Cost of Smoking vs. Vaping

Cost of Smoking vs. Vaping

Vaping is cheaper than smoking on average. Smokers spend an average of $1851.36 a year while vapers spend only $736. That is 60% less money spent on vaping! 

Vaping Vs. Smoking Cost Infographic

Read more to find out why, financially speaking, it makes more sense to switch over to vaping for the savings alone.

Vaping Cost

Vaping still costs money, but it’s considerably less than smoking. You’ll need to buy a device first, and, depending on what you buy, this initial cost shouldn’t be too much. If you take care of your device and don’t buy a new one every few months, this cost should stay low. Another thing to think about is coils, but there are ways to keep this relatively cheap.

E-juice is where you’ll spend the most money, but, if you’re a savvy shopper, you can keep this cost down as well. VapeWild sells affordable e-juice that can be easier on your wallet — if you’ve never tried, do yourself a favor and order a sample pack.

Startup Cost

If you’ve never vaped before, it can be hard to choose a device. It’s a good idea to ask friends or family that vape for some advice on this topic, but your local vape shop is a great resource as well. To locate a VapeWild shop near you, use the store locator.

Looking online for information on mods will net you some results, but such information can be contradictory. If you want to know more about mods, you can check out our blog, which does a good job of explaining everything you need to know.

For your first mod, keep things simple; buying a pen mod starter kit is recommended. In general, starter kits are a great idea for first-time buyers because they come with the tank and the mod. Pen mods and other similar devices don’t need separate batteries, which already saves you some money. Plus, these devices are inexpensive, small, and portable. Starter pen mods kits hover between $30 to $40, and they come with everything you need — everything but the e-juice.

If, however, you do decide to buy a more advanced piece of hardware such as a box mod, be aware of other costs. You will definitely need batteries and a battery charger. If properly cared for, batteries can last years — it’s recommended you dispose of them after a year, however — and a battery charger is a one-time purchase.

On average, a vaping starter kit costs around $40 — you can find out more in this blog we wrote. If you buy a mod that needs batteries, you’ll need to add that cost as well. Batteries cost between $7 to $10. A battery charger will cost between $10 to $20. If you buy a pen mod kit, which comes with the mod and the tank, you won’t need to purchase batteries or a charger. A box mod with dual batteries and charger will come out to roughly to $60 — $40 for the starter kit, $10 for two-pack of batteries, and $10 for a battery charger. But, depending on where you buy these products or what products you get, this number can change.

Coils are another cost that is inevitable, and it will be a recurring cost, but we’ll get to that later. Once you have all of your initial supplies, you’re all set.

Continuing Costs for Vaping

When you vape, your money will go towards two things: e-juice and coils.


The more you vape, the more coils you need. We have found that most pre-built coils last between one to two weeks, but this depends on the user and how frequently they vape. Users who vape less will have coils that last a longer period of time, inversely, users who vape more will have coils with a shorter lifetime. Basically, a coil’s lifetime depends on the user.

Coils depend on the tank, but, usually, a five-pack of coils will cost between $10-$15. A five-pack of coils can last a few weeks or a few months, depending on the user. If you don’t chain-vape or vape at a high wattage, your coils can last much longer.

Alternatively, you could buy an RDA, and install pre-made coils like a Clapton coil or other similar coils — coils for RDA’s are much cheaper. If you go this route, you’ll also need cotton for wicking and a relatively-cheap set of tools. This is by far the most affordable coil option, and, if you want to learn more about it, we’ve covered this topic in depth.

We don’t have any studies or stats that indicate the average life of a pre-built coil, but, for the sake of the argument, we’ll assume that a vaper goes through about one coil a week. With this logic, you’ll go through 52 coils in one year, or ten packs in one year. If a five-pack of coils costs about $10, then 10 of these 5-packs will cost $100. As with everything else in this blog, the cost will depend on the user and their habits.


Studies on average e-juice consumption are hard to find, but, for the sake of this argument, let us assume that 60mL/week is a good average, which amounts to 8.5mLs a day. The 60mL standard we’ll be using for the rest of this blog is not based on any scientific study and it reflects our own opinions on average e-juice consumption.

For some, 60mLs of e-juice might be too much or too little, but it’s worth remembering that nicotine levels affect this number greatly. For example, a 30mL bottle at 6mg of nicotine has the same total nicotine as 120mLs of e-juice at 1.5mg — the total is 180mg.

Now, let’s talk about money. A person vaping 60mLs of e-juice on a weekly basis will only spend $12 — this is based on the price of 60mL bottles from VapeWild. If you’re looking to save money, try shopping at VapeWild online or at retail locations.

Cost of e-juice Over Time (Based on VapeWild Pricing)

  • Weekly: $7 (30mL); $12 (60mL); $24(120mL)
  • Monthly: $28 (30mL); $48 (60mL); $96(120mL)
  • Yearly: $336 (30mL); $576 (60mL); $1152 (120mL)

Smoking Cost

According to a report by Fair Reporters, the average pack of cigarettes is $5.51, but it varies wildly from state to state. In Virginia, the average pack of smokes costs $5.25, but, when you compare that to $12.85 per pack in New York, you realize how wildly these prices fluctuate.

Continuing Cost for Smoking

On average, most smokers go through a pack of cigarettes a day — this number comes from Statista, which states that roughly 50% percent of smokers smoke between 10-19 cigarettes a day — there are usually 20 cigarettes in a pack. Instead of breaking it down by state, let’s use the average price for a pack of cigarettes, which is $5.51. Some smokers may go through more than one pack a day, and others may only smoke a few cigarettes a day, but we’ll stick with a pack a day for the sake of this argument.

Cost of Cigarettes Over Time

  • Weekly: $38.75
  • Monthly: $154.28
  • Yearly: $1851.36

Which One is More Affordable?

A vaper that goes through 120mLs and one coil per week will spend — plus the mod, accessories, and coils — around $1312. (Breakdown: $1152 for a yearly supply of VapeWild e-juice; $100 for one year’s worth of coils; $60 for the mod, two batteries, and basic charger.) By the way, this is for a vaper that vapes 120mLs, which is a lot of e-juice. A vaper that goes through a 30mL bottle a week will spend considerably less money.

The numbers don’t lie. Vaping is considerably more affordable, and there’s no way to argue the opposite.

Posted by Alejandro Medellin on Jul 31st 2019

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