Customer Appreciation Month - MORE E-JUICE!

Hey VapeWild Army! This October we wanted to show you just how much we think you are the bee’s knees...the cat’s you get the point. We appreciate each and every one of you guys and gals and decided to give back.

Now we spitballed some ideas, and what we landed on was more. More what? More juice. That’s right: for the month of October all your bonus bottles will go from 10 ml to 30 ml! That means every order will contain 90mls of additional e-juice (60ml more than before!). We all know what it's like to get that mystery flavor or that extra bottle and TOTALLY love it and run out before you even know it, or even giving that VIF to a friend only for them to call you and ask, “Do you have any more?”. Well this month you will be able to vape those spare bottles like a true cloud chasing champ.

So from us here at VapeWild to all you out there in our VapeWild Army, get your orders ready - cause this month, you’ll have more juice than you’ll know what to do with! Enjoy you lovely cast of cloud chasing comrades! You deserve it. 

Posted by Batsu on Oct 1st 2018

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