Is your ADV your EDC? VapeWild's Everyday Carry

Is your ADV your EDC? VapeWild's Everyday Carry

What are EDC and ADV?

The EDC and ADV lifestyles are similar in many ways since they focus on those items that people carry around as they go through their day. As you will learn, there are similarities and differences: One is about the items in your pocket, and the other is about the mod, tank, and juice that you prefer.

Below is a breakdown of both movements, and how you can improve your collection. We’ll even tell you about our setups.

Everyday Carry (EDC)

All those items in your pockets and backpack that you carry everyday are your everyday carry or EDC. People have carried things in their pockets since pockets were invented — apparently, pockets came into prominence in the 16th century. In the last few years, a community of people who care deeply about their EDC has sprouted online. These people go a step further in their quest for the perfect EDC because it’s a way of self-expression — a way to signal others that, you too, a person of mysterious qualities and many interests, are part of this club.

Wallets aren’t just for holding money anymore, they’re made from steel frames with built-in screwdrivers; flashlights are not for illuminating dark corridors, they’re high-powered beams that pierce the black veil of midnight for miles on end, and to blind would-be assailants. The uninitiated, not understanding, would classify this pursuit as petty, but it’s really about being prepared with small tools and trinkets that can make a difference in the most unlikely of situations. It’s also an icebreaker — how else will you get others to ask about your knife?

Joe Turner, the E-comm Wizard's Everyday Carry

All Day Vape (ADV)

To simplify the term, your All Day Vape is the e-juice you’re most comfortable vaping throughout the day at your preferred nicotine and VG/PG levels. It doesn't matter if you only vape a little or a lot, as long as that’s the flavor you prefer. On the other hand, this can also be modified to mean your favorite vaping device, whether that be a nic-salt stick mod like the Suorin Edge or a Variable Wattage mod like the SMOK Morph.

It’s possible that after a few years of vaping, you might have accumulated a variety of mods, e-juices, tanks, and all manner of vaping-related products. However, just like you say you don’t have a favorite kid or pet because you love them equally although you clearly have a favorite, it is the same with mods, tanks, and juices — you’ll always have a preference for one reason or another.

Your ADV may change slightly over time, but you always stay true to your favorites because, above all else, you just like using them more than the others. But do feel free to try new mods, and vape new e-juices, you never know when your new favorite is just around the corner.

#EDC and #ADV on Instagram

Go on Instagram and look for the EDC hashtag and you’ll see hundreds of images of carefully placed pens, multi-tools, knives, lanyards, and phones. People love to show off the items they’ve spent money and time collecting. Sometimes, these people choose a theme like stainless steel or a specific color — almost as much as functionality, EDC is also about aesthetics.

Once you begin to pay attention to your EDC, you’ll find that there are plenty of options out there, and it’s amazing to know just how much you can customize your setup. Whether you want a minimal and straightforward EDC with only a few items, or an extended setup more akin to a mobile command center, your EDC is infinitely customizable.

The same could be said about your ADV. On Instagram, the AllDayVape hashtag is a scrollers paradise with thousands of images ranging from people’s favorite e-juice to custom mods to complex and entertaining videos of vape tricks. It’s a great way to view different setups and learn about the products that weren’t in your periphery before.

Share your setups with the hashtag, and see what others say about your EDC or ADV, you might have more taste than you care to admit.

Online, the EDC and ADV communities are very active across forums and social media platforms. If you want to share your setups or ask any questions, there are tons of places that can help you find. Both of these groups love to show off their setups, but they’re quick to praise and even offer tips.

Marissa Benton, Project Queen and Event Master's Everyday Carry

EDC and ADV Essentials

Below are the basics and some extras when it comes to EDC and ADV. This is no way a definitive list of essentials, but it’s more of a guide that you can use to build to your setup.

EDC Essentials

Your EDC and ADV can include whatever items you will need daily. That can change depending on many factors, but it’s usually the same. If you want to keep it simple and to the point, these are some quick ideas to get you started.

Wallet: You need a wallet that’s big enough to hold all your bills and credit cards. Today’s EDCers prefer non-foldable slim wallets with minimal pockets. This keeps your wallet small enough to carry in your front pocket, and it gives you an excuse to throw out all those random store cards and gift cards to Olive Garden with balances in the tens of cents.

Knife: If you can carry a knife, you should. Knives have a bad reputation these days, and they’re more useful than almost everything else in your EDC, barring your phone. There are tons of knives out there, some of which can fit on your keychain.

Phone: Carrying a phone should be obvious, and if you don’t carry one, you’re kinda missing out. You can order food straight to your door — get one!

A Little Extra but Still Useful

Like I said above, your EDC might change depending on what you’re doing, and it’s good to have these extras laying around for when you need them. If you want to be as prepared as possible, here are some ideas to expand your EDC:

Flashlight: A tiny flashlight with over 100 lumens — a unit of measurement for brightness — is easy to find and inexpensive. These definitely come in handy when walking down dark roads, or for locating missing items under couches. Also, shining one of these 300-plus lumen flashlights in the dead of night is extremely fun.

