Changes at VapeWild

Changes at VapeWild

VapeWild is going through a lot of change in the coming months, and we would like to provide some information on what is ahead! We want to lead the effort to responsibly change our business practice in light of the coming FDA process. Change may be difficult, but we want to ensure the long term growth of our industry.

Our mission has always been to provide an alternative option at an affordable price. We want to be around longer than just the next 10 months - we want to be here long into the future. These changes will impact us company-wide, however, we have to keep the future in mind. Not all of these changes are limitations; we have launched our loyalty program with customers in mind and have plans to make additions to our AF membership program.

Product Reduction

The PMTA - Premarket Tobacco Application - process is expensive. Cost estimates are upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars. As a result, VapeWild has decided to consolidate and group our product differently. In the near future we will have e-juice grouped into three product lines: Pod, Main, and Drip. The pod line will be designed for MTL vaping and have a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. The main line will be every tank’s e-juice at 65/35 VG/PG. Finally, drippers will have flavors in the 80/20 VG/PG ratio available. We will keep as many options as we can so you have plenty to choose from. The drawback, however, is the number of flavor choices that are going to be available to you. It is our vision to offer the best of the best that we have, which means that some flavors of e-juice will be leaving permanently. It’s unfortunate, but it is the choice we have to make. Many of these departing flavors will still be available to our VapeWild AF members. We are putting your membership dollars to work for you by helping fund the PMTA process.

The PMTA process is very strict as it applies to products on the market before August 2016. We are continuing to work through the process of determining our responsibility and what our options are, in order to establish a path forward. In the meantime, you may notice that some of our offerings are limited. This extends to hardware and even includes our selection of other e-liquid brands.

It is likely that the FDA could perceive our Vape it Forward program as giving away free product irresponsibly, so we will be ending the program altogether at the end of August. We’re going to take the right steps to ensure there is no misinterpretation. It isn’t all bad news, however! You’re still going to receive a bonus bottle on top of your order! 

21+ Customers

Our vision is to be responsible when it comes to the FDA’s regulations. In response to several states changing their legal purchasing age to 21 years and up, and mounting federal pressure to do the same, we have decided to do this across the board. The goal is to be ahead of the upcoming federal law making the legal purchasing age 21 and up. We are committed to being here for many years, after all!

Loyalty Program

As much as we are committed to setting an example with our business practices, we are equally committed to showing you, our vape fam, the appreciation you deserve. You are the reason we exist. With this in mind, we’re rolling out the rewards program you have been asking for! Get points for your engagement with VapeWild, leaving reviews, purchasing, referring, being an AF member, and all the things! You deserve double the appreciation, so become a VapeWild AF member and earn double the reward points!

Bottle Sizes

Your voices have been heard in this arena! You shared how difficult the bottles were to squeeze and we would like to address this as well. We are trying to roll out 60ml bottles for all flavors in the coming months! They’re easier to squeeze and will make your vape life a lot easier. This will become an ongoing effort of ours with other flavors as well! Your experience ought to be simple and less cumbersome, so we will make your experience with your favorite flavors easier to grasp. 

Flavor Name Changes

The next initiative will be to change the names of specific flavors of e-juice. This is the least we can do to end any misinterpretation the FDA may have about our business practices. We love a good pun and a great dad joke, but the best thing to do is expel any chance of irresponsibility. Do not fear though! We are still the same punny team you have come to enjoy!

Final Notes From VapeWild LLC.

We know that some of these actions are going to hurt across the board. We didn’t make these decisions alone, nor did we make them hastily. This has been deeply considered over a long period of time. FDA’s process is not only to decide what is and is not an acceptable product but also to deeply analyze the practices of a business. We’re well aware that we are under a microscope and intend to be a standard-bearer of this industry — it’s not about survival, it’s about leading the charge. 

Posted by Gabriel Pimentel on Jul 12th 2019

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