How to Blow O's With a Vape | Easy Vape Ring Tutorial

How to Blow O's With a Vape | Easy Vape Ring Tutorial

How does one become an expert at blowing O’s? It is not easy, but the process isn’t too difficult to practice! Master this one and then you can learn more easy vape tricks in this blog

Step by Step Process of Blowing O’s

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  1. Take a hit off your vape mod
  2. Do not fully inhale vapor to your lungs. You need to leave a little room in there for air so you can push more than just vapor out of your mouth. When you are inhaling, try to hold the vapor in your throat so your lungs, in your chest (biology, right?), can hold a majority of air for proper launching.
  3. Shape your mouth into a circle
  4. You can do this as you wish. The most effective way to practice though is pushing your lips into your teeth. Not like you are growling, but like you are forming a circle with your lips. Leave a little overhang when you do. In other words, do not form the circle with your teeth. That doesn’t work and they don’t move anyway. Your jaw just opens and closes, so use your lips with a slightly open mouth.
  5. Push vapor using your chest and throat
  6. Some say the action you need is like coughing, however, saying the letter may be just as effective! Of course, you don’t need to say the sound, just go through the motions without using your voice.

That is the process of making the thickest, longest lasting O! Now for some tips!

Tips For Success

Don’t overthink it

Do not stress yourself out if you don’t get it right the first time! When you are practicing your craft, you will not be an expert, that is why it is called practice. Just follow the process, or as a superstar would say, “Trust the process.”

Practice makes perfect

Practice once, again, and again. When you are sitting here reading this right now, practice blowing vape rings. When you are taking a break after lunch, practice. When you are getting ready for bed, practice. It’s a lot of fun when you do this in front of a mirror, the faces you will make are entertaining!

Avoid airy rooms

A lot of airflow is great for your tank, but not for blowing O’s in a room with air conditioning. You shouldn’t be in a scolding hot room, but a room with little flow of air is ideal. You can always turn the thermostat in either direction to give you the time you want to practice too. Bathrooms though, those are the spots to give it your all!

Use max VG E-Liquid

You want your  vape juice to be at its highest in VG possible! The more VG, the thicker your clouds will be. Another added perk is the less throat hit you will get. Nothing worse than a heavy throat hit that you have to hold, right? Maximum VG is the way to go for the best results!

Zero nicotine is best

Do not use nicotine when you are practicing. Same as above, you want a smooth vape that doesn’t hit your throat hard with nicotine. Holding that is not fun and you will cough. Zero nicotine makes your practice sessions a lot easier to navigate!

In The End

There is no quick and easy way to blowing the perfect O’s! You can do it when you follow these simple steps and practice! Intake some vape, form your lips and mouth into a circle, say the letter O with ease and use your chest when you practice! You will be chucking O’s before you know it!

Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community and answer their questions. He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now answers the public’s questions in the Wild Blogger. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions! 

Posted by Gabriel on Mar 4th 2019

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