Governor to Sign T21 bill in Texas (What You Need to Know)

Governor to Sign T21 bill in Texas (What You Need to Know)

A bill that could raise the legal smoking age is being considered by the governor of Texas. Upon signing, the law would go into effect later this year.

What is Senate Bill 21

Senate Bill 21, also known as the T21 bill, would make it illegal for persons under 21 to purchase or use tobacco products such as cigarettes and e-cigarettes. If the bill is signed, the law would go into effect on Sept. 1, 2019.

Texas would be the 15th state to pass a law to raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco — U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell recently introduced a similar bill in the U.S. Senate.

While Texas Senate Bill 21 is supported in both chambers of Texas Congress, this isn’t the first time that a T21 law has been proposed. It was only two years ago that a similar bill failed, but with so many other states passing T21 laws around the country, it could be time for a change. However, it’s all up to Governor Abbot at this point in the legislative process, but it’s worth pointing out that this bill does have support from major tobacco and vaping companies.

What you Need to Know

This law would only apply to customers who use a Texas shipping address. Customers in other states won’t be affected by this specific law, but they might be affected by similar laws in their city or state.

For now, anyone over 18 years old who uses a Texas shipping address can continue to purchase products from our website, but that is subject to change depending on if the bill is signed or not. If the bill is signed, however, anyone born after Aug. 31, 2001, per the bill, will no longer be able to purchase tobacco products in Texas until they reach the age of 21.

There is an exception for military members under the age of the 21, so long as they can provide their valid military ID. In the case of buying tobacco products at a physical location, it is okay to show a military ID, but it gets more complicated when buying online. Since it’s illegal to photocopy a military ID, VapeWild only asks for a picture of a military member’s CAC or active orders, and veterans can provide their DD 214 for verification — VapeWild offers discounts to members of the military and veterans.

Minors who are caught purchasing or consuming tobacco products will be fined $100 and may be required to complete a tobacco and e-cigarette awareness program or do community service in relation to tobacco and e-cigarettes in order to clear their record.

Moving Forward

As always, VapeWild will follow the rules and regulations put forth by the government, and the above changes will be implemented upon the bill’s signing. Check back for updates on this developing story, as the bill may be signed in the coming days or weeks.

Posted by Alejandro on May 31st 2019

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