DigiFlavor Drop Review - Best RDA for Beginners

DigiFlavor Drop Review - Best RDA for Beginners

The Digiflavor Drop is one of the best dual-coil RDAs on the market, and apart from being affordable, it’s also relatively easy to work with, making it a must-have for beginners. When you’re ready to make the switch to RDAs, consider the Drop. With great flavor comes great responsibility, but you won’t have to work too hard on this RDA to get a rich flavor and thick clouds.

DigiFlavor Drop - All Colors

I’ve been using the Drop for a month now, and there is not one bad thing I can say about this RDA. From it’s minimal and utilitarian construction to its ease of use, this RDA has changed my perspective on vaping. For the near future at least, I won’t be going back to tanks.

Building on the Deck

Having never built on any deck whatsoever, I found it to be a straightforward experience. Granted, some coworkers did show me the ropes before I bought the Drop, but it’s a testament to the user-friendliness of the Drop that a beginner could build on its deck so easily. I’ve been doing some dual-coil builds, but a single-coil build also works on this RDA, if you prefer.

With four gold-plated posts, dropping in the RDA coils and trimming the ends is a breeze — the posts have a cutout in the midsection, which allows better maneuvering with pliers. Since the juice well is deep enough to hold a few mLs of e-juice, dripping is less frequent.

And speaking of dripping, there are three ways to do it. You can drip through the drip tip if you’re in a rush. Pulling on the airflow ring will detach the top compartment, which gives you more room and better visibility to drip. And, you can also pull off the whole RDA shell from the base with one quick motion, which gives you the best access and visibility — this is my preferred dripping method.

Tastefully Minimal

The Digiflavor Drop has a minimal design aesthetic with the words DROP emblazoned in white on opposite sides of the RDA. The Drop has ten airflow holes in the shape of a T, which can be adjusted to open up or restrict airflow. The adjustable ring, which sits on the top, is responsive and easy to move.

The RDA comes with two different drip tips — a low-profile, wide-bore drip tip, and a taller, narrow drip tip. The wide-bore is semi-opaque and matches the color of the tank, and the other drip tip is a frosty white that looks great too. I got the drop in the “Gunmetal” colorway, and, paired with my black and gray Drag 2, it looks like one solid piece.

A “Drop” in the Bucket

Costing only $25 on VapeWild.com, this RDA is not only powerful but it’s cost-effective as well. Unlike tanks, there is no specific coil to buy, which means you’re not stuck buying coils from the manufacturer. Manufacturers are often the only ones who make coils for their tanks, so the lack of competition, which would otherwise bring down the price, makes it so they can charge as much as they want.

With RDAs, you can make your own coils, or you can buy them. The RDA coil market is competitive enough that even great coils are affordable. But, as is the case with many things, you can always spend more money on coils that are a notch above the rest — it’s really up to you.

Your vaping budget, whether it be small or large, is less limited when you vape with an RDA. Depending on how much you vape and the coils you like, an RDA can cost as much or as little as you want. I recently bought a pack of 10 Fused Clapton coils for $2.99 and I’m pleased with not only the price but the flavor as well. You could never spend this little vaping on a tank.

Flavor and Clouds

It’s one of those things that you can’t understand fully until you try it, but the flavor on the Drop is amazing! The spacious chamber inside the RDA allows for dual coils, which increases the flavor that much more. Tasting this RDA for the first time was truly a world of difference when compared to my tank experiences.

It’s true what they say, RDAs have better flavor. My experience with RDAs, however, is limited, and I haven’t yet vaped from many, but what I can tell you about the Drop is this: it tastes fucking great.

Of course, flavor and clouds depend a lot on the kinds of coils you use, as well as resistance, wattage, and coil material. So, in other words, results may vary, but don’t let that discourage you. Use that to your advantage, and try as many different combinations as possible. That’s the beauty of RDAs; customization is vast and your experience can be wildly different from someone else’s.

RDAs and More

For more information on RDAs, tanks, mods, or anything else vape related, check out our blog. And to purchase the Drop or any other hardware, you already know how to find us.

Jun 7th 2019

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