menthol Type, I would go with this flavor when looking for a menthol-tobacco e-juice.

This flavor would be great for all menthol lovers out there!

#8 Peace Pipe E-Juice

Peace Pipe E-Juice

If you’re a fan of pipe tobacco, then this is the flavor for you! 

Personally, I’ve never smoked pipe tobacco, and the aromatic notes in this are bit much for me. 

I didn’t like this flavor, but that’s just personal opinion. 

Objectively, I thought it was well-made and had plenty of tobacco taste, but, unfortunately, this wasn’t my cup of tea.

For anyone out there who likes to puff on their pipe to relax, this raw flavor will likely suite you!

If you're more of a cigarette tobacco kind of vaper, this may be one you should pass on. 

#9 Original Bold by OFE E-liquid

Original Bold by OFE E-Liquid

OFE’s Original Bold doesn’t differ too wildly from the flavor above. 

This e-juice tastes a lot like VW’s Original Bold, but it is missing those herbal notes that I appreciated so much. 

You’ll definitely get a mouthful of tobacco when you vape this flavor, but that isn’t everything. I did get a very strong perfume taste from this flavor though, and, I must say, I am not a fan. 

The synthetic perfume taste of this flavor was unpleasant, and I wouldn’t want to vape it again. 

For a smooth and mellow taste of tobacco, VW’s Wrangler is your best bet.

#10 Wrangler E-Juice

Wrangler E-Liquid

For some ex-smokers, this might be an option, but I thought this flavor was too much. 

With a robust tobacco flavor, Wrangler is reminiscent of a strong full-bodied cigarette. The reason why I like vaping so much is because of the fruit flavors that are so readily available, and going back to cigarettes, or cigarette-tasting e-juices, is not something I want to do. 

People looking for something familiar might like this e-juice, but it’s a hard pass from me. I also found it to be a little harsh on the throat, and its exuberant tobacco flavor was stronger than I expected. 

I don’t despise the flavor, but I would not vape this again, nor would I recommend it.

Post-Ranking Thoughts

I wasn’t a huge fan of tobacco flavors going into this, but it was good to get out of my flavor comfort zone. I learned a lot about tobacco flavors while writing this blog, and there are even one or two flavors that I might add to my line-up. Trying every flavor and coming up with a ranking was challenging, but, in the end, I am happy with how the ranking worked out. Hopefully, you liked it too and maybe even learned a little bit about flavors you’ve never tried. In the coming weeks I’ll also write a ranking on best tobacco nic salts for pod mods, so stay tuned for that!

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Posted by Alejandro Medellin on Jul 10th 2019

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