How Much Does a Vape Cost? The Cost of Getting Started

Posted by Gabriel on Nov 14th 2018

So you’ve finally made the decision to start vaping! Great! “So, how much will this cost?” is probably what you are thinking. Have no fear, we here at VapeWild will guide you along in helping you make the best choice that suits your needs.

We will take a look at the different types of mods/kits that you can get your hands on, as well as comparing the pros and cons of shopping online vs. shopping brick & mortar. Hopefully, at the end of this blog, you’ll have a firm grasp of your choices and pricing options.

Choosing Your Device

The average set-up cost can vary depending on where you purchase and the type of device you are looking for. We will touch on price differences between online vs. brick and mortar later. For now, we will talk about the Two main types of set-ups you’ll be looking at to buy for when you first start up: Starter Kits and Pod Mods.

Starter Vape Kits (Average Cost - $40)

Starter Kits come in a variety of styles and varied price range, but in that, there are two main types: Internal battery and external battery. Let's go over what these are and why you might want one.

Internal Battery:

These types of starter kits have the battery built into the mod and often have a lower watt range, which typically maxes out around 80w, which is nice for those just starting out and aren’t used to vaping huge clouds. You also don’t have to carry around spare batteries if clutter is an issue for you - just charge and go! While you can swap your tanks out with some of these kits, we suggest sticking with the tank the kit comes with. Some great examples of these types of kits are the Voopoo Mojo and the Aspire PockeX. Another benefit of internal battery kits is the possibility of straight voltage, which takes the guesswork out of what voltage you should be vaping at and allows you to focus on your vaping journey. These types of devices range from $20 to $50, and in that, you get the entire kit from tank to mod to pre-installed coil all in one box.

External Battery:

Now external battery kits are the opposite of the previously mentioned internal battery kits because you guessed it, the batteries are removable. Now if you don’t mind carrying around an extra battery or two, you could potentially vape all day with the only break that you take is swapping out one set of batteries for another. Some good options are the Uwell Nunchaku and the Vaporesso Revenger. Bear in mind you always want to practice battery safety when using external battery kits. If you’d like some basic pointers you can always check out our “Battery Safety Video”. Now the watt range for these devices are far larger and can meet or exceed 220w, so this device can grow with you as you become more accustomed to vaping. When starting out though, just go with the rating on the coils, as if you exceed the recommended rating you can burn them out. Now, these devices come in a very wide array of prices, but on average they cost roughly $40 for the kit only and $50-$60 when you add in batteries since they are sold separately.

Pod Vape Kits: (Average Cost - $20-25)

Pod mods are another great way to get into vaping. These tend to be very small in both stature and price as well as being all-in-one with the battery, mod, and pod (the tank of a pod mod) being all housed in the mod or attached to it. These mods are often used with nic salts - a variant of regular freebase e-liquid, which gives more nicotine per puff at a lower wattage so you don't have to vape as much. Now, when it comes to pod mods they come in two types: prefilled and refillable.


Now with prefilled, they have the juice type already filled within the device and often have a definitive puff count to show when the device will be used up. These are also disposable, so there’s no need to maintain the devices as when they are done - they are done. A great example of this is the VGOD Stig. These types of pod mods also typically come in multi-packs so once one is used up you’ll have another one ready to go.


With refillables you can refill and reuse the pod multiple times. With some of these pod mods (like the Vaporesso Mate1) the coil and pod are one and the same, so you will have to eventually replace the pod. With others (for example, the Aspire Breeze 2) you can replace the coils within the pod. These types of mods also have internal batteries, so when the battery gets low, just plug it in and you are back on your way.

Refillable & Prefilled:

When it comes to these pod mods they both tend to on average around 20-25 dollars in terms of initial cost. This will, of course, go up if you decide to buy spare coils from the outset.

Online vs. Brick & Mortar

Awesome! So now you know what type of device you want, the next question is, which avenue will you choose? Online or in-store? Well let’s break down the pros and cons of each, shall we?

Brick & Mortar:

The Pros:

    • Having the ability to have the devices you may want to buy in front of you, giving you a hands-on experience.
    • Being able to talk to knowledgeable associates without having to call in or talk in a chat
    • Not having to wait for your device in the mail and being able to use it right from the outset

The Cons:

    • Possibly being upsold for a device you weren’t thinking of buying or wanting.
    • A notable markup from buying online, also known as the “brick & mortar tax” due to local taxes and stocking the product on shelves.
    • Having to go to a store in general so while it may be easier for some, a vape shop might not be close to some customers and can prove to be an inconvenience.

Online Shop:

The Pros:

    • A wide variety of products at your fingertips
    • Never having to leave your home to make your purchase
    • Some websites (like ours) have fantastic customer service that will help you in making your purchase
    • Cheaper than buying in stores

The Cons:

    • Having to wait for your device to arrive in the mail
    • Not being able to test drive your new mod before buying it
    • Possibly becoming overwhelmed with the wide breadth of choices.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you have a great deal of choices at your beck and call to get your start in vaping. All have their perks and caveats but at the end of the day, as long as you do your research and do what works best for you, you’ll be up and vaping in no time. Also, remember that VapeWild is not only an online vape shop, we also have brick & mortar locations as well! So with a tip of my metaphorical hat, I say good luck on your vaping beginnings, it’s going to be a fun ride!

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