Getting Started with DIY: Flavor Boost

Things have changed in the world of vaping since the FDA regulations started to go into effect. VapeWild was forced to change certain products we could offer, which led to the elimination of the flavor boost option with your e-juice. Not cool.

After we got over the initial annoyance with the situation, we quickly decided that we didn’t want to completely take away your ability to amp up your favorite flavors, so we introduced our flavor boost line! Sold in 10ml bottles, almost every VapeWild flavor has a boost option that can be purchased along with your regular order.

So, what are flavor boost? Glad you asked! They’re concentrated versions of all your favorite VapeWild flavors that you can use to "boost" up the flavor in your ejuice. These are not regular ejuice, so make sure to mix these before vaping and don't put this stuff straight into your tank or on your cotton.

Now, the good news is that using flavor boosts isn’t rocket science (the crowd goes wild!). There’s no complex formula or exact measurement to give you the taste that you’re looking for. Instead, it's all about experimenting to find what works for you.

That’s the beauty of the DIY Flavor Boost, you can adjust how much you use in order to find the perfect ratio for you. Just remember, take note of what you try, you don’t want to forget that sweet spot later! What would be worse than finding just the right amount of flavor and then not being able to remember what you did to get there? No bueno.

We always suggest starting at a lower amount, just to be safe. You can always add more if you feel it still needs it, and it saves you from wasting a batch if you add too much and end up with too much flavor. Yes, too much flavor is definitely a thing that can happen. So take it slow and build up.

Speaking of losing that precious e-juice, we’ve got a tip to prevent that from happening when adding your flavor boost! Obviously, you need space in your bottle to add the boost, so in the past, people have often vaped an unboosted tank or dump some of your precious juice out (WHAT?!). Sure, you could do that, but we think we've got a better idea.

We suggest grabbing a Chubby Gorilla Bottle or another larger bottle to mix in. You won't waste juice, and you can even mix a larger batch this way, so you can vape on your favorite boosted juice for even longer!

We did the math (because you were told there would be no math) and created a chart for you that provides the base amount to achieve a flavor boost similar to what we used to sell. Keep in mind that this is a base amount, so if it still seems to be lacking, add a few more drops and test it again!

Once you’ve added your flavor boost, be sure to shake, shake and shake some more! Go ahead and shake it like a Polaroid picture ... or not, Polaroid got mad at Andre 3000 over that. Anyway, let it steep like you normally would, and bam! You have yourself some flavor boosted e-juice! You might say you've kicked it up a notch.

The fun doesn’t have to stop there though, mix and match flavors to create new, exciting juices the world may have never seen! The DIY world is one that allows you to be as creative as you want to be! As always, we are available to answer any question you might have, so be sure to join our VapeWild DIY Facebook group or send them to! We've also written several other blogs about DIY, so you should definitely check them out too! Stay wild, and mix on!

Posted by Marissa on Sep 5th 2017

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