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Made in the USA - What does it really mean?

Posted by Vape Wild on

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What does "Made in the USA" really mean?

An e-liquid manufacturer can technically say that their e-liquid is "Made in the USA" as long as the final product is assembled within the U.S. border, which means the ingredients could have originated from anywhere in the world! This makes it possible for a company to purchase their nicotine from India, PG/VG from Mexico, and flavorings from China, and have them all shipped to their facility in the U.S. for mixing, and still say that their product is "Made in the USA".

Why this could be a concern...

When vaping, you want only PURE pharmaceutical grade nicotine, as well as food grade PG (propylene glycol) / VG (vegetable glycerin), and food grade flavorings in your e-liquid. Ingredients that are not 100% pure contain impurities and contaminants that could pose health concerns and are not safe for daily vaping.

The best way to ensure your safety is to purchase e-liquids made with pure quality 100% USA based ingredients. All U.S. food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients must pass rigid quality control regulatory guidelines. 

Are all of Vape Wild's ingredients made in the USA?

Yes! Every ingredient in our e-liquid is manufactured right here in the USA. We use food grade PG, VG, and flavorings, as well as pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine in every bottle of e-liquid that we produce. Even our bottles, caps, and mixing equipment is sourced right here in the USA! Every ingredient is mixed carefully in our clean-room facility located in Dallas, Texas. We take great pride in our quality control and every bottle that leaves our facility is carefully inspected.

Be informed, know the difference between assembled in the USA, and truly made in the USA, down to the last ingredient. We want all our customers to know they are getting the very best e-liquid out there when buying from Vape Wild.

Ready to try our high quality,100% American-Made e-liquid? Start with the 6-Pack Sampler!

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