How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

vape coil should last 2 weeks on average, but it depends on the kind of coil — rebuildable’s (RBAs) last far longer on average than tank coils. There are several factors that go into making your vape coil last, thankfully they are simple and effective!

The question, “how long does a vape coil last?” turns into, “ how do you make it last that long?” First, and most importantly, there are two types of coils that we will talk about here, pre-made coils and rebuildable coils. We’re going to tell you about the following;

  • Use e-juice with less sweetener
  • Vape at a lower wattage
  • Avoid chain vaping
  • Clean your vape coils

Ready? Let’s do this!

How to make your coils last longer

First, you should know that we’re talking about two different types of coils. The first is pre-made, and the other is rebuildable. Read below for the definition of both so you know which you are using.

  • Pre-made coils - These are vape coils that are made for sub-ohm vaping. These are made with wire, cotton, and a casing for you so all you have to do is replace them when you feel the coil is at the end of its rope.
  • Rebuildable coils - These are vape coils that you either wrap yourself or come pre-wrapped for you to install on a rebuildable deck. You are also responsible for wicking them with cotton.

1 - Use e-juice with less sweetener

Which flavors have less sweetener? - The sweetest e-liquids around are going to be your sweets & desserts. They do have the most sweetener included, by far. Dessert flavors are going to be the second largest in this field, then you have beverage flavors. Fruit e-juice will have sweetener, but they have the least amount of sweetener when compared to the others!

If you want to have longer-lasting coils, try to avoid treat flavors, or just don’t vape them all the time.

What makes sweetener bad for coils? While sweetener helps with the flavor of e-juice, it tends to cake on coils and burn into cotton at higher temperatures. Continued exposure to higher amounts of sweetener on your vape coils, the more caked on the e-juice will get.

This isn’t to say that you should abandon your all day vape if they fall into one of these categories, but it would be a good idea to check-in on a different flavor or two!

2 - Vape at a lower wattage

This is an easier one to work with when it comes to pre-made coils. Most of them will have the recommended/best wattage printed on the side of the coil or the packaging. Here is an example of what that would look like: For the SMOK TFV12 Prince Q4 Coil, the recommended wattage is 40-100w, while the best wattage is 60-80w. Assuming you would like to have the longest lifespan possible for your coil — don’t we all — you would want to be on the lower end of the best wattage. With that, it would be best to vape somewhere between 60-70w in this particular situation.

When you are talking about rebuildable coils, this can be a little more complex. There really isn’t a wattage range that you can identify with rebuildable vape coils, but, to make them last longer, you can practice one action! Say, for example, your coil reads at 0.15ohms, adjust your power level based on the voltage. Most mods that are capable of vaping with an RDA/RTA will have a voltage reading. Adjust your power until you are right at 4.2V, and go back down until you are hovering around 3.7V. Anywhere between 3.7 and 4.2V is perfect for getting the most out of your rebuildable coils before you have to change out the cotton. This brings up another cool perk when it comes to building on your own deck! When it comes to rebuildable coils, you have the ability to burn off the burnt taste. That is to say this: remove the wick (cotton) from the coils, up your wattage by about 10w, press and hold the fire button, and let them heat until they turn bright red/orange. This burns off the caked on e-juice on your rebuildable coil, making them like new! All you have to do after that is let them cool, re-wick the coils with fresh cotton, and voila! You can enjoy the flavor of your all-day-vape again!

For a better understanding of what wattage you should vape with, check out our blog about that very subject!

3 - Avoid Chain Vaping

What is chain vaping? Chain vaping is like chain smoking. It’s when you are taking another puff as soon as you exhale the one you just took. The reason you want to avoid chain vaping to help with coil life is that chain vaping leads to quicker “caking” of your e-juice. The longer your vape coil stays hot, the more your e-juice will cake in/on the wire. For rebuildables, your cotton will burn out faster if you chain vape, but your coils will be fine — just dry burn your coils and re-wick them, and you’re good to go.

4 - Clean your vape coils

  • How to clean pre-made coils - Soaking them in one of a few selected cleaning agents - hot water, PG, vinegar, etc. - is ideal for pre-made coils. Do bear in mind that if the cotton is black, the burnt taste probably won’t go anywhere. That would lead to the best alternative: replacing the pre-made coil.
  • How to clean rebuildable coils - It was mentioned before, but it bears repeating. The cool perk of having rebuildable coils is you can “dry burn” the coil until all the caked on e-juice is gone. Similar to pre-made vape coils, if your wick, cotton, is dark black or getting there, it’s best to re-wick your coils completely. After you have dry burned your coils clean, re-wick and enjoy your all day vape juice!
  • How to clean your vape is a great blog we wrote to help you learn the step-by-step process of cleaning your vape coils, with the added bonus of learning how to clean your vape mod too!

In the end

The goal is to have a coil last as long as it ought to. Two weeks is a good average, but do not be discouraged if your vape coil doesn’t last that long. The tips above are a great way to meet the goal of 2 full weeks of use, which hopefully saves you some of your hard-earned monies!

Stay wild, VapeWild Army!

Posted by Gabriel on Jul 17th 2019

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