Vape Tank Leaking & Spitting? Here’s How to Fix! [w/ VIDEO]

Vape Tank Leaking & Spitting? Here’s How to Fix! [w/ VIDEO]

It happens to all vapers and it's a big inconvenience, it's leaking. Leaky ape tanks can be the bane of your existence, read this guide to hep you fix it and prevent it from ever happening again!

What we'll cover:

What is a Leaky Vape Tank?

Leaking is when your tank is slowly dribbling out your e-juice. It can happen by coming out of multiple holes or seals. Some slow leaks are hardly noticeable and you'll find your tank and vape mod are just a little wet. Some leaks create a huge mess and you lose all of your e-juice. 

How Leaks Happen

Leaks happen because there is something not quite right with the assembly of your vape tank. It can happen due to a malfunction or manufacturer’s defect, but this is less common. The most common happening is occurring inside your tank, rather than on the outside.

The leaks that we are focused on are the leaks coming from your airflow slots. The big leaks, not the drop or two that can happen from time to time. The smaller leaks happen, they just do. So let’s talk about how the bigger leaks happen.

Your coil may be seated improperly. This is the most common reason for a leak. There are o-rings on the bottom of your coil that act as seals which keep your e-juice from filling the base of the tank with e-liquid. Those o-rings may also be missing in which case, you should see if you can find it, otherwise you would want to discard the coil altogether. Other o-rings within the tank’s structure are also key in keeping the leak to a minimum. So make sure that your o-rings are in their proper places and not scrunching up when you are assembling your tank.

The following steps will help you fix a leaky vape tank!

How to fix a leak

  1. Check your coil. You want to make sure that the coil is properly seated in your tank. This helps keep your e-juice from filling the base of the tank where the airflow typically flows.
  2. Check your wattage. Make sure that you are in the recommended wattage range. I would suggest somewhere on the higher spectrum, example; Recommended wattage range of 60-80W. I would say vape around 75-80W.
  3. Look for cracks. This is especially true if you have e-juice on the sides of your vape tank. E-liquid is a liquid, of course, so it will find a way through any small crack that you have in your vape tank’s glass. If you find one, replace the glass with the extra tube that should be in your tank’s packaging.
  4. Check your airflow slots. You want the airflow to be perfect. Opening the airflow to as wide as it can go will help you check for more leaks. You shouldn’t have the airflow less than halfway open when you experience a leak.
  5. Check your o-rings. The o-rings work as seals. When they are not properly seated, they will let e-juice flow freely and leak all over the place.
  6. Check the assembly. Make sure that your vape tank is altogether properly. You coil, the glass, the o-rings, all of them should be seated properly for your leaking issue to stop.

How to fix spit back

  1. Check your wattage. Vaping on a wattage that is too low will lead to your cotton being oversaturated with e-juice, which leads to spit back. Up your wattage to properly atomize your e-juice.
  2. Check the coil. Take your tank apart so all you see is your coil. Look down the center of the “barrels” and inspect for e-juice. You should see e-juice is sort of pooling in the middle of the coil which is where the spit back is coming from.
  3. Open your airflow. You might like a tighter draw on your vape tank, and that is perfectly fine. If the tank is a mouth-to-lung tank, then it won’t function properly when the airflow is super closed. This causes the cotton to oversaturate and that is where the spit back is coming from.
  4. Q-tip the chimney of your tank. This is where the airflow goes, and there could be pools of e-juice. Taking a q-tip to the chimney of your tank will help collect that e-juice and clear the path for nothing but vapor!

How Spit Back Happens

Spit back is when you are vaping and get a mouthful of e-juice along with, or instead of, vapor. It happens when the cotton in your coil is oversaturated, leading to the e-juice to leak through and collect in the middle of the coil.

Some Leaks and Spit Back is Expected

There are cases where leaks and spit back can be expected, however. Typically when you recently change a coil is when a small bit of leakage or spit back can occur. Especially when a coil is recently changed and primed for the first time. If you are anything like me, I get a bit of spit back on my first drag on a new coil.

I tend to prime my coil with more e-juice than is necessary to get as much of the cotton wet as I possibly can right off the bat. This leads to a little bit of leakage/spit back, and frankly, I expect it to happen.

Prevent Leaks and Spit Back

Prevention is quite simple really! Here are some steps to prevent leakage and spit back:

  1. Prime just enough exposed cotton. You do not have to over saturate your cotton.
  2. Close your airflow slots when priming. This helps keep the e-liquid where it is supposed to be.
  3. Set your tank upside down when you are not using it. This prevents the e-liquid from collecting in the base of your tank.
  4. Vape inside the recommended wattage. Like it is stated above, the recommended wattage is there for maximum effectiveness. 

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Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community! He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now works to write blogs for VapeWild. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions on Twitter! 

Posted by Gabriel on Jul 2nd 2019

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