Live on the Wildside with Batsu & Dale

What happens when you take a VapeWild Vet and a VapeWild Fanboy and stick them together in front of a camera? Magic. That’s what happens. Introducing “Live on the Wild Side”.

Hosted by Dale and Batsu, this show will be a 30-minute funfest touching on all things VapeWild every Tuesday. There is a multitude of things we will talk about, and give you an insider look into our weird and crazy culture. What are those things you ask? Well I mean, we don’t want to give it all away before we debut the show, but what we WILL say is you’ll get previews of upcoming gear, videos, live Q&A’s and more!

So if you’ve ever wanted to pick our brains or see what we’ve got going on in the pipeline, come and check out Live on the Wild Side. You’re not gonna want to miss this!

Posted by Batsu on Oct 10th 2018

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