E-juice & Beer Pairings - Beer Meets it's Match!

E-juice & Beer Pairings - Beer Meets it's Match!

Choosing the right e-juice can be an experimental process. Whether you like fruity flavors or prefer the sweetness of dessert flavors, it can take many bottles before the perfect one emerges. And choosing an e-juice that pairs well with a specific style of beer is a horse of a different color.

Pairing your beer with an e-juice can be a fun way to get more involved with both hobbies, and experimenting with different combinations could turn out to be lots of fun.

As a recent ex-smoker, drinking and smoking cigarettes was one of the hardest things to let go. When I go out to a bar and see others smoking, it does still trigger me. But, a good e-juice and a decent mod can go a long way to curve those nasty cigarette cravings. Instead of feeling the temptation to smoke, I’m now more interested in having a good time.

Naturally, since I enjoy both beer and vaping, I started coming up with my own pairings. Am I a qualified beer sommelier? No. But my bar tabs tell a different story altogether. I’ve been in enough watering holes to tell the difference between a good beer and a bad beer. And I’ve tried enough VapeWild flavors to know which ones pair well with beer and which don’t. So, again, am I qualified? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

It’s important that you have fun and come up with your own pairings because your palate might be different from mine. We’ll go over some basic guidelines on how best to pair beer and e-juice, and I’ll provide some of my personal pairings. Salud!

Beer Pairings:

How to Pair Beer and E-juice

The pairing process can be as rigorous as you want, and it all depends on how much and how often you drink beer. Drink responsibly and at your own pace, and you will come up with some pairings after a few sessions. Beer is to be enjoyed, so enjoy it!

1. Get a Flight

One of the more effective ways to pair beer and e-juice is to visit your local craft brewery or craft beer bar and order up a flight of beers. A flight of beers, or flights as they are more commonly referred to, is a set of beers in smaller glasses. The beers usually come on a paddle, and the size of the glasses and the number of beers can vary by the bar.

Getting a flight opens you up to try more beers since it’s cheaper than buying full pints, and the smaller size of the glasses won’t get you drunk. A local craft beer bar where I live has over 50 beers on tap, and there are plenty of others like it around the country. Go crazy and pick whatever beers look interesting for your flight.

2. Don’t Chug, Taste

Don’t be overzealous with your beer drinking if you want to pair. Smell your beer to get an idea of how it tastes, and then carefully sip to identify all the subtle flavors. Gulping down your beers won’t help you here. What would help though, is writing everything down in a journal to remember later. Jot down the flavor profile of each beer you taste and how it pairs with different e-juices. By writing everything down, coming up with pairings will be much easier.

3. Use an RDA

Now that you have your flight of beers, it’s a good idea to bring your RDA because you can switch out flavors more easily without worrying about cleaning out your tank or tasting multiple e-juices at once. Bring as many e-juices as you can, and take a drag from your mod after every sip.

4. E-juice Flavor Shouldn’t Overpower Beer

Pairing anything is subjective, and it all depends on the particular tastes of the person doing the pairing, but there is one thing to remember: An e-juice should compliment the beer you’re drinking and not overpower the beer.

For example, a beer with a light body like a Blonde would probably not work with an overly sweet e-juice like the Underboss because it would be overpowered. But the Underboss would pair great with a darker, more full-bodied beer like a coffee or chocolate stout. The roasted coffee flavor of the beer pairs well with the cinnamon and butterscotch flavor of Underboss — it also reminds me of pancakes, and pancakes and coffee go great together.

5. Similar Flavors Match with Similar Beers

Different flavor profiles can go together, so don’t feel like you have to match malty beers to sweet e-juices, or match fruity e-juices to fruity beers. Sometimes opposites attract, and sometimes they don’t, but you’ll figure that out on your own. Now that you have some knowledge on the subject, let’s jump into the pairings.

Beer and E-juice Pairings

My reasoning for these pairings wasn’t arbitrary, and I put quite a bit of thought into it. There were many nights of drinking — for academic and professional purposes only, of course — and vaping, and this is what I ended up with. Below is a detailed explanation as to why I chose these particular pairings.

