The History of Vaping - The Invention of the Vape Until Now!

The History of Vaping - The Invention of the Vape Until Now!

The history of vaping, although short, is a divine example of the ingenuity of those set upon a goal of helping people with technology. The progression of innovation in this industry has been extremely fast which correlates with the ever growing popularity of e-cigarettes. So let's take a step back to our humble beginnings to see where we began and take a peak at where we are going.

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Milestone #1 - The First Vape

In 1963, Herbert Gilbert applied for a patent for the 1st e-cigarette and was granted this patent in 1965. Although prototypes were made, they never hit the market.

In 2003, 40 years after Gilbert’s original patent, Hon Lik filed for a patent for his design of an e-cigarette. Production of these device began the very next year. Lik was nominated in 2010 for the Kcancer Hero award for his invention

Milestone #2 - Vaping Evolves

Unknown to most, the word “mod” actually stems from the word modification. This came about when vapers wanted to step their game up and began tinkering and changing their traditional E-cigarettes. As “modding” evolved, 2 men known as Trog & Mrog created what they called the Screwdriver Mod which was a flashlight tinkered into a vaping device. The Screwdriver took the blogosphere by storm and Trog and Mrog are now forever known as the first “Modders”.

Umer & Tariq Sheikh invented the cartomizer in 2007. This was the 1st device to house the coil within the e-liquid chamber. A revolutionary design still used today in most cig-a-likes also paved the way for clearomizers which are more commonly known today as “tanks”.

Milestone #3 - Technology Improves

In 2010, the 1st variable wattage vape was released called the Evolv Darwin. It’s max wattage was 10W. Max wattages of mods have steadily gone up since with mods that go up to 300W!

Rebuildable Atomizer began gaining steam back in 2013. Creating a more customizable vaping experience was very appealing to many vapers and RDAs have been a mainstay in the vaping industry ever since.

Building off of the success off the cartomizer, the clearomizer had a few distinct improvements. It was easily refillable, your e-liquid level was visible, and coils are replaceable. Nowadays, clearomizers are referred to as vape tanks and sub-ohm tanks.

Milestone #4 - FDA Regulation

Deeming Reg 2016 - The FDA began regulating e-liquids and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) as tobacco products on August 8, 2016 under a regulation known as the Deeming Rule. After August 8, 2016, no new products were allowed on the market without being registered and authorized to be marketed by the FDA.

FDA Update 2017- On July 28th, 2017, the FDA extended the PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application) submission deadline to August 8, 2022. This extension allowed additional time for companies to complete PMTA requirements, including conducting scientific research and providing product data.

FDA Update 2018- FDA redoubled their efforts to prevent youth access and initiation of nicotine, conducting a large-scale undercover nationwide blitz to crack down on retailers who allowed sales to minors and manufacturers whose products or marketing practices were deemed as "kid-appealing." The Commissioner also proposed that the sale of all flavored vaping products (other than tobacco, mint and menthol flavors or non-flavored products) be sold in age-restricted, in-person locations and, if sold online, under heightened practices for age verification.

The Future of Vaping

As our industry grows and the needs of the vape community change, technology will change as well. We’re not proposing there will be flying vapes one day, but a talking vape has already come out so who knows what the future holds for vape tech!


We've come a long way since Hon Lik began selling the 1st e-cigarette. While the history of vaping is far from over, it's nice to take a step back and revel at the accomplishments of the vape industry. 

Posted by Lacey on Feb 11th 2019

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