Multi-tool: A knife has many different uses and can be a person’s most trusted companion, but it can be lacking in certain areas. Opening a beer bottle with a knife is doable and kind of badass, but it’s also dangerous and a quick way to damage your knife. A multi-tool is for those small things that knives can’t quite do.

Notebook and Pen: So many times I’ve forgotten Shark Tank-level ideas, recipes, grocery items, interesting books, and so much more. Having a notebook fixes that. A small, pocket-sized notebook is a perfect companion, not only for writers but for all kinds of people who have random and interesting thoughts throughout the day. Don’t forget a pen to jot down those ideas.

Headphones: Having grown up during the MP3 player renaissance, I know how vital headphones are. Leaving home without headphones when commuting or visiting the doctor’s office, is a mistake, which is easily fixable.

Watch: Phones have the time, but it’s so much easier to look at your wrist. As a plus, a nice watch is a statement piece.

ADV Essentials

As you leave home, keys in your pocket and phone in your hand, you pat yourself down and realize that your mod is missing. You run over to your mod, rushing because you’re already late, and grab your favorite mod and juice. These are just the basics, so don’t forget them.

Just the Basics

Mod: A mod that can handle vaping all day, according to your habits, is a good choice. Pick something functional and pocket-friendly — you can’t go wrong.

Tank: As for a tank, you want something with a decent capacity so as not to refill every few hours, and, of course, make sure your coil will last the rest of the day, but more on that later.

E-juice: Your e-juice of choice is just as important, and you can’t forget this, especially if you go through a few milliliters a day. At home, you probably have a wide selection of vape flavors ranging from tobacco to desserts, but pick something you can vape all day without it bothering you. And make sure it’s in your preferred PG/VG ratio and nicotine levels.

A Little Extra but Still Useful

If you’re going on a more extended trip, or you like being prepared, don’t forget these items:

Batteries: There are few things as bad as your mod running out of battery; the slow realization that you won’t be able to vape for the next few hours. Charge a few spare batteries — put them in a case or bad things will happen — and you won’t have to deal with this issue.

Coils: Dry hits, chain-vaping, not priming your coil, and frequent use will shorten your coil’s lifespan and will burn the cotton. You know the taste, a little burnt at first and then it becomes insufferable. Coils are small and fit almost anywhere, so bring at least one spare for when the moment arises. You won’t be sorry.

Charger:battery charger is good to have if you’re traveling, or if you take your vape to the office. You can buy one for less than $30, and it will last a long time. Don’t leave without it if you can.

Spare Glass: I’ve broken the glass on my old SMOK Baby Beast tank at least three times — I was traveling two of those times, and it was a hassle to find a store that carried the replacement. Keep your glass somewhere safe with padding to keep it from breaking, and you’re good to go. You might not ever use it, but anything that can happen will happen, such as dropping your mod and breaking the glass — knock on wood.

Kimi Colbourn, The Mother of Creative Dragons' Everyday Carry

Improving your ADV/EDC

If you’re happy with the contents in your pocket, then keep on doing your thing. However, you can add some of the items mentioned above or below to improve your EDC and ADV setups. For more information on this, you could always visit the corresponding hashtags on Instagram for more inspiration.

My EDC and ADV

My EDC depends a lot on what I am doing or where I am going, but most days, whether I’m heading to work or for a quick trip to the grocery store, it’s relatively the same.

The Things I Carry:

  • A Nomatic Wallet, which was given to me for review purposes.
  • The “Medellin” knife by Expat Knives. We share a name, which is one of the main reasons I got it.
  • The CRKT Pryma multi-tool. It’s a prybar, screwdriver, hex wrench, bottle opener, and has a ceramic point for breaking windows — I’ve yet to test this out.
  • The “Wednesday” notebook by Field Notes, which I use to write down recipe ideas, comic book pull lists, important dates, phone numbers, and whatever else.
  • A simple Field Notes pen
  • A Google Pixel 3 phone for phoning and other cellular-related uses — mostly scrolling through Twitter and the Washington Post apps.
  • And, of course, my vape, A Voopoo Drag 2 with the U-Force T2 tank. My ADV e-juice flavor is the ‘Murica, which tastes just like those classic bomb pops from my, and your, childhood.

Angela Kinnard, Photographer Extraordinaire's Everyday Carry

Have Fun With Your Carries

This lifestyle is not that serious, so don’t forget to have fun with it. To quote the great thrower-of-things, Marie Kondo, keep the items that spark joy and do away with the rest. Hunting down a new wallet or knife is fun because there’s a whole community of people willing to help and throw you a compliment. Carry your favorites, add to it, change it, and show it off. Just don’t forget to have fun. 

Posted by Alejandro Medellin on Apr 17th 2019

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