Pale Ale and Blue Harvest

Pale ales are a refreshing beer that tend to be on the hoppier side, which means they can be bitter. This light-bodied beer goes great with seafood or pizza, and it’s perfect for spring and summer weather. The bitterness of the beer isn’t overwhelming like IPAs, so you don’t need a strong e-juice flavor to balance it out. I chose to pair it with Blue Harvest because it’s lightly sweet and uses refreshing flavors like lemonade and watermelon. These two together are perfect for a warm summer day in the shade.

Other Pairings: So Berry Good, StardustMurica

IPA and Murica

Indian Pale Ales are for hops enthusiasts since they tend to be heavy on the hops — they can be extremely bitter. Personally, I am not a huge fan of IPAs because of the bitterness, which doesn’t agree with my palate. But if you’re drinking an IPA, you probably like it just the way it is, so I would suggest going with a flavor that isn’t too overwhelming. The hops in the beer are already flavorful enough, so something subtle like Murica would work great. With raspberries, lemon-lime, and cherry, Murica is equal parts sweet and tart. This e-juice has plenty of flavor, but it never takes over your palate, which still leaves room for the IPA to shine.

Other Pairings: Cowboy CoolerBlue Harvest

Coffee/Chocolate/Milk Stout and Underboss

For cold weather, stouts are the perfect companion. These medium-to-heavy body beers usually have underlying notes of chocolate and coffee. Stouts are usually on the maltier side, which means they are sweet-tasting and not at all bitter. I would suggest a tobacco-flavored e-juice for this pairing, but, better yet, the cinnamon and butterscotch flavors of Underboss compliment the dark, roasted coffee notes of stouts. Enjoy this pairing around the fireplace or whenever it gets cold out.

Other Pairings:  Raspberry Rhubarb CustardBrexit at Tiffany’s, Green Blackberries (VapeWild AF exclusive)

Hefeweizen Raspberry Rhubarb Custard

The Hefeweizen is a German-style beer that is made from wheat and is popular for being unfiltered. This style of beer hasn’t gained too much popularity in the States, but it’s known to be a light-to-medium-body style with notes of banana and cloves. Hefeweizens are perfect for cool, Fall weather and its subtle undertones pair well with Raspberry Rhubarb Custard. This e-juice flavor taste like dessert and compliments the banana undertones of Hefeweizens. Other dessert flavors work as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Other Pairings: Grand PoobahBrexit at Tiffany’s, Green Blackberries (VapeWild AF exclusive)

Kolsch/ Mango Kolsch and Cowboy Cooler

This German-style beer is one of the easiest drinking beers out there, and a mainstay at outdoor gatherings and beer gardens. The Kolsch-style beers have a light body with subtle hints of fruit, due to wild yeast, and they are dangerously good. Some breweries have decided to add actual fruit in the brewing process to create mango Kolsches, which are a favorite of mine. With such a light and refreshing beer, it would be a shame to drown it out with a strong e-juice, which is why I paired this beer with Cowboy Cooler. This menthol and berries e-juice has a subtle fruity flavor and a pleasant menthol taste that brings out the fruit notes of the Kolsch.

Other Pairings: Mango Peach TangoBlue Harvest, Fairy Dust (limited release)

Witbier and Peaché Guavara

Witbier, also known as white beers or Belgian whites, is a Belgian-style beer that can be found on store shelves around the country. One of the more popular witbiers include Blue Moon and Shock Top and are very similar to Hefeweizens. This unfiltered beer has a golden, cloudy looking appearance and is a year-round drinker. Witbiers usually have slight notes of orange and spices and are easy to drink — they’re so good you’ll drink a six-pack without even realizing. I decided to pair this beer with Peaché Guavara because of the fruitiness this flavor. This peach and guava e-juice has a tropical-flavor to it that helps bring out the orange notes of the Witbier. E-juices with berry and fruit flavors would also work. Sit in the shade and kick back when enjoying this pairing.

Other Pairings: Stardust, So Berry Good, Mango Peach Tango

Don’t Smoke — Vape and Drink

So now that you know how to pair your e-juice with your beer, you’re ready to make your own pairings. Get as wild as you can and combine until you find your perfect pairings. Next time when you’re hanging out a beer garden, you might not be so tempted to bum a smoke from a stranger. Hang in there, have fun, and drink responsibly! 

Posted by Alejandro Medellin on May 22nd 2019

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