Different Names, Same Flavors - Staying Ahead of Regulations

Different Names, Same Flavors - Staying Ahead of Regulations

At VapeWild, we like to say that we are serious about vaping and not much else. And that’s a true testimony to how we run our day-to-day activities.

VapeWild started as three poker players’ dream to redefine society’s concepts of vaping. Our fun-loving company has always been very serious about certain aspects of the vaping industry since our metaphorical doors opened and that is never changing. What is changing is a few of our flavor names and this blog is here to clear up why we’re making these changes to some of our favorite e-liquids.

The Only Thing VapeWild Doesn’t Joke About

While we love joking around and having the time of our lives at work, there are just some things that even Dale and Callie and everyone else you love can’t joke about. Lately, we have been introduced to regulations and ethical concerns industry wide. That includes advertising to people that do not align with our target demographics (read: everyone under legal purchasing age). Many companies have been called into question about their labeling and marketing, although we’re not one of them, we’ve made the decision to take a step in the opposite direction to raise industry standards in hope that other companies will follow.

We’re not a company that takes questionable steps in our marketing and advertising efforts. Instead, we are working to stay ahead of any regulations so that there is no interruption in the quick, friendly, and knowledgeable service you receive every day. More importantly, we want to make sure that the role we play in this industry is beyond reproach.

Making Changes for the Better

That means that some changes are afoot! Changes that were not mandated but we believe are the right thing to do for the sake of the people that we enjoy helping every day.

You may have noticed some of your favorite e-juices no longer have the same name. We have gone through all of our products and merchandise and are renaming some of our e-liquid flavors to make sure that we are implementing only the best practices and that our e-liquids never get mistaken for a product that they are not. Our flavor names have always been creative, bold, and fun and that isn’t changing. Our flavor names have become well known in the industry and we hope these new names will follow suite. Don’t fret, the flavors haven’t changed in any way - they are still the same scrumptious flavors you know and love!

So what beloved VapeWild flavors are seeing an update? If you can’t find your ADV when making your next VapeWild purchase, it may have a new identity! Check out this [ongoing] list frequently!

  1. Fruit Hoops→ Rainbow Crunch
  2. Butterbeer → Buttered Beer
  3. Flint Stoned → Stoned Age
  4. Smurf Cake → Surf Cake
  5. Zebra Stripe Gum → Tiger Stripe
  6. Professor Snipes Slytherin Sauce → Snake Psss
  7. Twin Mint Gum → Twin Mint
  8. Cinnamon Toast Cereal → Cinnamon Crunch
  9. Strawberry Cotton Candy → It’s Berry Fluffy!
  10. Clover the Rainbow → Magical & Delicious
  11. Peanut Butter Jelly Time → PB&J
  12. Theodore Graham → Graham Prize
  13. Rice Krisps → White on Rice
  14. Yummy Bear → Bear it All
  15.  Orange TANG-O → Orang-a-TANGO
  16. Swedish Candy→Foreign Fish
  17. Candy Cane→Christmas Hooker
  18. Half Baked→Baked Buns
  19. Smoothie Criminal→Crime of Passion

Fighting for Your Right to Vape

In addition to reviewing our marketing practices and products for anything that could be misconstrued, we are also working to ensure that the entire VapeWild family stays informed and advocates for the industry that we all rely upon! You may have noticed a cascade of articles in the news confronting the vapor industry in general, in addition to legislation being introduced that would negatively affect our industry. We encourage our customers to be the change they wish to see in the world, and help educate others about responsible vaping practices and how everyone can coexist and make the world a better place. #vapewildarmyACTIVATE :D

You Always Come First

People have always come first at VapeWild. And people will continue coming first - because we are serious about what’s important, and stay WILD about everything else.

If you have any questions about the pending FDA legislation and how we’ve reacted and responded to these measures, reach out to our outstanding customer service team at help@vapewild.com - we’re here for YOU!.

Thanks for everything you do as a loyal VapeWild customer and stay WILD.

Posted by Mal on Jun 18th 2018

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